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Bing has already introduced the disavow link tool and Google will launch one shortly.

Although the date is not confirmed, Matt Cutts has given some hints during the recent SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle.

So, like every webmaster, you are also waiting for the magic wand? A wand which can disavow or disregard the spammy links (URLs) which you have accumulated over a period of time.

A lot of talks is going on about -Ve SEO, where your competitors have spent good money to buy links for you. Of course spammy, to punish your website by Google penguin.

Believe me or not, big players are spending big money to dethrone their competitors in SERPs.

And Yes, when you take the entire spammy-link pool, -Ve SEO is like a tip of an iceberg. Majority of spammy backlinks are bought by webmasters.

Why a disavow link tool?

Tell me one thing – If Google Penguin is so much capable of catching spammy links and penalize websites, why the hack it doesn’t disavow the same.

Actually speaking, Penguin is doing so! When Penguin also detects spammy inbound links to your site, it simply nullifies the dirty link-juice you are enjoying for ranking and demotes your contents in SERPs. Time and again Matt Cutts has cleared that “Penguin and Panda are not penalties.” They simply search engine algorithms to reward quality contents in search rankings.

If Penguin and panda were a penalty, your URLs or contents would’ve vanished from the search results, instead of appearing at 99th or 100th position (like an SE penalty). These algos are not a penalty. These are Google’s tool to fight against thin content and web-spam.

Why not the Penguin-disavow-link tool?

Why the need for a disavow link tool when the talented Penguin is ready to do everything? Why Google is not using Penguin algo for detecting web-spam as well as disavowing them? Killing two birds with one stone.

The answer is – Penguin is not that capable!

Google wants feedback or reports of spammy links to make its link algorithm robust. So that it can add or updates Penguin data every now and then. Believe me, there are still a hell lot of spams not detected by Penguin.

Google is not here to do a favor by giving you a magic wand (disavow link tool). Google is not a charitable organization at all. It has to do its business. It has to improve its user experience at any cost.

So, to make its search engine algorithm robust, Google wants a reporting tool. Oh Sorry, a link tool!

How to use the Google disavow link tool?

You must be thinking, you will open your Google Webmaster Tool dashboard. Put the spammy URLs in the disavow link tool. And, Poof! You are free from Penguin.

Things are not that simple. If it were that simple, why the multi-million dollar SEO services are gaining ground each passing day?

By putting your bad links in the disavow tool, just like putting a dirty shirt in a washing machine, you don’t expect to get a clean website. This tool is only going to disavow or disregard your spammy inbound links. That means, your contents will not be promoted to the first page overnight. Because Penguin nullified all your bad-link-juice (spammy links) for which you were ranking higher, prior to Penguin attack.

You have to collect the same amount of good-link-juice to regain your rankings. Simply disavowing your spammy links will not going to do wonder for you.

Again, how do you know with 100% accuracy, a link is spammy or not? If Google is not sure about every link’s nature, who the heck you and me?

So, do your homework to know the link is spammy or not. Then adopt the hit-and-trial method on an incremental basis. Don’t put all the suspected backlinks in one-go. Segregate them into 2 to 3 groups on a priority basis. Put the high-risk backlinks in the disavow link tool first. Wait for at least a couple of weeks. Then put the next lesser spammy link group and so on.

Watch for the result. If not in your favor, remove the link group and try another one. I know, it requires a lot of patience. But, this is SEO-life, we have to live it.

P.S. You are highly encouraged to disagree with me and add your valuable thoughts in the comments. United, we will win the race.


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