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Facebook is the most popular social media platform, everyone is using it. Its popularity has decreased however it’s grown to be the worst social media platform.

Now you are thinking WHY?

I have 100’s of reason, why Facebook is the worst social media platform? but I am sharing 7 reasons, you need to know before using Facebook for personal and business use.

Why Facebook is the Worst Social Media Platform?

1. Negativity

Facebook has turned into a spot where cynicism lives. I see more depressing posts, more hurtful comments, and 1000’s of pointless arguments each day. If you don’t believe me, For example, click on a post about Pit bulls or any topic and read the comments, you will see the strangers fight in comments and horrible names with abusive words.

In my daily feed,  if I scrolled down, I found someone has posted something sad. Do you feel this???

These are the just good examples, You will find more vulgar posts on Facebook, that I cannot post on my blog.

Nudity on facebook posts Negativity on Facebook

2. Ugly and Gross Posts

Facebook is the only place where you can see the most ugly and unacceptable posts. I don’t know why Facebook doesn’t censor posts but it should.

Maybe, You have some friends who not only like sexual posts but share it, FOR EVERYONE AND THEIR FAMILY TO SEE. I’m sorry but do you really want them seeing what you want your boyfriend to do to you in bed? Why do you feel the need to share how many bottles you down today? Or do you want your mother knowing your kinks? Once again, is that something you want your family & friends to see?

People appear to overlook that your employers and followers can look at your social media,  Nope, didn’t think so. Keep it classy!

3. The Politics

Every single day I see political posts on my feed. “Rahul Is Not A Politician! He Is Terrible!!” “Trump said this” “PM Modi destroys Gandhi in an epic speech!”, the list goes on and on and on.

I see people having to unfriend their friends because of politics and friends being rude to each other. And these are stupid things. It’s a sure way to lose friends and it’s annoying. Politics should not ruin a friendship! Nor should you plaster them for all to see.

I realize numerous individuals can relate when I state, I don’t check Facebook much since I would prefer not to get irritated or be crotchety over things I can’t help contradicting. For what reason can’t Facebook be a fun spot and kind place?

4. Mental Health Issues

As per Psychalive, After surveying almost 2000 people between the ages of 14-24, their findings offered a clear picture of how different social media platforms impact mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and body-image.

Facebook was found to have similar negative effects to Instagram in the categories of bullying, body image, FOMO, anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Facebook also has a particularly negative impact on sleep. However, Facebook had some strong positive effects as well, particularly in the category community building.

Facebook is Worst for Your Mental Health

Image: Psychalive

5. Not Trustable for Business

We can not trust Facebook for business purpose. Facebook block the domain for silly reasons, which makes this untrustable. If you post content for money making or earn money online, Facebook will block your domain without any prior notice, and vulgar and provocative posts are not an issue on Facebook.

And If your domain is blocked on facebook, there is no support from the customer care and Facebook support. You can send feedback to Facebook to unblock domain, but I think, No one will see these messages and feedbacks.

6. Worst Case Scenario:

As per TechCrunch, Facebook has naively put its faith in humanity and repeatedly been abused, exploited, and proven either negligent or complicit. The company routinely ignores or downplays the worst-case scenarios, idealistically building products without the necessary safeguards, and then drags its feet to admit the extent of the problems.

7. Bugged Android User:

Do you ever think, when you use Facebook, what data it collects from our profiles?

Dylan Mackay downloaded his profile archive to know what sort of data Facebook was collecting on him. When he examined the data, he found something disturbing: Facebook had also recorded the details of every phone call and text he’d made for two years, Amongst a recording of all his status likes and meme posts — names, telephone numbers, call lengths. The only thing that was missing was a blow-by-blow account of each conversation.


It’s all about from my thoughts, I am trying to show some stats and the clear picture of Facebook. I am not saying, I am always right. Maybe I am wrong in some sorts.

Please share your experience for Facebook in comments. which point is looking good or bad out of 7?


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