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Everybody has thoughts they can share. whether it’s about how to create a website from scratch or how to start a successful business with less investment.

The world is loaded up with open doors for you to share your knowledge and skills, you can share your skills in the form of course or a collection of videos.

Online Course Selling is the best way to generate a passive income and its a proven way to make money online. Its a one-time investment of your time and effort and you can earn from the whole life. maybe after a few years, you need to upgrade as per current requirement.

If you check the best influencers in udemy make $8000 from a single course. It’s a solid income for everyone. you can create many courses as per your knowledge and I will tell you where you sell your online course and earn money online in your free time. Here is…

Best Platforms To Publish & Sell Online Courses:



Pricing: Free

Udemy the best marketplace for online course selling, online teaching and learning with 80000+ courses and 23+ million students. Learn Web design, social media marketing, programming, data science, and anything.

It’s an easy process to create a course in udemy dashboard. they provide all the required tools to create an online course. you can import your tutorials from the google drive, and most of the online cloud storages.

Process all type of credit card and udemy takes 50% of sales, in case they promote your course and get students for you. otherwise, you will get 100% of your course sell.

Udemy for online course selling is best for:

I like this course for individuals who are apprehensive to make their own site, or for the individuals who need to spare some money. All things considered, it is totally free forthright. Udemy has a fundamental spotlight on offering video courses, however, you do be able to transfer other course materials like PDFs and sound. As I would like to think, you’re essentially surrendering a little control of your course to access the monster network.



Pricing: starts $29 per month.

Teachable is my top choice since it was at first planned to address a portion of the issues individuals had seen with Udemy (above) That stated, Teachable has an ultimate course dashboard that is more centered around the uniqueness and branding. teachable supports multi-language.

The incorporated blog gives you a superior possibility of enhancing SEO. Discussion forums, tests, and quizzes enable keep to public around, and Some of the best marketing tools of teachable are Email Marketing, Landing pages, Coupons, International Payment Support and Affiliate Program to make money online for influences.

Teachable for online course selling is best for:

Teachable is perfect for those hoping to get strong features with low investment. The month to month rates are the most sensible on this rundown, and as should be obvious from the list of capabilities, it’s fairly noteworthy.

A wide range of media are upheld through Teachable, but we recommend these solutions who are looking for the marketing features and ultimate marketing integrations. You can integrate with top brands like Mailchimp, Zapier app, Ontrapport, Mixoanel, Infusionsoft and few more marketing tools for your course promotion.



Pricing: Free. You can start with $0, with some premium plans.

Part of the explanation Thinkific appearance so nice compared to the competition is that of its course designer. you do not need to mess with any code if you do not wish to. In fact, all of your content is organized employing an easy drag and drop editor, wherever you stack the course content and move it around vertically.

Thinkific has some nice benefits to its valuation layout. Not only are you able to begin your course for free of charge (something that is not offered with competitors like teachable,) however the extra 3 plans are softened in a very logical fashion.

Thinkific for online course selling is best for:

I like Thinkific for anyone fascinated by making a completely new online course. The interface is clean and powerful, and you get all the tools required to create your store without the necessities of your own hosting or web site.

With a proposition terribly like that of teachable, if you’re going to start a free plan, Thinkific will provide you with a lot of.


Top 20 Ultimate Platforms To Publish and Sell Online Courses 1

Pricing: Starts from $39 per month. Some More Premium Plans

It’s a system meant just for constructing a website in one among these 3 categories: online courses, digital downloads, or selling memberships. this is pretty cool considering you’ll cut out the remainder of the litter of e-commerce.

Upon 1st look, Podia offers a clean interface for coming up with your web site. It’s easy enough for beginners, and since it’s just for memberships, digital downloads, and on-line courses, the choices square measure additional consolidated for users in those industries.

Podia for online course selling is best for:

Podia offers a wonderful user experience along with an instant launch process for online courses, digital downloads, and membership sites. This app is for those who have already fed up with the high transaction fees and their complex process.



Pricing: Plan Starts from $49 per month

The easiest valuation set up ever with a unique characteristic rare among these sorts of platforms – no transaction fees in any respect.

While it would look like different choices offer a basic platform at a more cost-effective price (or completely free), you will notice that you’re going to upgrade your plan shortly to use ultimate advanced tools which your gross margin doesn’t grow because it should, because of existing fees.

Teachery for online course selling is best for:

If you’re serious regarding online course selling, if you’ve got tried different platforms and you’re not interested in commissions and upgrades cutting your profit margins down, Teachery is for you. you will have full function and practical, a dedicated support team for you and for future upgrades and enhancements within the platform are enclosed within the existing platform. No transaction fees. No upgrades required.


Top 20 Ultimate Platforms To Publish and Sell Online Courses 2

Pricing: Free to Get Started

Educadium makes it easy for individuals and organizations to reach learners around the world. In minutes, you can create a branded EasyCampus to store digital materials and create cost-effective online classes for knowledge sharing, certification and assessment.

Many individuals and companies want to reach new learners and build for-profit online schools in the process. Educadium’s goal is to enable you to realize your business dreams and educational. The Add-on service of Educadium is Custom Tuition Pay.

Educadium for online course selling is best for:

Anyone who wants to share knowledge and want to generate a passive income. Educadium is also a great source to sell online courses for individuals and organizations.



Pricing: Plans starts from $79 per month

Ruzuku is another online course selling platform that is filled with good options. To start, the course management is simple and fast, and you can upload any media file for selling to your customers. facilitate your students track their achievements throughout the course, and prompt them to talk with other students within the community.

