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The selection of a perfect WordPress theme is a frustrating process for almost every Blogger especially for newbies who just started Blogging. If you are having the same problem then I will help you find a perfect WordPress theme for your blog in this post.

When it comes to WordPress themes, there are two main types of WordPress themes: Free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes. The first process is to decide you want to use a free theme or a premium theme.

Recently a visitor raised an interesting point by a comment on one of my blog post that the premium WordPress themes are not all good, there are many Free themes which offer tons of important features than premium ones, Do you agree? I agree with him because free themes are really great just because they are FREE!

I Love WordPress

If you want to start a personal blog to explore your personal interests then you can use free themes, but when you consider your blog as a business and your blog started growing then you should spend money on premium ones.

You know what they say to look for the quality of a product, not price. Premium WordPress themes are quality themes that add extra benefits to your blog, but free themes don’t even give the opportunity to fully control the theme.

Forget about using a free WordPress theme

All free WordPress themes include some kind of strange and encrypted code in the footer section which you can’t remove and if you try to remove it the theme will stop working, So as a website owner no one wants to have any type of unknown code on his website.

Another disadvantage of free themes is that it makes your website load slow. Of course, if there are any encrypted codes on your site (You don’t know what type of code they are!) than you can’t even think of the fast loading of your site.

Pick a Theme related to your industry

Now you’ve decided to use a premium WordPress theme for your blog, So what next? The second and most important step in choosing a perfect theme is that you should find a theme related to your blog niche. e.g. If you have a news-related blog then a Newspaper WordPress theme is a perfect theme for you or if you have a photography-related blog then find a perfect theme that suits your blog content.

As you know my blog is related to Blogging and internet marketing etc, so I found the Salient WordPress theme was perfect for my blog and it has a lot of features.

Features of a WordPress theme

Premium WordPress theme provides you with tons of great features. You must consider these before buying a premium WordPress theme from anywhere.

  • Customizable Homepage Templates: The theme must offer custom homepage templates because there are many possible uses of WordPress these days, Mostly quality themes enable you to use custom homepage templates and customize them as per your need. Choose the individual elements you want to place on your homepage instead of your recent posts.
  • Customizable Header: The theme which you’re considering must support an easily customizable header without using HTML and PHP code.
  • Different Color Scheme: The theme must offer different color schemes available.
  • Responsive: Your theme must be responsive for every device, like mobile, smartphone, tablet, PC, Laptop, and Mac. and Must be a Mobile Responsive theme, Because nowadays, Mobile users are more as compared to other devices.
  • SEO Friendly: Must be SEO friendly and ability to set the titles and descriptions for the homepage and for every post/page.
  • Must be Compatible with every Browser: The theme must be compatible with every browser. Your theme must be compatible with older browsers like IE 6 because most tech designers are ignoring internet explorer. There’s still a large number of people who use internet explorer and other old browsers, so make sure you look for browser compatibility.

So these are the most common features of a premium WP theme which must be considered before buying.

My Recommendation

There are tons of WordPress premium themes providers online, but I would highly suggest going for Themeforest WordPress Themes or AppThemes because these two websites offer all of the great and latest features which I’ve mentioned above.

Here are some more resources for awesome premium WordPress themes:

Your Turn!

Now it’s your turn, how did you select your current WordPress theme, have you considered the features of your theme before buying? and what tips do you have on choosing a perfect WordPress theme? Let us know in the comments.

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