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If you are reading this article, you are one step closer to shorten the ugly links and even make money out of it. Link shorteners have become a huge craze for a few years and more importantly, the link shorteners will never lose their value.

As per the research performed by me, Google Trends shows a significant increase in the use of Best URL Shorteners approximately after November 2008.

Since URL Shorteners are widely used to share the Product, a Website, or a Youtube Channel in the form of beautiful links. The above list describes the main purpose of the URL Shorteners.

Facebook was officially launched in February 2004 and hence was the first and the biggest social media platform to get benefited from it. Following Facebook, other platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, and rest came to ease the use of Social Media, and people started using short URLs everywhere.

Nowadays, Affiliate Marketers get the most out of these links. This is because of their two way win-win.

Affiliate Marketers usually have their blogs, pages, or channels to promote their products and convert them into sales.

Therefore they get the profit from their sales and from the link shortener sites too.

Anyone can use link shortener sites and earn a handful amount of money out of it. All you need is a large group of audience to capture.

Now, I am going to share some of the best URL shorteners that one can depend upon.

4 Best URL Shortener 2020

1. - Best URL Shortener is one of the oldest URL shortener site. Launched in 2008, the company has kept all its promises in maintaining the user-friendly interface and an easy to operate design. It is trying to upgrade its quality and increase the speed and eliminate the redirects.

There is only one demerit of this site i.e. it does not pay.

After reading this, please do not run away. The publisher rates of upcoming sites will surprise you. is a high authority site with more than 23 Million backlinks and more than 1.5 Million organic Traffic each month as per the reports generated by Ubersuggest.

It has a Domain Score of 85. (Some of you may find it difficult to understand words like Domain Score, Backlinks, etc. Any queries regarding the same are purely entertained in the comment section).

Bitly Report - Ubersuggest Status will not help you in Making Money Online but you can try it once and analyze the pros and cons of the site on your own.

You can use for free but its paid plans have its extra awesome features which I would not recommend you to buy except you want to start a huge online business or you are rich.

According to Wikipedia, till August 2018, has shortened over 35.7 billion URL’s which is huge.

if you are planning to buy, here goes the image of the pricing:

I hope it clear ups your thoughts and opinions on Blogging.

2. ShrinkEarn

ShrinkEarn URL ShortenerHaving already written an article and a video on it, you can check out my tips and tricks to maximize your earnings through Shrinkearn.

Like other sites, it is a 100% legit and genuine site to work on and cash out some income.

Shrinkearn has a unique feature of fewer redirects which makes the user more engaged and roams around your stuff. They pay daily to their users and their minimum payout is 5$.

Like, they too provide almost the same and varied payment options which make it flexible for the users.

The company provides the highest CPC in Greenland therefore people will basic knowledge in SEO can maximize their earnings by targeting people specifically from that country. In short, it is all Game of Minds.

One who remains consistent always wins. If any problem occurs during the usage, you can directly reach out to them through the following business mail id: [email protected]

They will clear all your issues within 48 hours.

Overall, the website is safe to use and user-friendly. The highest amount of CPC i.e. 20$ makes it more convenient and satisfying.

3. GP Links

GP links - Best URL Shortener

GP link is another best URL shortener to earn pretty good and legit money. GP Links is from India therefore users from India make the most out of it.

It is a very popular and known site in India because most of its traffic arrives from India.

Unlike other sites, GP links have even offered the Phone Number for full-time support which makes it more suitable for the users to easily connect.

They have promised to convert your traffic into high profit and because of that, it boosts up the users’ morale to work more and earn more.

The site has kept some captcha to fill in order to open the destination files, but it has fewer redirects and because of that, users engagement increases.

They even provide detailed statistics about the clicks therefore we can easily capture our targeted audience and work better on it.

GP links are used by many tech bloggers to showcase their applications or products in a more biased manner.

Even many telegram channel owners use this URL shortener mostly in movies channel.

This has proved to be a successful and guaranteed site.

4. - best url shortenerThis is another great URL shortener and luckily it pays for shortening links. Unlike other URL shorteners, has a very good payout rate. The company has promised to pay up to 160$ dollars for every 10,000 clicks.

this s a great way to generate money just by doing some smart work.

You can truly make tons of cash by following some simple but effective strategies.

Pros of

  • It has a very high CPC. As promised by the company, generating 160 bucks through the cushion is never wrong. Every country can go up to the specified amount.
  • has provided various methods of payouts like Paypal, Payza, Bank Transfer, and many more.
  • Their referral system provides 50% of the referrers’ earnings for a lifetime that is greater than most of the other best URL shorteners.
  • The company uses Artificial Intelligence to shower out the best payout rates and boost up CPM of the users.
  • They have more than 1million active and happy users working consistently on this website.
  • It has a very low minimum payout through PayPal i.e. only 2 bucks.
  • Full-time support.

Cons of

Being a reputed and established website, the company doesn’t lack in any improvements. However, there are very few things that you all should keep in mind.

  • Never try spamming on this website. Due to great AI technology, they can easily identify the spammer and directly kick them permanently out of the ground.
  • The website has too many redirects so the users may lose their patience and leave.

Everything else seems perfectly well on this website. If you have an established audience and an extraordinary smartness, you can easily stand out of the crowd and maximize your earnings.

These were the four best URL shortener sites according to me. There are many other similar sites in the market that pays but you will have to make your own way-finding them.

These are the most trusted sites that you should work on. If you are still confused about what to work on then you should surf these sites one by one on YouTube and obtain the payment proofs out of it.

I hope you find this article helpful. I will be happier if you shoot out all the additional queries in the comment box so that we can discuss it in detail.

Thank you.

Guest Post by Dhruvir Zala
A blogger, a BBA undergraduate, and an internet enthusiastic. I love to surf new pieces of stuff on the internet and I do it on a regular basis. Besides that, I love to play Table Tennis though I never qualified for any tournaments. Our blog provides information that is satisfactory and valuable to the users.


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