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The wave of the digital world is getting huge by every passing day. No one can afford to lose their ride on this and hence, we can see every business is getting online now. Be it a startup or a large scale industry, everyone can be found on the internet. Just a step ahead, now most of the companies have started their affiliate programs. Sales, data analysis and everything else is carried online then how could marketing and promotions can stay behind? So, an affiliate marketer is a new profile added to many people’s working bio-data.

Wondering, what is affiliate marketing?

Let me start from this now

Affiliate programs also called as associate programs are designed by making the arrangements, where an online merchant having a website pays the commission to those who send traffic to his sites.

Mostly to generate sales from affiliate programs, you first need to do aggressive marketing and thus, it is also called ‘affiliate marketing’.

Affiliate marketing is totally performance-based marketing. The one who participates in affiliate marketing is called an affiliate.

Every affiliate receives a link from his merchant. That link needs to be shared by the affiliate and when anyone from his audience clicks the link and makes a purchase from his merchant, the affiliate earns a commission from the order. The percentage of commission is decided between the merchant and the affiliate.

You can see that you don’t have to do any door-to-door sales or travel anywhere to carry out your marketing. You are free to do your work from anywhere you want. All you need would be the internet for this. You can decide your own working hours. Yes, you are the boss!

No doubt at first you need to spend your much time finding the database, merchant and target audience. But, once you master it, there won’t be any looking back for you.

Want to get started?

Let me help you to take your first step. Finding a decent and genuine merchant has always been a tough job. So, I would like to suggest, MilesWeb affiliate program on which you can rely 100% for the back support.

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The niche of MilesWeb affiliate?

MilesWeb is a leading hosting provider and their web hosting affiliate program runs on the same. If you are already a website designer, developer or blog owner who has some knowledge about the hosting industry, then this affiliate program is for you.

Others, who don’t belong to this industry, need not feel bad, as you still can join them. They are always ready to welcome you as well. MilesWeb has the affiliate experts who advise and guide you throughout your journey with them.

Why choose MilesWeb as your affiliate merchant?

After doing all the hard work of marketing and promotion, what you expect from your affiliate program?
Of course, a high commission through it. Isn’t it?

Exactly, MilesWeb gives its affiliates huge commissions as compared to other programs in the race.

Refer and Earn Upto INR 25K- MilesWeb Affiliate Program

Some of the other benefits are :

1. Sign-up bonus
Every affiliate account gets credited with the sign-up bonus of INR 1000. This is given so that affiliates can start their journey with some support and can get eligible for the commissions soon.

2. Cookie duration
MilesWeb gives you 365 days of cookie duration. That means you get a whole year to bring the customers for them. In comparison to MilesWeb, other hosting companies give at the most 60 days cookie duration to their affiliates.

3. Payout criteria 
You need to meet the payout criteria for getting eligible to get the commission. MilesWeb has the minimum payout criteria of ₹2000.

4. Commission approval duration
After doing all the verifications, MilesWeb approves your commission after just 30 days. This is the shortest duration in the hosting industry.

5. Payment options
You can ask for your commissions through PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer.

Why you should consider promoting MilesWeb Affiliate Program?

1. Specific Plan for Size:
MilesWe provides hosting services to all types and sizes of websites and businesses. This broadens your targeted audience count.

2. Eye-catching banner:
The affiliate gets the attractive banners from MilesWeb that can be displayed with their affiliate links. The picture catches more attention from your audience and also makes your marketing work easy.

Affiliate can even ask for the customized banners as per the need.

3. Affiliate Portal
Every affiliate has access to the MilesWeb affiliate portal. All the information about your link promotion and conversion made through your link is stored on this portal. This keeps the transparency between an affiliate and MilesWeb.

I think this makes your merchant searching process easy, you get the most trusted one.

Want to start your affiliate marketing journey with MilesWeb?

Just follow the three simple steps.

  1. Sign-up for the MilesWeb affiliate marketing program.
  2. Login to the affiliate portal and select the affiliate link. You can select banner also, whatever suits to your website or a blog.
  3. Display the banner and affiliate link on your website or blog and start earning.

For any more questions regarding this, visit MilesWeb site and click ‘Refer and Earn’ on the top right side of home page.

What happy affiliates say about MilesWeb?

MilesWeb Affiliate Program Review
MilesWeb Affiliate Program Review 1MilesWeb weekly updates the list of their affiliates to whom they have paid the commission. I am some of the recent commission paid to their affiliates.

Recent commission paid 1:

MilesWeb Affiliate Program Payment Proof
Recent commission paid 2:

MilesWeb Affiliate Program - Refer and Earn Upto INR 25K 1


MilesWeb is the first priority for many of the hosting requirements. They are growing very rapidly by each passing day. Affiliate program run by them is a reliable one and many of their affiliates are already making huge commission through it. If you are looking for the same then get started now. It would always be worth joining MilesWeb.


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