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A backlink, sometimes also referred to as an inbound link is simply a hyperlink to a particular webpage. New website owners must recognize the importance of backlinks in lifting the ranking of their website on a domain authority checker. Link building has a direct effect on SEOs of a website—if done rightly, it can make your content relevant for a search; hence, it gets top position in search engine results. This ultimately increases traffic and engagement on your content. Though Google keeps on changing its SEO policies, backlinks are still in the game, and their effectiveness can make you thrive in the online world. Quality backlinks denote that the other website has put its trust in your content. It’s a kind of assurance from them. In short, backlinks are necessary for telling Google about the relevance, quality, and effectiveness of your online content.

The Penguin Update by Google

If you have a website of your own and struggling to get better rankings, you will understand the importance of quality backlinks in this regard. A few years back, Google didn’t bother about quality backlinks pointing towards a webpage instead of the quantity of backlinks mattered more. However, after 2012, the criteria of ranking a website changed due to Penguin Update taking down websites providing spam links. Hence, the quality of backlinks has become essential to achieve better SERP of a website.

Top Backlink Generators

Many websites provide backlink generators as one of their SEO tools. If you don’t have time to explore online options, this article can come in handy for you then. Take a look at these free backlink maker tools mentioned below and pick one for yourself. They are guaranteed to change the SEO game of your website.

Free Backlink Generator Tools

1. Search Engine Reports

This website is famous for providing the best online SEO tools. Its backlink generator is one of the best that you can find online. It’s completely free of cost and in the access of every internet user. It’s an online tool, so make sure that your connection to the internet is the good one. This, in other words, means that you don’t have to download this tool on your system. This backlink maker generates 100% organic and natural backlinks. With only a few easy steps, you are good to go in making quality backlinks for your website. This backlink maker provides URL, PR, and status of the link it creates for the users. This tool can increase your visibility chances in SERPs and the possibility of traffic you will gain can be a real game-changer for your website. Thus, the backlink maker by Search Engine Reports is a complete package you can never go wrong with. It has users from all over the world and they are loving this tool more than ever!

2. Small SEO Tools

It is yet another great website that provides free SEO tools. Its backlink maker works perfectly for new website owners that are struggling to get higher ranking results from Google. As mentioned before, the backlink maker from this website is entirely free of cost. No subscription charges are required. It is available to everyone. Within no time, you can create several genuine and quality backlinks to assure Google that other credible websites put their trust in you. Just provide the URL link of a website, and this backlink maker will do the rest of the job on its own. This backlink maker is easy to use and very effective in its results.

3. Pre Post SEO

This website also provides an entirely free backlink maker. This free backlink generator is highly efficient in its conclusion. Use it an unlimited number of times, and you won’t be obliged to pay any money. In other words, the website doesn’t categorize features into standard and premium. Everything is open to all the users for free! Just provide the URL link of a specific website, and it will generate natural backlinks for you. It’s a very reliable site since it creates backlinks of only those websites that are trustworthy. It filters low profile and spam websites but doesn’t generate backlinks of them. It also makes sure that the link you are providing as input is relevant for your website or not. In short, you can entirely rely on this website.

4. Coder Duck

It’s not a very popular yet useful site in creating relevant and organic backlinks. It also offers a free tool that runs in online mode. It has an excellent interface, perfect for new users so that they don’t have to waste time in getting the features of the software first. You are only required to provide the URL of the website that you want to link and the rest of the task is done by the tool itself. It’s simple, free of cost, and a highly reliable backlink maker.

The Mutual Interest

The thing is, backlinks benefit both the website owner and the one whose backlink is provided. If you are a website owner who wants to increase the ranking of your site, using a backlink maker and creating organic links can better your position in terms of SERPs. Google prefers websites with backlinks of credible and trustworthy websites. Search engines tend to pick such sites more often and place them on a higher ranking.

On the contrary, the website whose backlink is provided creates a possibility for the traffic to open its link and show some engagement there as well. In short, it increases popularity, visibility, and ranking for such websites as well. Thus backlinks are a win-win for both parties. It’s a form of mutual help that every website owner needs for excelling in SERPs.


A backlink maker is a must nowadays. Just make sure that you pick a reliable one for yourself to create high-quality backlinks for free. The options mentioned above are guaranteed to produce useful and organic free backlinks for your website. Just provide them a URL link and marvel at how they incredibly change your ranking position.

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