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Starting my own blogging journey was a bit trivial to me at first. I never cared about what I posted and neither do I care about SEO let alone making my own custom homepage for my blog.

It was a mess until I discovered that Blogging is a real thing and has real advantages especially to those who loves helping people out and simultaneously enjoys doing what they do.

As I move on through various stages in Blogging in this past 4 years, I made a lot of mistakes. There was no guidance, no facebook groups or at least free stuff bloggers are now providing today like eBooks and Courses.

If you still didn’t started out and looking and trying to understand SEO without even starting is plainly not doing you any wonders. If you start out now, then you can learn. Surely, you’ll make mistakes but you learn from it. I highly suggest you start right away. Starting a blog in India is not a big deal now. You can easily get started.

However, several people only start for easy money. They think blogging is fun and can be done by anyone and grab all the easy money. This is absolutely false. 

You can only survive in the blogging era when you grab a niche which is passionate for you. If you’re passionate then you can generate useful content and original content that will catch the readers attention.

We talked much about it, now allow me to teach you those 3 solid reasons stopping your blog from Ranking on Google as I promised in the heading.

3 Solid Reasons Why You Are Not Ranking On Google

Reason #1

I will explain you in the simplest form and I myself being a blogger hates such confusing or broad jargons which often drives people crazy.

The plain and simple rule to rank on Google is to generate high-quality content. Every successful blogger out there can tell you that. But what it is that makes content, a quality one?

  • Good Amount of heading & subheading
  • Crisp clear information that is a point to point
  • Long-form article

That is it?

No, we as bloggers do this mistake repeatedly. Yes, indeed we make long quality content but it isn’t necessary to be fulfilling all the requirements I stated above.

As long as the content provides value to readers and stays relevant to what you promised in the title is all matters.

A long boring article stuffed with irrelevant content just to fulfill the criteria of producing quality content is just stupid. It confuses people as that’s not their search intents were and confuses search engines at the same time.

For people, they bounce out in seconds while for search engines they get confused to rank you or not for a set of keywords as your content won’t be fitting as relevant for keywords.

You miss ranking here! That’s the end of number 1.

Reason #2

Try to be human as possible. For blog posts, you don’t need to act like a giant company writing a tutorial on something with plain steps and steps everywhere with difficult terms and terminology.

It is better when you speak your reader’s language. The one important thing I do when I am getting ready to write a blog post is I switch places. Instead of thinking of myself as a writer, I assume myself as a reader.

I follow this checklist and it’s super helpful.

  • Show some humor while writing a post. Cracking a relevant joke here and there in the post doesn’t make your post look unprofessional instead people are most likely to stay and enjoy reading.
  • Don’t use advanced terms in your post. They shouldn’t be going elsewhere to look for it. Be simple, and if you think a term can raise a question for the reader then simply answer it there itself.

How can this be a ranking factor right? Yes, it is. The bouncing rate if lower then it helps Google to boost you up in ranking.

If the bouncing rate for your blog is too high, then you may not end up well in Ranking.

Reason #3

If you’ve not invested yet in these 3 things then I suggest you give it a priority. I understand you may be tight on budget but it can be an expensive mistake as well.

If you’re all into blogging then checkout for these things as it plays a vital role in putting you at the top in SERPs (Search Engine Page Results)

  • A secure site that means you should use SSL. It’s free. Checkout Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Focus on page speed & mobile page speed. It has been the ranking factor for a decade and still is. Invest in a good hosting, caching plugin, and premium theme.
  • Build links from authoritative sites and it must be relevant to look naturally. You can’t just pay for links from irrelevant sites and get away with it.
  • Make interlinking a habit do it for every post you publish.

Closing Thoughts

As far as you have reached, then let me close it up all for you once again. These 3 reasons are the solid ones normally a blogger misses. You should always keep them in mind while blogging from now onwards and I can guarantee you the best results you can achieve in short span of time.

In your blogging experience, if you have amazing tips for bloggers out there then you can share it with us here in the comments section below. I’ll be glad to hear what you have to say.

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Mohammed Emad Iqbal Ali

I'm an engineer turned blogger, writer, and marketer. I am everything by night and Engineer by day. I'm also surprised that I manage this blog even after assignments!


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