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If you want to take your Facebook advertising to the next level. Power Editor is going to be the tool that does just that.

What is Power Editor?

The Power Editor is used mainly by professional advertisers but it is a great option for smaller advertisers looking for more functionality when creating ads. This tool allows for the creation and management of advertisements in bulk and allows you to scale your advertising efforts. It differs from the standard Facebook ad creation interface in that provides more levels of control. An important thing to note about Power Editor is that Facebook rolls out its latest changes and new features to it first.

Facebook Power Editor

So for a competitive advantage become an early adopter. This will help you stay up to date with all the new changes and be ahead of the competition when it comes to new advertising options. Secondly, the Power Editor is going to give you improved workflow. Within one window you’ll have all the bulk features you require at your fingertips. Duplicate ads, copy and paste from Excel, or apply targeting changes to hundreds of different advertisements at a time are some examples. Your improved workflow will let you spend more of your time optimizing campaigns, as opposed to creating ads.

Finally, the Power Editor provides you with advanced optimization opportunities, you can configure multiple goals alongside a single campaign; whereas, you are limited to one within the ad create tool. These optimization opportunities expand beyond campaigns. You’ll also have granularity when it comes to targeting a placement to take your advertising to the next level. Whether it’s for personal, business, or as a career shift the Power Editor is an essential component of Facebook advertising strategy. Power Editor is the best tool to scale your advertising efforts and as Facebook ads products continue to evolve and multiply it’ll be essential to get on board right away.

How to navigate Power Editor

Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool designed for larger advertisers, who need to create a lot of ads at once, and also require precise control of their campaigns. Let’s start by taking a look at how Power Editor works. There are a couple ways to access the tool. But first, if you do not yet have it installed, you’ll need to do so. One thing to note is that Power Editor is optimized for use with Google Chrome. It will work with Firefox, newer versions of Internet Explorer, and Edge, but I do recommend using Chrome, if at all possible. I’ll take you through these steps using this fictitious brand.

So your first step is going to be Opening up a Chrome Browser on either Mac or Windows. Then, head to your Facebook account. Once there, select Manage Ads. From your Ads Manager Main Menu that you see here, select Power Editor. If you’re new to Power Editor, this is where you’ll need to Install it. So you won’t see the process here. You will see some prompts that Facebook will give you to start the installation process.


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