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Are you looking for some guest blogging tips to get maximum benefits out of it? One thing you should know, if the guest post is written with great care and with good intention, then it’s beneficial for not only the guest blogger but also the publisher.

Guest blogging is a proven method for acquiring links, building a reputation and receiving new readership or traffic.

Reputation and Traffic are OK. But, what about link collection by guest blogging with spinned and duplicate content?

Are they benefited by their acquired backlinks and anchor texts? Does Google pass them search engine ranking benefits for accumulating links in an unscrupulous method?

Why Guest Blogging for Links?

Everybody knows – Links are the currency of the web and helps content to rank higher in the search engines.

To make the user experience better, Google has recently closed all the doors for building links in a spammy manner (buying, exchanging, etc.) by introducing the Penguin algorithm.

So, all webmasters, bloggers, and SEOs are looking for the easy way out to get links. And, the door for the guest blogging for links is wide-open! Everybody simply rushing for guest blogging. Because getting links in a natural way is quite difficult. This is just like buying a lottery ticket and waiting for the JACKPOT!!

Tell me one thing, how many times you have gotten backlinks for your best creations? Your answer may be few or a BIG Zero.

Whenever people use something in excess (exploitation), a new problem always arises. Exactly, the same thing happened with guest blogging.

SEO firms, webmasters and bloggers who donned a black hat or grey hat are trying to trick the Google algo and posting guest articles (multiple versions) everywhere on the web for backlinks. In the rat race of link acquisition, the newbie bloggers are becoming the scapegoat by publishing low-quality duplicate guest posts.

Guest Blogging Tips

  1. Quality guest post which offers value to readers benefits both the guest blogger and the publisher.
  2. Quality matters instead of quantity. Writing a guest article of 300, 400 or 500 words doesn’t work, if it’s crappy or spinned. The post should be of high quality to get the benefits from Google.
  3. There are SEOs who post multiple version of an article on different web-outlets or blogs for their clients. Google doesn’t count links acquired by these practices.
  4. The host-blogger should invite either well known guest authors in their niche or a blogger who is a bit lesser known now but writes really really well.
  5. In the long run, high quality bloggers get great benefits from backlinks as well as Google authorship. Which helps them to rank their contents higher in SERPs.

What is your plan and views about guest blogging? If you have a tip or past experience about guest blogging please add in the comments below.

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