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Now a day’s everyone is dreaming about the Work from Home Jobs or Freelancing Jobs, But the issue they are confused about the payouts and payment. Most of the peoples are looking for High Paying Jobs that can do from home.

Don’t worry in today’s article I like to tell you about some jobs that you can learn and do from anywhere in the world, all the things that you need are the Internet, and probably a laptop in some cases, but I have tried my hand, quite a few of them, and in some cases, I used to use a mobile. I only got a laptop like last year’s December. So that means like six months with a laptop. So before that, I used to use only my phone. My mobile is Redmi Note 8. I think it costs about Rs. 9,999 when I bought it. It helped me get started in my freelance journey my work from home journey, why I decided to work from home, is because I did not have a lot of time to travel and also like I’m a student so it’s really difficult to have a nine to five job while you’re studying.

So that’s the reason… why I picked it up? but there are several other benefits of work from home, including you will be able to decide how many people you work for, you will be able to decide what your income will be. And lastly, you will be able to decide where you up from, especially if you don’t like commuting to the workplace. Yes, this is the best way to go about your career.

10 High Paying Jobs You Can Learn and Do From Home in 2020

Now, I’m going to tell you about the 10 jobs without any further ado, there will be a few bonuses as very chilled that before you decide which of these you want to pursue. You do plenty of research on your own. I’ve talked to a lot of people about these jobs who do these, and I have found out that most of the people who have been in it for six months or eight months, make about 50,000 to 75,000 on an average per month. And those who have been in this for a few years are easily making a few lakhs right now. So if you want to get started the best time is now…

1. Content Writing

if possible, you can also learn copywriting. The difference between content writing and copywriting is that content writing is basically writing content, it can be any type of content that you want to write that is basically for someone who is having a website, someone who needs content on their website and the country you like themselves. So they’re going to pay you to write that content.

So if it’s a lifestyle website they probably asked you to make lifestyle related content like home decor, or food. If it’s a book website, they will ask you to write essays, or reviews or a list of books, if it’s a travel related website. they’ll probably ask you to write about travel. if it’s a medicine-related website and medicine is one of the most high paying niches Ever. they will ask you to write about medicinal articles, and as easy as the sounds, it takes a lot of time for research also you have to make sure that your articles are not plagiarised that no more than three words in a row, and the same to same with any other existing article on the internet.

I’m considering that there are plenty of articles on the internet. It’s really difficult also you really need to learn SEO. If you want to advance your career in content writing. So that basically the drill of content writing most of the people that I have worked with. So I have a freelance consultancy. So most of the people who want consultancy from me. They have been doing content writing for a long time right now. The standard rate is 50 Paisa/Word or more, but a lot of them are also working at rates lower than that.
Well, if you’re getting started, that’s okay. But in the long run, you should not charge less than 50 Paisa/Word.

2. Copywriting

if you are in content writer, but that doesn’t hold true for copywriting and also copywriting is mostly, something that you will be able to do for international clients. I have not seen a lot of Indian clients looking for a copy online.

But internationally copywriting is one of the most in-demand skills copywriting is basically writing sales pages mostly in a way that convinces the person who wants to, you know, check out the product to buy it. What is the sales copy? Have you ever checked out a course page? Have you ever checked out a sales page? It can be have a product, it can be offered digital products as well. You will see that they have described the products they have told you why you need that product, they have told you, things about what they are, what they do they have told you about the testimonials what other people who have bought the service or product have got basically, all of that is a sales copy. It is meant to convince the person who reads it to actually buy it, and the sales copy does not take as much time as content writing does for the same rate, but it takes a lot of strategy and skill to understand what would the reader need to read so that they actually buy from you.

So that is why copywriting pays more in terms of time because it’s not about how much you guys, it’s about the strategy you use in writing. If you can write good sales pages, and it brings your customer or client revenue every time someone actually checks that sales page out. It is going to make you rich very short, if you’re good at sales, if you want to be good at sales, you need to learn copywriting and copywriting. Is not only going to help you get an online job, it’s also going to help you in real life because you will know what are the things that you need to say to get a job done to get someone to buy from you and sales is the biggest skill in this entire world is built upon sales. So if you know how to make those sales, your life is sorted.

3. Virtual Assistant (VA)

A virtual assistant charges somewhere between $15 per hour to $25 per hour on average. If you’re working for international clients, and I’m talking mostly about international clients because that’s the market I deal with because it’s really easier to reach your money goals when dealing with an international client base.