Feel free to integrate with MailChimp, and watch as automatic emails go out to inform people of future courses. beside Stripe and PayPal integration, the Ruzuku system has daily backups, teleconference and support choices through things just like the phone, email, live chat, and social media.

Ruzuku for online course selling is best for:

Audio, video and PDF courses are measure all supported through the Ruzuku platform, and you’ll be able to run webinars and have interaction together with your customers through live chat. Ruzuku may be a nice platform for each streaming and downloading content, and you’ll be able to make memberships or send drip content depends on course timing.

Overall, I would say that Ruzuku is best for people with some limited technical information or people who simply need to urge up and running quickly. a lot of the platform appearance like the WordPress backend, therefore it’s pretty simple to use.



Pricing: Plans starts from $167 per month for 50 users

The greatest advantage of exploring iSprig is that the ability to feature specific layouts or ‘learning paths’ for your students so they progress through the course step by step. you also have the choice to add dialogue simulations, quizzes and assignments on the method.

Another Advantage of the platform added full automation of sales – You need to specify price depends on your course and select the payment platform of your choice – they’re going to pay attention to everything else.

iSpring for online course selling is best for:

If you’d like to have a bird’s eye view for the progress of your visitors through the course, iSpring is a great solution. If you go for the high ticket training programs where you can access a lot more with detailed statistics, user feedback, and analytics.


Academy of Mine

Pricing: Mini Plan Starts from $99 per month

The Academy of Mine platform is one of our prime selections once it includes creating your own online courses and selling them online. this can be associates all-in-one solution, which means that it provides a full website for you to launch you’re complete and start selling your own online course.

You can even select from a completely hosted model that has landing pages, galleries, and course providing pages while not creating you set them up yourself. Academy of Mine could be a solid alternative since it is a complete course creation and learning management system. this implies you’ll generate chapters or units, and provides out regular quizzes, certificates, assignments, and badges. additionally, a forum is enclosed for chatting,

Accept credit cards and PayPal to sell your courses, and faucet into the many promoting options just like the affiliate program, email promoting and live webinar.

Academy of Mine for online course selling is best for:

It’s tough to argue that anyone would be dissatisfied with it, because of Academy of Mine offers a complete learning management system. Basically, if you need to sell audio, videos, or text courses, all is possible with Academy of mine.

It’s nice for those peoples that need to sell direct memberships, or for people who do not feel like exploring different selling tools for connecting with customers and emails sending. price is a little bit high for this overall feature, however, the feature set is there to back it up. Overall, this can be the simplest and best choice for community building around your courses, with the live chats, selling tools and forums.



Pricing: Free Trail and then Plans starts from $83 per month

The two unique features provided by WizIQ system are, one called the Virtual classroom and the other called the online academy. The virtual classroom module works for video and audio calls, polling and breakout rooms. Some great tools are the live chat with your student, while also selling your content.

On the other hand, the online academy is more for posting videos, audio and other files to sell online. If students want to access tests, documents, assessments and file sharing, they can follow. A Huge plus point is Mobile learning, and the course management dashboard includes an associated whiteboard for sharing with students.

WizIQ for online course selling is best for:

The standout feature of WizIQ is that it provides a free plan, that is nice for everyone. not to mention, you receive tools for interacting with students in real time. though it’s going to seem additional inconvenient, you’ll typically charge extra money for courses wherever students are able to speak with the teacher through a video call or on the phone call.

Next 10 more online course selling platforms, You can explore:

  • SkillShare: Almost every course lesson entails two key components—video and class project. Top teachers on Skillshare make as high as $40000 annually.
  • LearnWorlds: Are you looking for a white label solution? Are you looking for a platform which can complement course content with immense social learning and high interaction? Stop your search right now and take a look at the impressive features of LearnWorlds.
  • CourseCraft: Want to turn your blog into a profitable business? Try CourseCraft. Its simple and powerful enough to create different types of courses, the editor is flexible.
  • Click4Course: Click4Course compares well with well-established platforms like Teachable and Thinkific and seems strong in its survey, testing and certificate capabilities.
  • Digital Chalk: Digital Chalk offers a variety of plans for getting courses online. You can create standards-compliant online courses outside of the platform and import them.
  • Pathwright: An ultimate platform with great success. The starter plan is $99 a month ($89, if paid annually) – which allows for 1000 active learners and unlimited courses, and no charges for e-commerce fees.
  • OpenSesame: If you represent a training firm or association, then OpenSesame might be the first place you want to check out. You can upload video, and the company claims that courses published in its system can be accessed by any LMS (learning management system).
  • Course Cats: One platform to create your own online course and sell – everything you need, no transaction fees. Oh, and you won’t need a designer, web developer, a psychiatrist and a team of 1,000 nerds.
  • LearnDash: LearnDash is a very feature rich LMS plug-in that was clearly developed by people serious about e-learning. If you already use WordPress to manage your home base, then you may want to seriously consider a WordPress LMS plug-in to create and sell online courses from your own Web site.
  • LifterLMS: LifterLMS is also a great resource for online course selling and has the very strong selling point of being free for the base version: you can install it, use the usual plugin in WordPress. You can easily try out the system within your WordPress site before deciding whether it is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Udemy, Teachable, and Academy of Mine are by far my favorites, But I would recommend checking out all of these above tools to test them for your own needs. because all of them provide tons of marketing tools. If you have any questions about the best platforms to publish and sell online courses, let me know in the comments section below.


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