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Imagine developing a website by pouring all your efforts into it and it starts giving you the huge traffic and conversion rates. Isn’t the thought wonderful? But, in reality, this may not happen with every one of us. Due to the increasing competition, every business owner wants to gain popularity on the internet so as to reach a number of people. As per the survey by Netcraft, it is mentioned that every day around 140,000 websites gets launched. That doesn’t mean every website that gets live survives in the competition. And one of the reasons behind site failure is issues related to hosting. The hosting company may get shut down or provides the worse service.

That’s why it is very important that you develop your site with better quality themes and get the genuine hosting provider for it.

Why WordPress Websites?

One may spend a lot of time developing and designing a website. This may delay your time to make the website live and start your other online marketing work.

So, the easy solution for this is using WordPress to build your website. As WordPress is a free and open-source platform everyone can use it. It is developed using the PHP and MySQL programming languages. WordPress gives you features like plugin architecture and template system.

This doesn’t mean that WordPress is used by only startups and small-scale business. But, the big enterprises also use it.

Want strong proof?

Then, I would like to inform you that, the global giant Disney also uses WordPress to create its slick site.


Do you need a WordPress Partner?

Do you know that your website needs to be updated regularly?

Yes, with every small change in the marketing condition of your niche, you should make changes to your website. This gives a fresh look to the site and the audience feel it more interactive.

While you are busy in your primary business who will look after your website?

Here, the answer is your WordPress partner.

Yes! Your partner plays a very important role in your online business.

Now the question arises how to get a genuine partner?

Well, the one who provides you the WordPress solution and manages your WordPress website at an affordable cost can be your trustworthy partner.

That’s why I would suggest you MilesWeb as your WordPress partner.

­As per my personal experience, my journey so far with them is absolutely great. Their support system is bang on. MilesWeb provides you WordPress hosting at very cheap rates.

Benefits of having MilesWeb as your WordPress partner

From around 2003, WordPress is used and has become very popular within a short span of time.

Thus, MilesWeb helps you throughout your WordPress journey by giving you full features like :

1. WordPress updates

Once you buy the WordPress hosting plan from MilesWeb, you don’t have to check and update for the plugins and security patches. As the MilesWeb WordPress hosting India will do it for you automatically. Their technical professionals keep a track and monitor the latest updates related to critical WordPress platform, thus, all the core plugins get installed on your platform as soon as they get released.

2. Server Level caching

You get the built-in, all in one site acceleration plugin, LiteSpeed cache with the WordPress plan from MilesWeb. LiteSpeed supports the WordPress multisite and makes it compatible with popular plugins like bbPress, WooCommerce, and Yoast SEO.

3. SSD Storage

All the WordPress hosting plans come with sufficient storage so that your site won’t fall short of any resources during its peak time. The high-performance solid-state drives help your website to perform 200%  better than its previous performance.

4. Free SSL certificate

The encrypted SSL certificate makes your site safe from external vulnerabilities. Visitors to your site also feel secure while surfing on it. Thus, every WordPress website hosted with MilesWeb gets the SSL certificate for free.

5. WordPress Preconfigured

The WordPress preconfigured makes your site management very easy. WordPress installation is done with various certified themes and plugins. Thus, the setup and configuration of them are done by your partner.

6. Fast provisioning

MilesWeb has the scalable cloud architecture that can launch your WordPress website in just a few clicks. This also gives you the robust, ultra-fast and scalable hosting experience.

7. Secure Email

You can create multiple email accounts on your single WordPress account. MilesWeb gives you unlimited support for autoresponder mail forwards and emails aliases.

8. Jetpack

With the Jetpack, you can include high-quality videos to your websites. It also enables you to auto-social share and re-share, auto-update plugin. It also scans your website and filters out the spam emails or the malware that gets detected.

MilesWeb doesn’t stop here. It takes extra efforts to provide your WordPress Website to run secure and flawless, so you can concentrate on business and blogging.

Some of the technical features

WordPress Hosting Control Panel

  1. Cloudflare Railgun
  2. HTTPS by default
  3. GZIP/ Brotli compression
  4. SFTP access
  5. WP-CLI
  6. Dedicated WordPress supports
  7. Daily backups
  8. CDN
  9. Cloning of website
  10. Server-side optimization
  11. Caching service

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting control panel gives you the total control over your hosting account.

It has easy to use interface with the features like security scanning, site stats, analytics and much more.


MilesWeb is growing rapidly and has over 9000 customer base. Their clients seem happy with their 99.95% uptime quality support.

It has cheap rates but provides you with the best WordPress hosting experience.

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