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That’s right… You’ve read the correct headline.

Blogging is all about gaining the trust of your readers and building a relationship with them.

If you wish to convert the casual readers into loyal readers, you need to imbibe the trust in them.

There was a time when running a blog or website and earning money from it was so easy because gaining the trust wasn’t necessary that time. If you had a website with a good looking design, you had trusted, but these days blogging had become more about building relationships and networking, etc.

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I have been blogging and trying to make my readers trust me since last 10 months and during my experience, I’ve found many ways to make your readers trust you which I’m going to share in this post.

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And the Ways to Make Your Readers Trust you are…

…There are actually five ways:

1. A picture says a million words:

The readers like to know who they are listening to and this is very important too. You must introduce yourself to your readers to let them know you’re the man behind that blog.

A picture may help someone remember your blog forever because of the face behind the blog.

Do not put up an old or blurry pic, instead, a picture of yourself works great not only on the “About” page of your blog but also in blog posts.

If possible, add some pictures and videos of yourself in posts to not just tell, but also show.

2. Show some appreciation:

If someone visits your blog and reads your content, you should show appreciation to make them love your blog.

I use a “Thank You” page on my blog for first time commentators. This is the best way to show appreciation to the people taking time to add value.

Now If you didn’t comment on my blog yet, what I want you to do is just leave a comment below and see how the process works and you’ll be landed to a “Thank You” page of my blog.

Not only that, there are a lot of other ways to show appreciation to your readers.

Showing appreciation makes them trust you that you’re a real, friendly and honest person.

3. Create an everlasting About Me page:

If you use all the possible ways to connect with your readers, they’re more likely to return to your blog.

The About Me page of your blog is the best way to begin the connections with your readers. This is the most important page of your blog which needs to be visible for everyone.

Create an everlasting and unforgettable About Me page for your blog. Use a real picture of yourself with all the information about yourself and a way to connect with you on your About ME page.

My friend Neil Patel has a great article about creating an everlasting About me page for your blog or You can check a great collection of About Pages.

4. Let them know you care about them:

Let your readers know you care about them. This is where when reposting to their comments and emails comes.

I have been asked many times by bloggers that why do I respond to every comment on my blog. This is my answer to them.

You can’t have a relationship and you can’t gain their trust without conversation, so answering to their comments is the best way to have a conversation with them.

They’ll start believing in you If you respond to their questions and try to solve their problems.

This way the number of comments will also increase in your blog, that is why I get 50+ comments in each of my posts because I care about my readers.

5. Offer them free stuff:

They’ll start trusting in you and will be loyal to you If you offer free stuff for them.

I mean not big prizes, just host giveaways on your blog like I have been doing here on GAN. You can offer them anything related to your niche.

Like I have given away Coupon Import Plugin for WordPress here.

Believe me, If you offer them free stuff this will make them trust in your blog.

What about you?

Remember, It takes years to build up trust and only seconds to destroy it. So be yourself and don’t break the commitment to yourself.

Be credible, helpful and consistent and you’ll gain the trust of your readers.

What’s your experience to gain the trust and loyalty of your readers? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so leave a comment below and let us know?


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