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Being more productive enables you to produce more value out of your blog.

Being productive is a must for every blogger to improve their writing skills and their blog because If you lose your productivity, you’ll lose interest in blogging.

One of the most important thing in blogging is the psychology of a blogger because as the old adage goes that only 20% of success is in the mechanics and 80% is in psychology.

The best way to stay long and last in blogging is to enjoy the fact itself because If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing than you’ll lose productivity and you’ll quit it.

How to be More Productive:

So, here’s my simple 5 methods of being more productive in blogging.

1. Not to be competitive

Just do what you love, enjoy and what you’re passionate about and do it well, things will fall into place. Try to provide great content to your readers instead of worrying about being competitive.

If you worry about your competitors, Your SEO stuff and followers, etc than It will give you more pressure.

Learn new knowledge from others in your niche instead of wasting your time by making them your imaginary enemies lol.

Be friend and part with them instead of competing because It’s much beneficial for both of you.

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2. Show your passion

I said this many time before that you should do what you’re passionate about because If you are passionate about what you’re blogging on than things will automatically work out.

Don’t let the fear control you. If you show your passion on your subject by using your own experience than they’ll want to read more of your work.

If you do what you don’t like and you aren’t passionate about than there’s no doubt you’ll not be satisfied with it and for sure everything will go wrong and you’ll sick.

3. Enjoy what you’re doing

The secret to making your readers love your blog and producing them quality content is a motivation and to stay motivated, you must enjoy and love your blog.

As I said you should do what you enjoy and love because If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, everything takes so much more energy, everything will be difficult and you’ll lose productivity.

Take a breath and evaluate what brings you joy and focus on that, Have fun with your work and have fun with blogging.

4. Create Ideas List

You should create an ideas list because great ideas can spawn anytime and they flow like fast and furious.

There’s nothing more frustrating thing than going to with knowing about what you’ll write tomorrow or your next day’s blog post ideas and waking up at morning with the idea of having left your memory completely.

That is why keeping an ideas list is a great productivity tip which you might never heard before.

These days everyone has their mobile phones with themselves, so whenever you found an idea about anything or blog post ideas just open the note function of your mobile and jot down it.

5. Recharge Yourself

You need to recharge yourself to do work with more concentration and excitement. Find your peak time when you’re more productive whether It’s morning or evening.

There are many actions you need to take to recharge your life like taking a break from work, listening to music, exercising and enjoying time with, etc.

Your Turn:

If you are not enjoying what you’re doing than no matter how hard work you’ve put, you’ll get nothing in return.

Do you have other tips and method of being more productive in blogging? I would love to hear them.


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