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Diwali Wishing Script: As you know, Diwali is India’s Biggest Festival for all. Everyone is celebrating this occasion with his family and friends. and everyone is sending wishes to friends and family and even relatives. What if you give a great new way to share emotions. I am talking about the Diwali Wishing Script.

Last time I have written an article on Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script & Lots of peoples earned a lot and seeing your successful results. In today’s article, we have something special for you… It’s “Diwali Wishing Script” 2019… which you can download absolutely free and you can make a Wishing website by installing on Blogger and WordPress.

Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger & WordPress [Free Download]

What is Diwali Wishing Script?

Friends, as you all know the Importance of Diwali, in this case, if you make a wishing website for this Diwali and you can generate a good amount of traffic by viral it on the Internet, then you can easily make good online earning. and you need Diwali Wishing Script.

Diwali Wishing Script is a collection of Html codes and images, which you can add in your Blogger and WordPress website. But it’s difficult to create a script without any coding knowledge, That’s why we created a readymade Wishing script for you. you need to just follow a few steps and you can create your own wishing website in just 15 Min.

So today we have brought Advanced Wishing Scripts, in which you get all things like Social Share Button, PNG, and GIF images, which gives a better look to Wishing Scripts. and that’s the only reason, you can VIRAL IT!!!

How to Free Download Diwali Wishing Script?

As I told you we have already created Advanced Diwali Wishing Scripts for you. You need to just download this script, you have 2 options. You can download it from Google Drive or Direct download.


Download Wishing Script

Direct Download

What do you need to create a wishing script website?

1. Wishing Script:

A Wishing Script is just like a theme, such as when you upload a theme on your website, you will get a new look as well as new features.

Similarly, there is a Wishing Script, but there are different Scripts for all Festivals or you can customize the same script but you need coding knowledge, better to download these Scripts from the Internet or from our website (above).

2. Blogger Account

Want to create a free wishing website, you can use Blogger because here you get Free Hosting and Free Domain, and you can create a blog for Free. You can use a custom domain or you can use free “

3. Adsense Account & Alternatives

Want to make money from the festival wishing script, then you need some advertisement or Ads. You can place ads between the wishing script. You can use Google Adsense.

If you don’t have an Approved Adsense account, you can use Adsense alternatives with instant approval.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool to track your website traffic. You can create a Google Analytics account and add your website for traffic tracking. Here you can also check live and real-time users at the same time.

5. Notepad ++

Notepad++ is free window software to edit Wishing Script, from which you can edit your website URL, Analytics Code, Adsense Ads, etc. by editing the script.

How to Install Diwali Wishing Script & Create Website?

So, I hope you have all the things, you need to create, install and customize your wishing script. Here is the step by step guide. Please follow all the step and see the magic. Let’s Get Started!

STEP #1. Download Wishing Script

First of all, you need a ready Wishing Script for your website. I have already given the download link above. If you still not downloaded, please download it from the above link.↑↑

STEP #2. Create a Blogger Account

  • Just Go to
  • Sign in with your Gmail Account.

STEP #3 Login to your Blogger Admin > Create a New Blog

Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger

STEP #4. Then go to Theme > Select any Theme. and click Apply

STEP #5. Go Down and Click on “Revert to classic theme

STEP #6. Change “Change NavBar” to “OFF”

Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger

STEP #7. Select All Code [Ctrl+A] inside the “Edit Theme HTML” box and Delete.

STEP #8. Go to Downloaded file [GIven Above]. Select All Code [Ctrl+A] and Copy all code [Ctrl+C]

STEP #9. Paste The Code [Ctrl+V] in the “Edit Theme HTML” box and Click “Save Theme”

STEP #10. Now Click on “View Blog” and See The Magic. Your Wishing Script website is READY.

How to Customize Your Wishing Script Website?

To customize the wishing script, First of all, you need to download Notepad++, it’s a free source code editor tool. Or you can customize directly in Blogger. then you need to change 3-4 things:

  1. Google Analytics Code –  You need to add Google Analytics code to track the traffic status of your website, Is it going to Viral or not? (For reference check Above Image)
  2. Website Address – You need to change the URL of the website, Just search <meta property=”og:url”  and here you will see a website address. In my case, Its “”. Replace this URL with your own website URL.
  3. Adsense Ads Code – You need to add your Adsense code to earn money from the display ads. If you don’t have Google Adsense Account, You can apply here or you can check these Best Alternatives of Google Adsense.
  4. Image & Text: Here we have added some Text and Images just for good look and feel. If you want to change the Text & Images. You can replace it. (Make sure you have a basic knowledge about HTML/PHP Coding).

How to Viral Your Diwali Wishing Script (Unlimited Earning Tricks)

Note: You can use Short link service like for good looking short URL of your Website.

Now, your main task is starting from here. As I have already given the script and you installed. but its all waste, If it is not going to VIRAL!!!

You can use Social Media and WhatsApp Friends, Groups to reach an unlimited audience. and make sure your message (with your Website URL) will deliver before starting Diwali (DIPAWALI).

  1. You need to share your website on all Facebook groups and fan pages because Diwali is a festival for everyone.
  2. Share your website URL with your facebook friends and tag all friends, who are on your Facebook friends list.
  3. You can join Whatsapp Groups to reach more and more audience and share your website URL with a good wishing message.

That’s all for today. I think, now you are ready for unlimited earning and hope this Diwali… you will ROCK!!!

If you found any error or issue in installing the wishing script, please comment below. Thanks!!!


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