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What would you select from the below?

Money or

Loyal readers?

Come on.. choose any one option among them.

If you choose money, undoubtedly you don’t know how money works.

You should strive to build loyal readership for your blog, not money because the money comes automatically when you’ve targeted traffic and loyal readers.10 Ways to Make Your Readers Love Your Blog How did he do that?

He built huge loyal readership first and then he converted those readers into customers and made money!

So how can you bring loyal readers for your blog? How can you make your readers love your blog?

10 Ways to Make Your Readers Love Your Blog 

1. Create top notch content by creating curiosity:

Yes, content is still king. You’ve heard it 1000 times, you’ll hear it another 1000 times! So, create top-notch content for your blog.

The better way to create quality content is by creating curiosity!

You can’t create curiosity without having your own voice. Write as you directly talking to your readers. Create curiosity by creating killer titles and make your readers love while they read your content!

2. Easy Navigation:

Have you ever see my blog menu? Look at the navigation system, you can easily find any post without any trouble.

Even the very first post of that blog(which was written 5 years back!) you can find easily. Can your readers find your content in a similar way?

Make it easy to navigate. Show them where to go after reading any blog post by using related posts under them.

3. Allow guest blogging occasionally:

Bring someone else to guest blog on your blog to show some variance for your readers.

But never overdo it. Accept guest posts occasionally to provide a great mixture of writing.

4. Maintain a good blog design: 

Here are a few things to remember while considering a good blog design.

  • Typography: Typography means the fonts which you’re using at your blog. Use web safe fonts in your blog which makes easy to read your content.
  • Font size: After choosing a better font for your blog, determine which font size you want to use. This plays a major role. Consider using 14 to 16 pixels of font sizes. Tiny font sizes can make your readers scary to read your content! So never use them.
  • No cluttering: Simple is beautiful. It’s not a better idea to fill your sidebars with all the social media buttons, widgets, etc. Moreover, white space makes your blog design look better.
  • Maintain a professional logo: If you want to stand out, use a professional logo for your blog.

5. Develop better writing skills:

Your readers will love to read your blog if you’ve better writing skills. Your writing should be interesting. It should inspire and ignite your readers.

Here are a few tips to write better.

  • Come up with viral titles
  • Try to write using simple words so that anyone should understand what you’re saying
  • Proofread your posts
  • Call your readers to action

6. Spend money:

If you want to earn money, you’ve to spend money! Never think blogging as easy come – easy go approach.

If you make your look more professional then your readers will automatically consider you as a professional blogger.

  • Spend money on hosting. I personally recommend you to choose Bluehost as your hosting provider because It’s the world’s most popular and best hosting service.
  • Purchase domain name(you must have your own custom domain name).
  • Buy a premium good looking theme. ThemeForest offers great themes for WordPress themes.
  • Use mandatory plugins like Anti-spamming and SEO Plugins or you can use premium plugins to increase and automate productivity.
  • Tools like audio, video, etc.

Though it’s not necessary to spend your money on all of the above even before you start earning money from your blog. But you need to consider having at least a few of them on your blog.

7. Speed matters: 

Make your blog loading time faster. Who likes if your blog takes 5+ seconds to load?

Here are a few tips to make your blog faster.

8. Help your readers:

Your readers should have a compelling reason to read your blog. What makes them read your blog again and again?

If you solve their problems they’ll surely visit your blog often.

  • Solve their problems personally
  • Be in touch with them via social media or emails
  • Leave insightful comments on your readers blogs
  • Guest blog for them if possible

9. Conduct interviews occasionally:

Surprise your readers sometimes by conducting interviews from other bloggers.

Prepare yourself with 10 to 15 questions(they should help your readers, keep that in mind) to ask.

This will help to grow your blog much faster than you imagine!

Don’t you love reading interviews in other blogs?

Then why don’t your readers love the same when they read at your blog? It surely works. Just give it a try!

10. Reward them with something:

Make your blog ‘do follow’. This makes them comment as frequent as possible. Why should your readers comment if they don’t have a strong reason? Give freebies like podcasts, ebooks, etc to reward them.

What would you suggest?

I’m done now! What would you suggest your readers come back to your blog again and again?



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