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The best place to learn search engine optimization and keep yourself updated is from the leading SEO blogs and bloggers of the world.

These bloggers are the thought leaders of the SEO industry who frequently update their blogs with quality and actionable content, along with the latest news on search and marketing field.

Out of thousands of SEO blogs and bloggers I’ve compiled a top 10 list you should follow for online success. You can bookmark these blogs or the entire list for daily reference (reading).

Top 10 SEO Blogs and Bloggers of the world

1. Search Engine Land: Leading by Danny Sullivan, this blog is the center of all the happenings in the search engine industry. He is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the field. He also conducts the famous SMX – Search Engine Marketing Conference Series.
Besides all the latest news, you can learn about SEO, SEM and how search engines work. With a brigade of professional writers and guest bloggers SearchEngineLand is a must read for all the SEO professionals, digital marketers, webmasters, and search engine enthusiasts.

2. Moz Blog: Founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and his mother Gillian, this blog provides in-depth articles about SEO and SEM. also provides a number of free and paid SEO tools and resources.

It has a vibrant community of over 300,000 passionate and dedicated marketing professionals who participate actively on this blog (comment section).

On May 29th, 2013, Rand changed the domain name to simply

3. Search Engine Watch: This blog provides tips and strategies about SEO and Search Engine Marketing. It also covers all the happenings and news in the search industry.

It started at the end of 1995; when a client complained that he couldn’t find his site in WebCrawler and he wanted to know the reason. WebCrawler is a meta-search engine which combines the top search results of Google and Yahoo!.

Initially started by Danny Sullivan, he sold his blog in the same year to a Marketing company for an undisclosed amount. In the year 2006, it was sold to Incisive Media for $43 million.

4. Matt Cutts Blog: Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team shares great information about Google, SEO, and his personal interests.

The reason search engine professionals frequently visit this blog is – Matt addresses various current issues related to the search engine (Google) and SEO, as and when they happen.

5. Search Engine Journal: Founded by Loren Baker in 2003, SEJ is the hub of SEO and marketing professionals. It regularly publishes good articles about link building strategies, how to use different SEO tools, social media marketing and the latest developments in the search engine industry.

Loren Baker is active in the search engine marketing field since 1998. His blog has an article bank of over 14,000 posts, written by industry leaders, both in-house and guest bloggers.

6. SE Roundtable: Barry Schwartz is the founder of this unique blog. He publishes interesting threads or discussions taking place in different Search Engine Marketing forums.

If you are a forum lover, you can save your precious time by discovering real gems (great discussions) taking place in various leading SEM forums. He also publishes articles related to SEO and SEM written by himself and guest bloggers, along with current news.

7. Gray Wolf SEO: Founded by Michael Grey, this is informative and thought to provoke SEO blog.

He is actively involved in the search engine field since 1998. He also offers SEO Consultation Services at an affordable price on his site.

8. SEO Book Blog: Founded by Aaron Wall, this blog is – Learners’ (SEO) Paradise. He also offers various SEO tools, training, videos, and a community forum.

9. Quick Sprout: Neil Patel is behind this awesome SEO blog. This online-entrepreneur cum SEO Specialist shares his thoughts on Quick Sprout Blog regularly.

He also owns 2 other digital marketing service providing company CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics.

10. Distilled Blog: Distilled was founded in early 2005 by Duncan Morris and Will Critchlow. Initially, it functioned as a web development agency from Duncan’s front room. In mid-2007, Distilled started its SEO services.

A must read the modern blog for SEO and digital marketers. If you have any suggestion, except this “Top 10 SEO Blogs and Bloggers On The World”. Please Comment Below.

Anant Vijay Soni

Anant Vijay Soni

A passionate blogger and serial youtuber, timely efforts, and dedication are the key protocols that keep me succeeding. I love to share information about WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Email Marketing and much more.

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February 14, 2019 10:36 pm
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Thanks for the list! I just started following a majority of them and I am excited to read/learn more. My favorite is Search Engine Land, I look forward to checking the others out.

Aditya Singh
January 14, 2019 1:55 am
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Awww! Excited for the new direction! ????

For me, personally, I LOVE seeing you blaze the trail and seeing your specific numbers because it’s inspiring to see what’s possible ✨??

These will always be my favourite posts on any blog I believe! Wishing you and Wes an absolutely WONDERFUL 2019 filled with lots of memories!!!

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