Now virtual assistants basically do a lot of things, and it can be advanced things and it can be basic things like writing an email, scheduling things, keeping the incoming and outgoing cash flow, it can be managing the social media, it can be keeping a track of the money in the business, so many things. Basically, if someone has a business they need someone to keep a track of all the things that they do all the things they need to do, and they can’t do it all themselves so they hire, a VA or A Virtual Assistant.

You basically communicate online, and they will tell you what are the things you need to do, and you’ll need to do that. So it depends on the level of skill that you’re offering, you’re offering services like editing funnel creation, these are very advanced things in this in these cases no rates can be higher than the average, but you see offering very basic services like social media marketing, like sending out emails like calling people up, these are sort of basic services so you might not get paid that high virtual assistants are mostly paid by the hour of work and not by the month. So make sure that you know how many hours a month you have so that you can calculate your money goals and how you can reach them.

4. Digital Marketing

Next, let’s talk about digital marketing, and specifically, I’m in social media marketing but digital marketing is a whole umbrella and social media marketing comes under it, I basically do ads and YouTube. But there are a lot of other services that clients need. If they want to market their business when people build businesses. It’s no use if they don’t have customers and marketing is basically sort of a bridge, which brings the customer to the client of yours. And if you are good at it.

It is the only thing, business needs. Apart from a product, and client. And I know how it sounds. It sounds like marketing is the best thing in the world, but It’s really hard to understand, how do you get the clients and want to understand your core business will be sorted, but just getting to that point is very very difficult, but once you’ve launched it, it will be simple. I knew all about YouTube, Ecommerce & Blogging but that was not a part of the module, but that’s also something that I offer to my clients because YouTube is something that I know about. So, you can totally decide what are the fields and marketing you want to cater to if social media interests you if Facebook interests you, you will love this job.

The best part about it is that you will get to explore in so many amazing niches, the needs that I’m working in now is solar, and I’m so interested in this, I had no idea to be working in the solar industry for marketing, but I am doing it now and it’s very, very interesting. I would love to tell you more about my work but I can’t really do that. For every monthly project you can charge at least $300 from your client, and I tried to take about three clients, not more than that. So reaching $1,000 for a month is not very difficult for me. And if any month I want to take on more clients, I probably do that but for now, I have my studies. So I am not going deep into it, but digital marketing is what I want, what I see myself pursuing further, but I have also learned a lot about content and copywriting.

5. Funnel Expert

The next job will be that have a funnel expert, if you don’t know what a funnel is, please google it up. But if I want to give you a drill a funnel is basically a series of steps that takes our visitor from just knowing about your product to actually buy your product.

So let’s talk about, maybe you want to buy a bottle on Amazon. Okay, so you probably saw the bottle. And then you find the bottom page on Amazon, probably, you click it and you go to the bottles page, you check out a lot of bottles that is the second step of the funnel. You click on the image of the bottle that you like the most that is the third step of the funnel and click Add to Cart. That is the fourth step of the funnel. And, you know, between the first two-four steps. A lot of people will not reach the fourth step maybe they checked out the bottles didn’t like it. They left on the second phase. Maybe they added it to the cart but somebody called them up and they got busy and they didn’t buy the product. And if they finally added to cart, and then checkout and they reached the fifth phase and then obviously after the order confirmation is the six-page. This is basically a funnel, it can be as nice as three pages, it can be order page and thank you, it can be a long set of pages as well.

For example, online courses that we have. Usually, it’s a long set of the funnel, starting from an ad that people see and then they click the ad they register for a free, a free webinar, and once they are enrolled in the webinar they see the webinar, that is probably the fourth or fifth page. By then, and then after watching the webinar, they find out about the product of the person who created the webinar. And then after finding it out, we send them emails that after clicking on the email links they go to the page of buying and then they decided they want to buy or not. If they don’t buy then we target them with Facebook ads. So this is a very long process, and people don’t know how to do it, they don’t know about funnels, funnels basically so simple, right, but you need to learn how to make good funnel pages, and if you want to.

The best way to go about it will be learning Click Funnels which costs about $99 per month to try out. but I really think once you’ve mastered it, there’s no turning back like you can make awnings like literally thousands of dollars per project, I don’t know how many projects you will take per month. If you’re good with Click Funnels, And I really think you should try it out. if you want to be a funnel expert I’m currently learning funnels. And trust me, it’s the most interesting thing that I’ve ever seen.

6. Consultant

The next job will be that as a consultant and this is sort of an advanced level job and I suggest this only for people who have worked for some time in a particular industry, you basically become a consultant for that industry, and people who want to know more about it, who have decisions to make who want your expertise will come to you for your opinion if you charge on your expertise, you can charge them anywhere from between $50 to $100 per hour. On average to give you an idea, but it can be much more than that I knew a lot of people who charge $500 to $1000 per hour, but because they have such experts. This takes some time to get started with.

