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Social media plays a vital role in SEO
 and, leveraging this component will result in a higher Search Engine Ranking for your blog or website. This is an era of the social media war. There are plenty of social media platforms available and by managing them intelligently, you can optimize( SEO ) your blog or website for better search engine ranking.

Facts About Social Media and SEO

  1. Do you know – Your tweets & posts in the Twitter/Facebook with a link to your website contribute nothing( ZERO ) towards your SEO efforts. Simply because they have NoFollow attributes, which prevents the passing of link juice to your website. Of course, they definitely help to drive traffic( referred ) to your blog or website but, due to NoFollow attribute they don’t help in Search Engine Rankings.
  2. Your profile in the social media, where you mention the URL of your domain actually sends a strong positive signal to search engines. B’cos it is DoFollow in most social media platforms. Due to DoFollow attributes, it passes link juice to your blog or website, which helps in search engine ranking.
  3. If your tweets or posts in the Facebook or comments in other social media sites are interactive in nature, I mean you are getting re-tweets, likes on your Facebook fan page, comments to your tweets or posts etc. then, it sends a positive signal( although weak ) to the search engines and help your website in search engine ranking.

How to Manage Social Media for Better SEO?

  1. List of  Top Social Media Sites where you can signup and promote your blog for better SEO.
    LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  Digg  Reddit  StumbleUpon  Delicious  Wikipedia  Flickr
  2. Social media profile page and SEO
    Your Social media profile page is the place which contains DoFollow attribute links to your blog and sends a strong signal as well as link juice to your site. So, describe your social profile with your main keywords( meta keywords of your website ) for better SEO benefit.
  3. Make a Twitter sub-page on your website for better SEO
    Make a Twitter sub-page like www.your domain/twitter, to pass maximum link juice to your website or blog.
  4. Optimize your images in Flickr.
    Add multiple tags with a descriptive title for your images. Geo-tag the image, if it is location specific.
  5. Always reply to the comments on your blog, to continue the thread for a meaningful discussion to send a positive signal to search engines.


Use of Social media for SEO is different from the use of Social media for driving traffic to your website. By following the above mentioned points you can pass the link juice to your site, thereby sending a strong positive signal to the search engines for better SEO and search engine rankings.



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