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So, you are seriously thinking about blogging as your alternative earning (passive income) or maybe one day your main profession for bread and butter.

You should and you can achieve this by simply following the 5 tricks. I am going to tell you in the next paragraphs for a successful blogging career.

I assume you have a blog. If you don’t have then make one at WordPress & Blogger for free! I personally like Blogger and WordPress, are the best blogging platforms than others.

80% of top bloggers of the World who earn thousands of US$/m use WordPress as a platform for blogging because of state of the art UI( user interface/admin panel ), SEO friendliness and highly customizable.

5 Tips and Tricks for Successful Blogging

1. Original  and unique contents

Original and unique contents - Blogging Tips & Tricks

Image: Shutterstock By Konstantin Faraktinov

Content is king! Yes, my dear friend, content is really king in blogging World. You must be thinking of what a cheap and useless tips I am giving you. But in reality Search Engines like Google and Yahoo like original contents, not copied from somebody else’s blog. This is called duplicate content.

In order to fight this practice, Google uses some filters to detect similar contents. When the crawler detects two or more similar contents, only one of them(written first) will be shown in search engines results pages.

Moreover, blogs publishing duplicate contents lose Page Rank. By publishing copied or partially modified contents your blog may run for months but not years.

If you are thinking to monetize your blog for a long run then original contents matter. And most blogs die after a few months due to this bad practice only. So, give some thought about this and always publish original and unique contents.

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization And Why You Gotta Use It?SEO plays a great role in a successful blog. What is the use of original content if the blog is not adequately search engine optimized. You should also know that Google has a soft corner towards WordPress blogs.

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Google detects early and gives higher ranking to posts written on WordPress platform. Below are a few tricks for Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress blog :

  1. Optimizing your permalinks for SEO
  2. Optimizing your title tag for SEO
  3. Creating Meta description for your posts
  4. Adding sitemap to your blog
  5. Pinging 3rd party services
  6. Using Google Webmaster Tools
  7. Enhancing your WordPress SEO with the All in One SEO Pack plugin

3. Social networks integration

Social media is the most powerful tool for business


Integrate your blog with Social Networking Sites like FacebookTwitterDigg, Mix, and Linkedin. The list is endless, but these 5 sites are the best. You should not join more sites b’coz it not only consumes more of your valuable time but also difficult to maintain your status updates.

I personally like Digg and Mix. Simply write an original article and submit it to Mix and Digg. After 10 to 14 hours simply copy and paste your post heading in Google and your post will be listed on the 1st page (front page) if your WordPress blog is SEO optimized to some extent.

Facebook and Twitter are a great tool to connect with your users and fans. Make a unique and catchy Facebook fan page and Twitter background to spread your brand.

But, never spend more than 20 to 30 minutes/day on social networking sites. Also, add an RSS Feed and Newsletter( free) subscription to make your visitors loyal.

4. Hard work and patience

Hard work and patience - Blogging Tips & Tricks

Image: Shutterstock By yuttana Contributor Studio

Finally, hard work counts. Most bloggers abandon their blogs due to lack of patience. A blog takes at least 6 months and more than 50 good articles to be noticed in the blogosphere for monetization. Consistent posting plays an important role in search engine ranking as well as building a loyal user base.

You should usually post 01 to 02 quality articles/day instead of too many low quality and duplicate contents. If your posting nature is consistent ( daily or alternate day ) then search engine crawlers also visit your blog in the same rhythm and detect your posts easily for listing and ranking.

5 good articles are much better than 500 ordinary articles. If your 5 articles list on the front page of Google Search for that particular term then you may end up with 50,000 visits/day which can fetch you US$ 500/days!

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So, don’t loose your patience and keep posting quality contents regularly, b’coz every blog has a day.

5. Online and offline publicity

Online and offline publicity - Blogging Tips & Tricks

Image: Shutterstock By TarikVision

The best online way of publicity is by :

  • Joining forums of the same niche
  • Writing articles for other blogs in exchange for links/backlinks
  • Posting comments on other blogs’ posts with your link

The best offline way of publicity is by :

  • Write articles for magazines and newspapers with a mention of your blog
  • Gift items for your dear and near like Coffee mug, T-shirt, Pen, Bookmarks etc. with your blog’s logo printed on it.
  • Cycle rally with your branded( blog’s logo ) T-shirts

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