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Choosing the best & secure payment gateway is the biggest headache for beginners. and if we talk about the affordable transaction fees or payment fees for your small & big business, or for an eCommerce store and Digital Goods store, individual or for freelancers.

We have already researched and tested about 10 best payment gateways for Indian and International transactions, and we found Paykun Payment gateway is a great choice in the aspect of security, affordability, support, and setup.

Let’s talk more deeply!!!

What is a payment gateway?

What is Payment Gateway? - Paykun Review

A payment gateway is something we all use when making purchases over the Internet. However, there are still a few people who know specifically what they are and how these platforms work.

 The first thing you need to know about payment gateways is that they are currently the form of payment that all digital merchants implement. Its main function is to facilitate customers to pay through the web.

 The Internet world has been an important advance for businesses. Many businesses have been able to expand their activity thanks to online sales. Few companies arise to have a presence only on the Internet. Years ago, thinking this was practically impossible. 

How does a payment gateway work?

How does a payment gateway work? - Paykun Review

In general, when the client wants to pay for a product, he chooses the payment system and provides the information that you, as a seller, ask for. 

 Having carried out these first actions, the client’s browser encrypts the information and sends it to the payment platform. It is the platform that deals with charging the customer and sending you the money, almost always subtracting their commission. 

 During this process, the gateway ensures the confidentiality and protection of the data at all times. That does not mean that the trade website must also meet some requirements to ensure this.

How to choose the best payment gateway?

As we have just seen, a payment gateway is nothing more than a form of payment with which your customers’ payments are processed and authorized. By selling a product or service, the gateways make it easy for you to receive money quickly and safely.

 The goal is to find the gateway that best suits the characteristics of your business. Many times it happens that the gateway that meets the best conditions is not the most used. 

 We summarize some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a payment gateway.

  • Integration and Usability
  • Cost of service
  • Direct payment management
  • Security 
  • Custom resources
  • 24/7 Technical Support Service

What is PayKun?

PayKun Payment Gateway Review

What is PayKun?

PayKun is a smart and secure payment gateway, who provides you full freedom to grow your business. You can scale your business and services with the security and advanced reports features.

Here are a few ultimate features of PayKun, That I love to share with you:

  • Zero Setup Fees, Zero Hidden charges, Zero Maintenance charges.
  • Highest traction success rate, With detailed reports of failed transactions.
  • PayKun Settlement cycle is T + 2 working days, Generally T+1 to T+3 Settlement cycle in other payment gateways
  • Free & Easy Integration Service with most of the popular platforms, like WordPress, Android & iOS Apps, Magento, opencart and more…
  • Payment Link option for single & multiple customers
  • Payment Retry Button
  • Single QR Code
  • Single Click Refund
  • 24/7 Support via Email, Chat & Call.
  • 120+ Payment options(Multiple payment options)
  • Paperless & Quick Onboarding
  • Security As we follow PCI DSS 3.2.1 Level 1 & AES 256 bit encryption Data Security, Standard

Why trust PayKun?

It is the creation and homogenization of means of payment to improve the payment experience. Now Accepting International Payments Gets Easier with PayKun. Accelerate the connection of payment means by involving the PSP if necessary, this is the primary mission of the company, through its so-called “Full Service” solution.

The functionalities of the PayKun technology extend to financial flow reporting, cloud compensation, marketplace invoice automation, including collecting, processing, reconciliation, currency conversion, etc.

It also helps e-commerce sites to offer alternative payment methods to buyers through cross-channel payment. Whatever the payment solutions supported include prepaid cards and accounts, holiday e-vouchers, online gift cards, traditional bank cards, online loyalty programs, e-wallets, etc. the management of complex electronic cash flows, is also facilitated with PayKun. 

PayKun offers you an optimized solution for managing international online payments

For platforms that sell their products and services over the internet in several countries, the deployment of an International Payment Gateway‎ is essential. PayKun, the payment specialist for e-commerce sites, puts in place cash flow management tools adapted to the needs of each company.

International online payment, one of the advantages of internet sales

The ability to sell and buy products and services on the internet has completely changed the habits of traders and consumers. If the first can reach a wider audience and this to the other side of the world in the visibility of their sales site, the latter have quickly adopted this technology to do their daily shopping, shopping or for find articles not offered in their country. If the system is well established, both parties find their account. It also Accepts international payments.

However, the issue of settlement of purchases often remains a barrier to transactions, particularly for the appropriate international online payment solution. The choice is however wide nowadays thanks to the dematerialized payment systems resulting from the new technologies that currently exist. With good security of monetary transactions and confidential information of buyers, they are now the worthy successors of money orders and postal checks that sometimes took several months to arrive at their destination.

The importance of offering an adapted online payment solution

Optimize your merchant’s payment process with an international Payment Gateway that meets your needs. There are more and more online means of payment, between cards and bank transfers, but also electronic wallets, gift vouchers, loyalty points, and so on.

More and more transnational, these means of payment are therefore accessible to several Internet users regardless of their location. Faced with this diversity of means, it is important to opt for a centralized management solution with a simplified user interface.

 Be aware that implementing an appropriate online payment solution can significantly improve customer satisfaction by providing a better user experience on your site.

Optimize and secure international online payment

Benefiting from recognized expertise over the past ten years, it supports merchant sites in their development by offering international online payment solutions. These innovative solutions will be able to meet the specific needs of online stores, especially those aimed at an international clientele.

In particular, we suggest that merchant sites Accept Payments from the World to adapt to the preferences of each client. It can also offer customers the splitting of their payments. As a result, several payment methods can be combined to pay for a single purchase. It is thus quite possible to pay part of the bill via a credit card for example and the remaining amount via a virtual wallet for example.

And to reassure your customers more, the interface of the PayKun page is customized to fit your graphic charter. Also, it ensures a fast and efficient technical deployment thanks to an experienced team with perfect knowledge of the operation of commercial sites.

Finally, we can adapt our solutions at the mobile platform level to enable multi-channel payment. In addition to computer purchases, it allows you to authorize payments on smartphones or digital tablets that are becoming more common.

So, What are you waiting for, If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you have a Business/Services Website/ Blog/App or Don’t have a website. It’s a great payment gateway for all. It’s time to scale your business with national and international clients.

Let’s Join PayKun Here

That’s it for today… CHEERS!!!


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