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Brand value is the perceived value of a company or product above and over the actual price tag.

By improving brand value; you can increase the consumer demand, improve the gross margin and generate higher revenue.

So, creating brand awareness, or increasing brand value – You not only make people believe in your products but also help your business for long-term success.

Check out the mathematical aspect of BRAND VALUE:

BRAND VALUE  = Value of total outstanding shares of the company in the equity market  Total assets (from Balance Sheet)

5 Strategies to Improve Brand Value of a Business

1. Quality matters

Do you know – Why lots of people prefer Pepsi or McDonald Burger? Why not other cheaper brands available in the market?

Because people see the quality in it. Yes, when it comes to business “Quality is the KING.”

While buying products, consumers ensure that they fulfill their needs, its durability, and above all meet their expectations. Quality is a great motivator for consumers to choose a particular brand over others. Improving quality means improving brand value.

2. Better value

Whenever I think of buying a pair of sports shoes, I go to a nearby Reebok store. Do you know why?

Because the comfort, functionality, and style I’m getting are much more than the price I paid. I can easily get a pair of unbranded shoes at a much cheaper price, but I know it can’t fulfill my requirements.

Consumers look for the extra value, or the added value in a product while buying. If you really want to increase the brand value of your company or product; deliver more than what people expect. Surprise them with the added features or added advantage.

3. Great customer care

No matter whether it is Pre-sale service or Post-sale service, communication with your prospects or customers in a better way make them believe your brand.

When you speak to your consumers, talking about the pros and cons of your products, they show more faith due to increased transparency leading to conversion or sale.

4. Brand awareness campaign

To create an image, or to ingrain an image inside the brain of consumers you need a well-planned brand awareness campaign. A campaign that can create a mass hysteria to buy the product.

Your campaign should focus on the age, sex, economic status and educational qualification of the targeted consumers. The campaign should also cover the on-line and off-line media.

Beside the electronic and non-electronic media like online ad, newspaper and TV, your campaign should also support a social cause. The awareness campaign usually creates a brand image inside the consumers’ mind, which compels him or her to buy your product instead of others.

5. Brand owner’s image

Yes, it works like a charm! People like to associate them with the brand as well as the brand owner while buying products. In the process, they feel proud of being associated with the owner.

A clean, influential and professional image of a brand owner helps to improve brand value immensely.

Now it’s your turn to add a tip or two to improve the brand value of a business or product.


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Anant Vijay Soni

A passionate blogger and serial youtuber, timely efforts, and dedication are the key protocols that keep me succeeding. I love to share information about WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Email Marketing and much more.


  • lana says:

    Hi there is an interesting article. I like it

  • Rebecca Lim says:

    Totally agree with all 5 points! Quality of products and services will enable your readers and/or your customers to choose you over your competitors. Branding, personal or business-wise, is also an important key to a successful online business (this holds true for bricks-and-mortar businesses as well)!

  • Sarvesh says:


    Wonderful post, According to me i think the online brand must be improved and we should try hard to get improved our online reputation first. As it can get awesome and short term business growth with getting clients.


  • Hello friends,

    This post is very informative for me. Quality is always a motivator for customers. Yes your are right “quality is always king” and second point is “great customers care.”

    Thanks, Sarika

  • Thanks a Lot for this very Useful Tips..
    Its really helpful for me..

  • In writing Company Content is the king, in the same way in products and services company Quality is the king. It makes everyone to achieve their goal easily. Quality increases the brand value and there by increases the potential customers.

  • Tushar Thakur says:


    Well I believe brand value is the most important thing which every online business need to build it. As far as the quality matter the brand also has the same importance. If the brand is improved and has good online reputation then we can assume a great loyal readers.


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