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Email Marketing is the best and cheapest way to promote your offers, services, and products. It depends on you, what email marketing strategy you are using. You can send promotional emails or newsletters.

When I think about email marketing, Sendy is the first name that comes to my mind. because of some ultimate features of sendy and 100x cheaper than other email marketing providers.

What is Sendy?

Sendy is the best self-hosted email marketing software that provides you to send unlimited, fast, and trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely lowest price without sacrificing deliverability.

How much can you save with sendy?
Price: 10,000 email per $1 (Unlimited Subscribers)

You can save 100x on every campaign than other email marketing services. Sendy provides full freedom to send unlimited emails without monthly fees. you need to just pay a one-time fee of $69. and then you can use it for a lifetime with all updates.

Check out How much you can save with Sendy? 

Ultimate Features of Sendy Email Marketing App

Multiple Brands & Give access to your clients

Create multiple 'brands' and optionally give your client access

You can manage multiple brands, websites, products or services. With Sendy, you can organize them into groups or as we like to call it, brands. Optionally give your client access to their own brand and let them send newsletters on their own. Want more? You can even set monthly sending limits and adjust client privileges.

Sendy is a completely white label when your client logs in. Let your clients send newsletters on their own at a price you set and earn 100x more than other similar services. Optionally set a monthly sending limit if you like.

Lists & subscribers

Manage lists and subscribers

Manage lists & subscribers easily with Sendy. Mass import/delete subscribers, custom fields, single/double opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you/goodbye emails, subscribe form or API to add users (takes a deep breath), you name it!

Send newsletters via Amazon SES

Send email newsletters via Amazon SES to any lists or segments

Sendy uses multi-threading to send emails via Amazon SES. Free yourself from paying for expensive email campaigns and forget about email limits set by your host while at the same time enjoy a high deliverability rate. Best bang for your buck.

Beautiful reports

Visualize your campaigns in a beautiful reports

See the results of every campaign in a beautifully formatted report. Visualize opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and countries with charts & data. You can also re-target accurately by exporting segments of subscribers from your report.

Bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling

Bounces, complaints and unsubscribes are automatically handled in real time

Bounces, complaints and unsubscribes are automatically handled in real-time once your newsletter is sent. There is no need for any manual post-campaign cleanups, just sit back and watch your campaign report unfold.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields, then use them for personalization tags or segmentation

With custom fields, you can store more than just names and emails addresses. Use custom fields as personalization tags in newsletters to create a more personalized experience for your subscribers.


Setup autoresponders and engage with your subscribers effortlessly

Create drip campaigns to follow up with your subscribers, send an email annually or one-off emails at a specific date. Keep your subscribers engaged and your brand at the top of their mind.

Third party integrations & Zapier

Why I Recommend Sendy? - Best & Cheapest Email Marketing Tool 1

Sendy integrates with many popular apps like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, etc thanks to third-party developers. Sendy also works with Zapier, an automation service that enables you to integrate Sendy with over 500 other apps in Zapier’s app directory!

Sendy - Cheap & Best Email Marketing Platform

What people are saying about Sendy

What people are saying about Sendy

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