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Best Youtube Alternatives: As you know, YouTube is the world’s #1 platform that provides online video sharing and streaming. Youtube provides the best opportunity to make money by sharing your own content with others. But nowadays, YouTube is very strict in policies and guidelines. In case your youtube is banned or not monetized to date, Don’t Worry!!! We have the top and best YouTube Alternatives for you, where you can start your earning by sharing video content.

Before we start, First we need to understand our own requirement, why we are looking for new youtube alternative because there are a lot of requirements, some peoples want a new platform to sell your own videos, some peoples wanted to monetize your video content and make money as a video creator and some business need a platform for business purpose without ads.

So, first of all, decide your own requirement and find your best alternative from the below list.

YouTube Alternatives: Websites Like YouTube For More Video Experience

  1. Vimeo – Best Ad Free Youtube Alternative
  2. Dailymotion – Best for Instant Content Monetization. No Monetization Requirements.
  3. Metacafe – Monetize your Video Content when you reach a monetization requirement.
  4. Flickr – Share Long Image (90 Sec. Video) & Sell Personally
  5. Veoh – The best place to Upload Long Videos & Sell Personally. 
  6. Photobucket – Upload any type of Video and Sell online.
  7. DTube – Monetize video content and earn cryptocurrency.

1. Vimeo

Vimeo - Best Youtube Alternative

Vimeo is a premium and professional video sharing platform for filmmakers, businesses or higher production value. Most of the business use this platform for business purpose. It is not the same as Youtube. Vimeo believes in quality, not quantity.

He’s usually the no advertisements, Vimeo takes pride in the fact that their viewers, never have to watch advertisements, you click on a video and it starts playing.

Vimeo has a very respectful community because it’s geared more towards professionals and artist’s comments generally tend to be more supportive and constructive. In other words, it’s very rare that you’ll get a this sucks, or go kill yourself comment on your video.

Vimeo has great customer support, you can ask a question and it will be answered by another human being as quickly as possible. With the exception of forums, you’re kind of on your own with YouTube. It’s hard to get official answers for technical support. because it’s hard to call or email anyone that’s a win for them. 

Vimeo has free and paid services. In Vimeo free basic account, you can upload 500MB per week and max 5GB limit with some basic features.

If you go in plus, pro and premium plans, You can alot for space with some premium features. Here are the features you can get with the Vimeo paid account.

  • Customizable Video Player
  • Live Streaming without limit
  • Privacy Control
  • Collaboration
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Monetization (Vimeo OTT & On-Demand)
  • Analytics
  • Hosting & Management

Join Vimeo

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion - Best Youtube Alternative

Dailymotion is the best Youtube Alternative. It is looking like the same as Youtube. Here you can monetize your video content as you can monetize on youtube. Dailymotion is a good platform for video creators. nowadays everyone is using this platform even businesses also. 

Dailymotion provides you two ways to monetization:

  • Video Monetization: You can upload your own video and make money online. You need to just join the Dailymotion partner program and you can start monetizing your video instantly, there are no minimum criteria for monetization.
  • Website Monetization: If you have a website, You can embed your own video and other Dailymotion videos. You will get paid for every view on your website.

Join Dailymotion

3. Metacafe

Metacafe - Best Youtube Alternative

Metacafe is also a Youtube Alternative. It is also working like Youtube. You can upload your video content and you can monetize it. But in Metacafe, You can not add any website links & emails.

You can make money by uploading funny & motivational type videos, but you can earn from affiliate programs or you can not drive traffic to any website, As I told you, you can not add any weblink (URL’s) and email. that’s the only reason you can not make money from affiliates, products, reviews.

Metacafe also provide monetization option, You can upload your own video and make money online, but there is a criteria/eligibility, you need to get 20,000 views on any video, then you will get paid $100. and then you get $5 per 1000 views.

Join Metacafe

4. Flickr

Flickr - Best Youtube Alternative

Flickr is one of the best photo-sharing platforms owned by Yahoo!, If you think, I have added this by mistake, then you are wrong!!!. Flickr is also providing a video sharing option, it is called “Long Photos” You can share videos within 90 seconds.

There is no monetization option within Flickr, You can share your album & sell your images personally via Flickr. but there is no official monetization option for users. 

Join Flickr

5. Veoh

Veoh - Best Youtube Alternative

Veoh is the best option if you want to upload long videos. It provided full freedom to upload full-length videos, may its a movie or a full conference video. There is no limit for uploading the video. 

There is no video monetization option on Veoh, you can use this platform as video storage & sharing.

Veoh makes it relatively quick and easy to upload and view large videos online. Veoh is definitely the best for long-form videos.

Join Veoh

6. Photobucket

Photobucket - Best Youtube Alternative

Just like Flickr, Photobucket is also a photosharing platform. and it also provides the video-sharing option, but there is no limit, you can upload more than 90 sec also.

It’s a free and paid photo platform, In the free account, You can store up to 250 images, and there is no official monetization option for image and video. You can upload and sell your images personally. 

Join Photobucket

7. D.Tube

D.Tube - Best Youtube Alternative

DTube is a video sharing platform. It is the best youtube alternative because here you can monetize your video content as you can monetize on youtube. On Dtube your earn reward creators, curators, influencers and viewers in the form of cryptocurrency. 

It is a crypto-decentralized video platform powered by steemit. 

Join DTube

That’s all for today, As I have explained all the best youtube alternatives, I hope you decided your best one! and if you know any other than the above list, please comment below. Thanks!

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