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You should love your blog to get it straight and push it to the top of the blogosphere. You have to be a dedicating and sacrificed blogger to get yourself up on the list. But recently I’ve noticed that my blog is just acting like my girlfriend.

Confused?  You won’t be if you read the rest of it.

Why Did I Compare My Blog To My Girlfriend?

These are the reasons which made me think so. And I’m pretty sure that you might also feel the same if you are a wanna be a professional blogger. Please tell me how you feel about these similarities in the commenting area.

Both Requires Money To Run Smoothly.

Both Girlfriend and Blog Requires Money To Run Smoothly

Hey! I’m just getting frank, no offense. I’m pretty sure that you also spend money on your Girlfriend. Sometimes she might empty your wallet. Right? If so, you are not an alien. Congrats 🙂

They are gonna squeeze us till the end and suck the blood of money until their thirst comes to an end. And what happens if you just stop spending money? 😀  They are gonna fire you like they are your boss. Sometimes cry out loud and bring shame to you.

The same thing happens on your blog. You need to spend money on your blog to give it a kickstart. Put money and double it up. That’s the way I make money from my blog.

They Will Grab The Attention of Others If You Put Too Much On It.

They Will Grab The Attention of Others If You Put Too Much On It

This time, let’s talk about the case of your blog first. If you do your best for your blog. It will gradually become popular and over time people will be attracted to it. Right?

The same happens in the case of Girlfriends. Consider you buy them lipsticks and makeup packs. In time, they will look more attracted and people will be tailing them. Right? 😀

Yeah, baby! That happens 😀

You Have To Find Time For Both.

You Have To Find Time For Both.

If you don’t think so, then you have a major problem and both girlfriends and blogging are not for you. No Offence 😀

You need to be dedicated and willing to keep up with your blogging career and run it smoothly. You need to find new ways to promote it and write more killer articles on it. If not, you are gonna eventually fail for sure.

The same happens in the case of Girlfriends. You have to somehow find and arrange a time for them. You need to talk to her, tell her she is cute and reply to her doubts. If not, she will break up with you and that’s something you don’t want to. 😀

It’s Hard To Manage More Than One At A Time.

It’s Hard To Manage More Than One At A Time

In my case, I’m not even having time for I can’t think about another blog. Just like I said before, you have to be more dedicated in this case. If you have multiple blogs, you will find it tough to manage. 🙂

Yeah! The same happens with your girlfriends. It will be a die-hard game if you have two girlfriends in the same class. More dangerous if they are friends. So to keep the relationship straight and smooth you should aim no more than one girl.

Howdy Cowboy.

Wait a Sec. Are you slipping out so easily? Where do you think you are going? Open your Mind and Tell me do you think so too? What do you say? Let’s discuss this in the commenting area.

Also, Check out this Infographics: Fun Comparison between the Girlfriend and Blogging by BloggingBro.


Infographic by BloggingBro


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