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Should you blog about the topic which you love or the topic which is profitable?

Today I want to discuss something which I have been reading for a long time and is common cliche among all bloggers.

I’m sure that you have been guided about it before, but today I used to make it clear and wanted to give this advice myself that If you want to start a blog than should you choose the topic in which you have passion or the topic which is profitable and will make you good money, but you don’t have any knowledge about it.

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The answer is simple, “You really have to do what you love If you want to be a long-time successful blogger”.

If you blog about the topic which you don’t like than:

❌ You’ll give up

❌ You’ll lose interest

❌ You’ll quit

Do You Blog About The Topic Which You Love?

There’s no one in the world who became successful doing what he/she hates just for the desire of money. Correct me If I’m wrong and show me If there’s anyone?

Follow your passion, success will follow you!

Passion or Money?

Remember that If you really want to be a successful blogger and want to make money with your blog than you must follow your passion because If you blog only for money than there’s no way you can write such great articles as those who love their blog topic and are passionate about.

What will happen, If you blog about something in which you don’t have any knowledge is that your blog will probably fail because people seeking information want to get the information from someone who is truly qualified to give it?

If you aren’t qualified to give information to your audience about your niche, they’ll likely notice.

People starting a blog in a subject they either have no interest, no real experiences and no real passion just for making money is really hilarious.

You have to be knowledgeable and passionate about the topic of your blog so that you can provide useful and unique content to your readers.

There are hundreds even thousands of blogs about “Making money” started by someone who has never made a penny online.

It’s like fat guy blogging about weight loss lol


I started my blogging journey with FREE Blogspot blog just to make money with very little idea of blogging without being passionate about the topic which I had selected. What happened to me is that I lost focus and It was really difficult for me to write about those topics, so a lot of my time and effort wasted with those blogs.

Money is not Everything

If the topic in which you are passionate isn’t profitable than you’ll not make a lot of money, but writing about what you love produces much greater substances and depth in your content which in turn is the best way to grow a loyal readership, which is more than money.

You’ll be a more productive blogger because you have great knowledge and real experience about your niche.

If you write about something you don’t like or don’t connect with, you’ll never be satisfied with it even If you get paid for it because money isn’t everything in the end, is it?

Every Niche is Profitable

People often tend to think that profitable niches like business and health are only ones that pay good, but that’s totally wrong.

I say that every niche is profitable If you have quality content and audience interested in your content.

I’ve been seeing that some people go crazy with topics like Business, Health, and Celebs, etc and they earn good money with their blog, but there are a lot of bloggers who try to make some money with the same topic, but they can’t achieve anything.

If you write what you love and write it well, you can usually find a way to make It pay.

This is what every pro bloggers have been doing like Darren has been doing from years in his multi-million dollar Digital Photography School. You can make good money with any topic If you love doing it.

In other words, If someone started a blog in any profitable niche in which they don’t have the passion and If they find it difficult to come up with blog posts ideas on that topic than they’ll surely lose interest and will quit, no matter how much money they’re making.

Your Turn

So what do you think now? Do you blog about the topic you love or the topic which is profitable?

For all the bloggers out there, I would love to hear your thoughts in comments.


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