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Blogging is the greatest and easiest way to connect and share your passion on a particular topic in which you are interested in with all over the world.

If you have started Blogging and added some quality articles and information to your blog but no one is reading and commenting to your blog without your own friends and family members than I can give you some tips to receive more traffic and comments to your blog.

Blog’s popularity and traffic are based on the blog’s comments and anyone who visit your blog the first time will determine your blog’s popularity with its comments. So you should have a lot of comments to your blog posts and If you don’t know how to get a lot of comments than I will share with you my steps which I did to receive comments to my blog.

5 Things I Did To Increase My Blog Comments

  1. I started commenting on other blogs: Whenever I found something related to my blog, something related which I benefited from and something I know about (something means blogs!) I leave meaningful comments. I bookmarked those blogs and I revisit them regularly because It will get me a link back to my blog.
  2. I asked for comments: As you can see in most of the posts in my blog I have asked my readers to leave comments below related to the post. It’s like telling someone a story then saying “So, what do you think?”
  3. I used a CommentLuv Plugin: CommentsLuv is a WordPress plugin which lets the commentators add links to their latest blog posts along with their comments. As you may see that many big blogs are using CommentsLuv plugin now because It is a great way to increase your blog comments.
  4. I care my readers: I always reply to my readers comment on my blog posts (I also reply to peoples questions and solve their problem on others blog’s comments). This shows that you care for the reader’s input and the readers will come back to my blog to ask questions because they know I will reply to them frequently.
  5. I made it easy to comment on my blog: Make it as easy as possible for visitors to leave comments on your blog posts. Having complicated equations and CAPTCHAS to keep out spammers can create unnecessary hurdles for your visitors.

It’s your turn!

how to do you get more comments to your blog? What’re your secrets to increasing blog comments and traffic? Tell us below in comments!



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Anant Vijay Soni

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