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Do you want to learn marketing skills and upgrade your marketing skills? I have already researched and found some best resources, where you can learn marketing for free.

All courses and guides are beginner-friendly and anyone can start learning without any prior knowledge. Even I have also upgraded my skills with these resources.

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Free Course and Guides to Upgrade Your Marketing Skills

  1. Primer: No-nonsense, jargon-free marketing lessons (by Google).

Primer is the fast, easy way to learn new marketing skills. Also, you can free mobile app for 5-minute lessons you can do anywhere. We’re constantly adding more lessons. So whether you need to brush up on the basics or explore advanced subjects, Primer can teach it all to you in a no-nonsense, no-jargon way.

  1. KeepYourFriendsClose: A free e-book about maximizing Customer Lifetime Value.

This book will teach you:

  • What Customer Lifetime Value is (and why it matters to you);
  • How to identify your best customers (and find more of them);
  • How to build authentic & profitable relationships with your customers;
  • How to increase the value of your average order; and
  • How to increase the frequency at which your customers spend more money with you.
  1. Pricing Course: A free 9-day course on charging what you’re worth.

This course is designed to give you a start-to-finish playbook for reliably raising your rates. Each lesson is compact and succinct and takes about 5 minutes to read. I’ve also included an interactive worksheet with each lesson that will help you apply it to your unique business.

  • LESSON 1: Why there’s no such thing as a “market rate”
  • LESSON 2: The real reason most freelancers are underpaid
  • LESSON 3: How to avoid being seen as a cheap commodity
  • LESSON 4: What are your clients really looking for?
  • LESSON 5: How to use Socratic questioning to figure out what your clients need
  • LESSON 6: How to quantify the value you bring to your clients
  • LESSON 7: Why anchoring your proposals can double your closing rates
  • LESSON 8: How to tie it all together with a killer proposal
  • LESSON 9: How to double your rate without scaring off your client
  1. Email Course for Sponsorships: How to get sponsorships for anything.

Remove the stress from sponsorships! Where do you find potential sponsors? How do you reach out to them? How do you set your prices? Getting sponsorships can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to feel that way any longer. Jason Zook has mastered the art of landing sponsorships and wants to share everything he’s learned with you.

  1. Startup Sales Course: A free course to help you become a better marketer.

Learn the psychology hacks used by top sellers

  1. Build an online course: A free course to help you build an online course.

In this free course you’ll learn about:

  • Writing your course outline
  • Finding your course sherpa
  • Building a lesson roadmap
  • The power of presentations
  • Software and equipment for videos
  • And a whole bunch more!
  1. MailCharts: A FREE email course to help you become a better marketer.

An email course designed to help marketers and startup founders improve their email marketing strategy. No growth hacks, no tricks, just beautiful marketing your customers will love. (I mean, what is marketing but a combination of great experiences that turn visitors into customers?)

This one-month, FREE course consists of 4 lessons — delivered weekly — where you’ll learn the following:

  • Think like an email marketer: How to attract visitors & leads
  • Email types: What emails should I be sending and when
  • Metrics: What to track and how to optimize your emails
  • Delivering the perfect email experience: From subject line to a landing page and checkout flow
  1. FirstSiteGuide: The beginner’s guide to successful blogging.

Complete understanding of creating a blog. It’s not a daunting as many people think. In fact, by following the step-by-step instructions in this guide, you will be able to set up and make your own blog, avoiding pitfalls and missteps that hinder some novices (no technical skills needed). We hope that by building your own blog you will gain knowledge, friendships, support, confidence or turn blogging into a lucrative business.

We hope that by building your own blog you will gain knowledge, friendships, support, confidence or turn blogging into a lucrative business.


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