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Do you use online forums to get traffic to your blog? If your answer is NO than in this post you will get to know why forums are important for bloggers.

When I started blogging I was not aware of the power of forums. I had an impression that it is just a medium to get answered your question quickly.

Then one day a question came into my mind, why people are interested in answering others question? Why they are putting so much effort into it?

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This is a bitter fact that nobody in this world does anything without any incentive in return. It’s a different thing that incentive can be money, traffic to blog, promotion, self-satisfaction or anything else.

So I started to join different forums and started posting there and then I came to know the secret why people love to use and post in forums.

Here are my top 5 reasons why a blogger should use a Forum??? Let’s see!!!

5 reasons why a blogger should use a Forum

1. Engagement with other bloggers

Forums are a great place to interact with other bloggers and the best part is you can get bloggers from similar niche. Each forum belongs to a specific niche e.g. Health Forum, Webmaster Forum, Auto Forums, Mobile Forums, etc.

Warrior Forum is a great online forum for bloggers like you and me to connect with each other.

You just need to find top 5-10 forums from your niche and join them. Forums have a facility to send personal message and friend request to each other. They have different discussion group where you can find other bloggers with whom you can interact.

If you introduce yourself effectively and engage with other members actively then you can get the potential client for your business as well.

2. Promotion

Forum is not only to put questions only, but you can also share your article and blog links with others or alternatively you can put your article links in your signature.

Every forum provides the facility to put 2-3 links in your signature and whenever you put any post/reply in any thread your signature will be visible with your content.

You have to use your signature effectively. Post on those threads which is discussing the same topic that you have put in your link to get the maximum benefit of this promotion trick.

3. Traffic

Blogging is all about ‘Money’ and ‘Traffic’. Money is directly depending upon Traffic so ultimately traffic is the most important thing. Forums play an important role in getting targeted traffic to your blog.

The more you post in the different discussion thread, more people know about you, about a solution you posted (you can put your blog article link – wherever it adds value to discussion) and visit your blog.

If you provide a perfect solution with your link (that point to your article) you can get lots of traffic from it.

4. Backlinks

This is the most wanted thing now a day. When you join a blog they ask you to create a profile and in profile, you have an option to add your blog URL and put 2-3 links in signature.

Blog URL is a do-follow backlink (in most of the forum) and some forums provide a do-follow signature link as well so in one go you can get the 1-3 backlink. Most forums have PR5 and above so it is an easy method of getting the high quality (natural) backlink.

Note- Not all the links you shared on the discussion threads are DoFollow but they bring lots of traffic to your blog so you must participate in forum discussions.

5. Topic for new articles

This is what I discovered when I was running short of a new topic for my article. If you scan forums you can find hundreds of question people asked and different people provide a solution about that.

You just need to pick a suitable for your article and then start writing about it. As this is already discussed by hundreds of people in the forum so you can understand its requirement.

Believe me, the forum is a great source of getting fresh ideas for your blog.

Here’s the list of some Dofollow forums:

  1. V7nForum: Webmaster forum for discussing web hosting or search engine optimization, graphic design, scripting issues.
  2. Sitepoint Forum: This is also a high PR forum and mainly focused on programming and web development. Share information and answer others question and promote your website.
  3. Warrior Forum: It is the most useful and responsive internet marketing forum.
  4. Digitalpoint Forum: It is the best forums and has page rank 8. It is dedicated to hosting, Google, Yahoo, Website and more.
  5. Cnet Forum: The software and technical forum.
  6. DeviantArt Forum: DeviantArt is an online social community for art enthusiasts and artists, allowing people to connect through the sharing and creation of art.

You can check a complete list of DoFollow Forums to increase backlinks.

Apart from the above major reason, you can get the following thing using forums

  1. Just put a sell thread and you can sell ad space easily in forums.
  2. You can get lots of freebies in forums that you can further use in your blog contest as a giveaway.
  3. Get articles at a very low price and you can sell your article.

Over to you:

This is my experience with forums. Share your experience with forums and tricks you used to get maximum from it. We love to read about your experience.


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