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If you want to start a blog for fun or for passion than you don’t have to worry about Blogging platforms, but if you want to start a blog to make money and willing to go for pro Blogging than you need to think about a right Blogging platform.

This is an old question which has been asked by every newbie whoever wanted to start a blog, but there are still newbies struggling to find the right answer for this question which is “what Blogging platform is best?”.

There are many popular Blogging platforms available such as, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Wix, and Typepad, etc, but the best and most popular one is WordPress Self Hosted (

I first started my blogging journey with free Blogspot blog because I heard that WordPress is more complicated, but when I got to know more about Blogging and I heard about the benefits of WordPress from popular Bloggers, I moved to WordPress.

Why choose WordPress

Here I’m going to share some benefits of WordPress over the Blogging platforms.

1. It is popular

Ones I read an article on Daily Blog Tips that a guy from Royal Pingdom did a small research and found out that almost 60% of the top 100 blogs in the world are using WordPress as their blogging platform and it will increase more in coming years.

2. Easy to use

What’s really good about WordPress is that it is possible to start a run a blog for people who are not technical. Once you are up and running you can learn as you go at your own pace.

It enabled non-techie folks to start a successful blog and it makes normal people look expert.

3. Support

Whenever you face any problem and need help, you can go through the WordPress support forum and communities to find all the answers of your questions.

4. SEO Friendly

One of the best thing about WordPress is that it is SEO friendly and it offers more options and easy ways to optimize a blog for SEO than any other Blogging platform.

You don’t have to be a “Techie” and don’t need to edit any HTML to make your blog SEO friendly, You can use SEO WordPress plugins to do this for you.

5. Professional Theme & Templates

WordPress themes are the most interesting reason to choose WordPress. Because as a beginner, Its a very difficult to create a theme and template from scratch. WordPress provides free themes and well as you can purchase Premium WordPress themes with ready homepage template, contact page, about page templates and much more.

You just need to add your information and you can start and finish your website in just a few minutes.

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6. No Need to Learn Coding

As I told you in the previous step, you will get all the premade templates/themes, you will get free plugins. If you are using WordPress, then no need to deal with coding or HTML. That’s the only reason, I fall in love with WordPress ❤️.

With WordPress, It’s very easy to publish a post, add a product or You can create a full-featured ecommerce store in just a few minutes.

7. Plugins support

Plugins support is another great feature of WordPress. It makes life easier, It allows you to do anything that you want on your blog. For example, If you want to put social share buttons below blog post, there’s a plugin which can do that job for you.

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8. One click installation

Nowadays most popular web hosting companies provide the ability to install WordPress on your site at just a single click.

There’s an icon on your Cpanel account called Softaculous Apps Installer. Click on that icon, choose WordPress and give username and password you want for your WP admin, you’re done.

So, you know that WordPress is the best blogging platform, now check out how to set up a WordPress blog post.

Over to you:

I know the benefits which I mentioned in this post isn’t all, There are a lot of other benefits of WordPress over other blogging platforms, but these are enough to force you to go for WordPress.

I would love to hear from you, which Blogging platform you think is best and why? Share your own opinion regarding why you love WordPress by leaving a comment below.


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