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Blog Post Ideas: When starting a blog, there are two things that make it look unique and those things are:

  1. The content of the blog and…
  2. The topic of the blog.

Well, speaking of the topic is what gives the content meaning. It is one thing to write great content and it is another thing to know what you are writing and making it show via your topic.

Sometimes we run out of blog post ideas and it takes us much time to figure out what to write about. Don’t think I am making this up because I am speaking from experience.

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There are times when I don’t feel of writing and I feel my mind is empty of ideas to write on my blog. What do I do in this case? Well, what I need and I am sure you need too is an inspiration and you don’t have to force it out.

Awesome Ways For Finding Blog Post Ideas:

Here are 10 techniques for you to find interesting blog post ideas for your blog.

1. Brainstorming:

Well, sometimes bloggers find it difficult to continue from where they stopped, but to make it easier for you you can run through your mind the next phase after that which you have written and then pinpoint that thought.

When that is done, your readers will feel you and do what seems right to them for you and your readers.

2. Reading Competitors Blogs:

In a blogging business, there is bound to be competitors and all of them are striving to reach one goal which is, getting more traffic.

To get great topics, you can subscribe to their sites, and do some headline scanning. Once this is done, you can write on a similar topic, and also show appreciation to that other site.

3. Write similar to other popular posts:

When you are out of ideas and you want to update your blog with a new post than you can write on a similar topic to another popular post of your blog.

When it comes to this, I’m number one. I have done this many times.

For example, I had a post on my blog about Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins and after sometime when I was out of ideas I have written on the similar topics which were 20 must-have WordPress plugins and Top 10 SEO Plugins for your WordPress blog.

I have done this and I know it works.

4. Try new methods:

You can try new methods also to get blog post ideas. There are so many methods for getting information and some of them are YouTube, Google and the rest.

Do you know sometimes It is possible for you to watch a video and in just a short time get your mind full of ideas and you will have hope for more content and more interesting titles?

5. Perform interviews:

Interviewing other bloggers in your niche or other famous people in your blog is an awesome idea.

In one hand by performing interview you are updating your blog and on the other hand, you’re building a relationship with other bloggers.

Till now I have done just one interview here at

6. Talk about mistakes that you have made:

It is great to share the mistakes which you have made in the past and warn them to avoid those mistakes.

The examples are:

7. Share Your Secret and Techniques:

Do share your blogging secrets and techniques for anything related to the topic of your blog. This way you’ll gain more attention to your readers on your blog.

I have used this method in 5 things I did to increase my blog comments.

8. Ask questions:

I have seen bloggers always asks questions from their readers at the end of every article (Even I also do this) to get comments, but here I want you to make a difference.

I’ve read many articles on popular blogs where they’re asking just a question in that post. This is also great in gaining more attention and to start the conversation in your blog.

9. Use Google alerts:

In this area, there is an abundant flow of keywords and you can feel free to choose the ones that relate to what you want to deliver to the public.

You can also ask it to give to you about 20 stories daily and you are expected to read the headlines and insert some links into it. When this is done, you can then feel free to save them for future use.

10. Use Google Analytics:

You can get great ideas of what information people are looking for by using Google Analytics and searching for the most popular keywords that are bringing people to your blog.

When I running a series of Starting a Blog guide, I mostly used Google Analytics to analyze the popular searches and to find blog post ideas for my blog.

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Your Turn:

Did you like my ways of finding blog post ideas? OR Do you have any blog post ideas for us? Do share it with us by leaving a comment below.


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