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In this busy digital world, everyone is looking for mobile friendly and online resources to save time and utilize spare time, Like if anyone is going office in local train and bus, then most of the peoples prefer to watch online tv and news on this time. because they can't do this at another time, if they Watch TV at another time, then they feel they are wasting time.

So, what's the solution? We can provide an online website for everyone, who is interested in Watching Live TV and Online Shows in spare time. It's a win-win option for both of us.

Our website viewers will get a free online tv resource and you will create a new way to make money online. You can monetize your blog with the advertisement like Adsense or Direct Ad Space Selling.

I think your next question is How to Create a LIVE TV Website in Blogger or WordPress??? In this tutorial, I will show you for Blogger/Blogspot, Because it's free and very userfriendly.

How to create a LIVE TV Website in Blogger / Blogspot?

What do you need to create a Live TV Website?

To start making an online live tv website, you need some of the online free tools and resources.

  1. Blogger / Blogspot Account (Free)
  2. Blogger Template (Free Download Here)
  3. Embed Codes for Live TV (Free resources provided by me)
  4. Blogger Customization Tutorial (Free provided by me)

All the above resources and free, I am assuming that… you have already created a Blogger Account and already downloaded the Blogspot Template. so let get started.

How to create a LIVE TV Website in Blogger?

As you have all required pieces of stuff to create a live tv website. let start implementing all resources to make a fully features live tv website. Please watch this below video tutorial. In this video, you will learn:

⇢ How to create a fully-featured Live TV Blogger Website?
⇢ How to Embed Live TV in Blogger/Blogspot Website?
⇢ How to customize the Blogger template for Live TV Website?

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