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In this Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing, With dozens of predictions and lots of analysis, marketers have already mapped out the trends of digital marketing that will dominate the business domain this year.

What exactly is Digital marketing? Why it is so important in today’s era? The answer lies in a greater sense, Digital marketing is a very broad highway that took every business on the top of goals either it belongs to service, real estate, retail, automobile, food, health and so on.

The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing

Content Marketing — Words To Your Voice

Engaging customers via informative and relevant matter, content marketing is still fueling the digital marketing domain. With the unparalleled impact on customers and significant ROI it delivers, there’s no second thought as to why content marketing is an unavoidable aspect of digital marketing.

Costing 63% lesser than outbound marketing, Content Marketing generates 3x leads when compared to any other marketing approach.

Chatbots — The Smart Alternative

With real-time assistance, proactive responses, and end-to-end support, Chatbots are certainly a vital attribute of digital marketing in 2019. Chatbots are tools that efficiently enhance the customer experience by resolving their queries and guiding them through the website.

Around 51% of online consumers found chatbots highly helpful when buying certain products and believed that chatbots are the next level technological advancement introduced to improve their online interactions.

Voice Search Go Hands — Free

With a view to boosting customer experience and offering them a seamless approach to research, voice recognition technology is all geared up with new innovations this year, With the integration of natural language and conversational search in late 2018, this year we can expect improvised human interactions through this effective medium.

Around 71% of Bluetooth device owners claim that their online searches will be completely voice dependant by 2020.

Artificial Intelligence — The Real Smart Approach

To reach the target audience even more efficiently and cultivate better return on investments, leading companies are planning to invest in AI-powered platforms to expedite their marketing strategies. Monitoring customer behavior and formulating better profiling plans, AI is all set to optimize the digital marketing landscape with its prominence.

By the year 2020, 30% of companies across the globe will be adopting Artificial Intelligence in all of their sales processes.

Instagram — The New Facebook For Marketers

As ironic as it may sound, while Facebook is combating with data breaches, Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform is soaring high with its marketing prominence. Whether it’s the live streaming feature, interactive story handle, or the latest addition of IGTV, Instagram is certainly the most influential social media platform for marketing.

More than 40% of Instagram users have shown interest in brands via their Instagram stories.

Check out the infographic created by, Its amazing.

The Era of Revolution of Digital Marketing 2019

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