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“Never judge a book by its cover” ~ someone said

The meaning of this saying is, don’t prejudge the value of anything by looking at its appearance.

But this is totally wrong when it comes to headlines creation. Your readers/visitors will judge whether or not to read your articles by just looking at the headlines.


Yes, content is king, but without it gets opened how can you determine whether it’s a king or queen?

Here are a few tactics to write addictive headlines that will make your audience click.

6 Exceptional Ways to Write Killer Headlines

#1. Stand Out

If all the bloggers say no one reads long posts etc. you show them how to get better results with long posts – this will make your posts stand out, surely they will go viral.


  • Why Guru Strategies for Blog Posting Schedule DON’T WORK… and What Does!
  •  Are You A Good Blogger: Yes Or No

#2. Back to front

Make them scary.

Instead of writing 3 Ways to Get Your Blog Comments Noticed, write 3 ways no one notices your blog comments (second way attracts your readers more than the first one because it’s making your readers scary)


  • 3 Reasons Your Blog Not Getting Many Comments: How to Get Them
  • Why Your Content Sucks And How You Can Fix It
  • You Are Not Doing It Right…

#3. Ask questions in titles

This tactic will create curiosity in your readers.

What else do you want more than creating curiosity?


  • Do You Want More Comments In Your Blog?
  • Is Your Blog Worth My Time?
  • How to KISS Your Blog?

#4. Use numbers

See this post title. Why did you click on it and still reading?

The credit goes to list posts(numbers in the titles is one of the effective ways to grab readers attention, especially lazy readers love this type of posts, ME ;))

Few more Examples::

#5. Start with “How to”

Personally, I like to read the posts which start with “How to”. Most of the professional bloggers create how to kind of posts often(observe this time).


  • How to Maintain Your YouTube Channel
  • How to Write Your Most Popular Blog Post
  • How to Write Faster Blog Posts: 5 Tips That Really Work
  • How to Stand Out From The Crowded Niche: 5 Tips From The Probloggers

#6. Tell them secrets

Tell them which methods worked for you. Share your secrets and help your readers to create a better blog for THEM.

Your readers love this kind of posts(everyone loves to know winning secrets right?)


Sample headlines:

Following are the headlines I’ve brainstormed for this article.

  • How to Write Incredible Headlines that Sell?
  • 6 Things You Should Already Know About Creating Next-level Headlines
  • Who Else Wants to Create Stellar Headlines?
  • 6 Secrets to Create Headlines that Get Immediate Results
  • How to Create Mind-Blowing Titles Within 2 Minutes(or less!)
  • 6 Exceptional Ways to Write Killer Headlines(I decided to use this)
  • Don’t Read This Unless You Want to Create Killer Titles
  • Unbelievable: 6 Ways to Create Killer Headlines
  • 6 Steps Write Stunning Headlines

BTW, this is the bonus(as I promised at the beginning of this post). You can use the above samples to your own blog posts(tweak them however you like, change it to your own topic, you can change the number too :D).

Over to you

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Which is your favorite way to create killer headlines?


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