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Do you want to get more traffic to your blog, more loyal readers and more sales?

Now, who doesn’t want all that? As a blogger, I know I do and you too. Getting traffic isn’t too hard, but encouraging them to stay on your blog is a crucial part, In this post, I’m gonna make it easy for you.

I have been reading and learning the ways and tips to encourage first-time visitors to stick around my blog from quite some time and came up with many ways that I’d love to share with my readers.

Note: I’ll share with one of the best tips to improve your blog, in the end, this post as an extra tip;)

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Not only encouraging them to stay on your blog, but these tips will also help you to improve your blog’s friendliness and design. So here we go


How To Encourage First Time Visitors To Stay On Your Blog

1. Give Them What They Want:

One of the best ways to convert the first time visitors to loyal readers of your blog is to focus on the benefit to them.

Provide value to your readers, give them what they expect from your blog and make them love your blog. Serve their needs and fulfill their requirements with your content.

Answer their questions and tell what’s in it for them.

Instead of trying to get clicks by placing too many ads on your blog, try to make it simple and just focus on the benefits to your readers.

The best way to turn a first time visitor to a loyal reader is to “Sleep with them” Click to tweet If you agree!

2. A single, but clear call to action:

One single, but clear and strong call to action is a lot better than multiple calls to action because If you clutter it up with too many options, visitors are more likely to do nothing than try to decide which thing to do.

Just figure out what is the one thing that you most want your readers to do, and ask them to do it. It might be subscribed to email or anything else.

3. Simple and clean navigation

The navigation of the blog plays a huge role in encouraging your readers to stay on your blog and read more of your work.

It’ll be very confusing to click on everything, So you need to eliminate everything and show them the most important elements of your blog in your navigation.

4. Great content of course

Great content is the most important thing which can easily encourage visitors to stay on your blog. If you can provide content to your readers that can capture their heart and mind, they’ll likely be loving your blog.

Just try to figure out the needs of your audience and try to serve them with your content, which is the key to success in blogging.

In order to provide good content, you must be passionate about your niche. If you’re having fun writing content, your readers will be able to see that and keep coming back to your blog for more.

5. Don’t use pop-ups

Pop-up is one of the most annoying things and can kill your blog.

You’ve built a good readership on your blog by providing great content, but If you started using pop-ups on your blog asking for the email addresses of your readers, they’ll give it the first time but they’ll get annoyed If they see that pop-up every time by landing on your blog.

I’ve talked about it briefly in my previous post, in case you’ve missed it. Read it now!

Extra Tip:

One of the best ways to improve your blog and to encourage people to stay on your blog is to analyze your favorite blog to see what elements cause you to like that blog.

This is what I’m doing and my favorite blog is ShoutMeLoud.

Your Turn:

If you like the tips, please leave a comment below with your own tips. I’m sure It will also help me to improve.


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