Currently, I charge about $50 to $100 per hour of consultancy and I have experience of about 2 years approximately across the fields that I work in. So, that is basically to give you an idea. so if you have any idea if you have an idea about a particular thing. If you have the expertise, there are people who need your expertise. Now you might ask me why would someone pay you to just talk to them. You’re not offering them your time you’re offering them, that your expertise. If they were to venture out in the world and find out these things on their own, they will waste hours… weeks or even months or even years of their time, if they don’t know what lies ahead.

You basically have the reduce their waste of time and time equals money and compared to the time that we would have wasted if they’re not talking to you. You’re getting paid a lot less.

7. Online Tutoring

The next thing that you can do is online tutoring that a lot of people who want tutors and search for them online. I once upon a time was an online tutor, and I used to give English lessons, online English speaking lessons… my clients mostly were people who have to go abroad but don’t know how to speak English properly, and somebody they know would actually get them in touch with me. It was quite fun to do. There was once an aunty who I talked with and she was really sweet. So basically I what I was okay I’m diving into a story but basically I was asking aunty to tell me a story of her life a memorable event of her life in English so that I can help her
out. And she said that she doesn’t have any memory. That was quite funny, but anyway, coming back.

Online tutoring is something that a lot of people are looking for nowadays and it is increasing every day because people don’t want to leave their homes. So if you are an expert in any subject. Please, please, enroll for any online tutoring website. It is usually free some of them actually charge.

8. Website Designer

If you know coding… if you’re good with websites, you can get into a look at your website designing is, again, one of the most highly paid careers because every business needs a proper website. I can’t tell you how important it is for businesses to have a professional website, and they pay thousands of dollars for people who will build them their dream website.

On average you get about $2,000 per project if you are good at what you do. If you know only basics and do some maintenance of websites, you get paid for that.

I have a lot of experience in this industry so I know everything about website designing and development. And who are into web designing and this is the average charge that they charge. If you’re good with website designing, I don’t think there’s any reason you should not venture into this industry and if you’re not, there are a lot of courses, they put all of these that are so many courses online that will help you get started with learning these and doing these from home.

9. Bookkeeping

The next thing that you can do from home is bookkeeping, this is basically something that you will do be doing for international clients, once again like social media marketing, content writing or something that Indian clients also look for on a lake large mass basis, but this is not bookkeeping is not something that I found a lot of Indian clients looking for, it’s mostly international clients.

So, for most of the jobs I’ve been advising to be good in English because you will be dealing with international clients, not to mention that sometimes you also have to wake the night that totally depends on your level of expertise right now, I don’t really have to wake as many nights that I had to when I was just getting started.

10. Video Editing

The next thing that you can do is video editing if you’re good with Photoshop. if you’re good with Adobe Premiere Pro, you will be so much in demand and the YouTuber or business community needs videos for their business. I personally know how to edit on a very basic and medium level app, but I don’t know Adobe Premiere Pro. I’m loving but it’s so difficult. Right.

So if you have your scale in this particular area, there will be a lot of people who need your services and I personally will forward them to you because there have been so many times when people have had me. They wanted me to edit their videos. And then after they saw what I delivered they are like no I want this and that and I’m like, I use a very basic app, if you want better products you really need to get to someone who knows how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

because that is the best out there, there’s a Final Cut Pro, I think that is for Mac Book. But the thrill of it is that video editing is one of the most in-demand skills. Among all the skills that we discussed today.

11. Online Store

Lastly, you can definitely set up your own shop. Yes, set up your own shop. If you are good at creating things, if you’re good at handmade things you need to set up a store on Amazon or Shopify whatever you like best. It gets it takes some time to get started but if you get popular if your products are good, you will be so famous and no time. And make sure you take the unique presence of your business. Beyond the market into Instagram, and Facebook.

Because I have seen so many brands get famous, just because, they were on Instagram and people liked the products and they kept sharing the product to starting a business like this, you do need an initial investment because you need to buy like raw materials. You also need investment for quite a lot of the jobs that I discussed.

And make sure that you try them out because it’s not going to help you know what to do unless you actually do the things you need to do. So yeah that is basically, I hope you like!!! Then, I’ve been jobs that I really really want you guys to try out, make sure that you comment below with which of these jobs interest you the most?

Make sure that whatever field you decide to go in, spend at least 2 to 3 months, exploring it because if you just get started as the first week is always the most difficult you feel like you don’t know anything. While other people are so much ahead of you.
but slowly you will catch on believing yourself, I’m gonna make sure you tell me about your progress. That will be all for today’s article.


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