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In the modern world of blogging, posting a new article is like adding a needle to a bunch of needles. Real-time statistics indicate that approximately 4.5 million blogs posted every day. Thus it’s a big challenge to make your blog sand out from the crowded niches if your strategy relies too heavily on textual and reworked content ideas.

Don’t worry. There are still plenty of opportunities for your blog to stand out, even in a crowded niche. Knowing how to write an article is a step in the right direction, but it’s time to go further. Here I’d love to talk about one of the easiest ways to make it. Just visualize your data.

If you want to keep your audience’s attention throughout an article, you should make these numbers and stats less boring. They may be essential to test your point of view, but they can discourage readers looking for quick answers. Today, I will introduce you to a tool that can help you create data visualizations in minutes. It’s DesignCap Infographic Maker.

Overview of DesignCap

Overview of DesignCap

DesignCap is a versatile online design tool to create various graphic designs like infographics, presentations, resumes, reports, cards, YouTube channel arts, and more for everyone, even for those non-designers. Users only need to add data to DesignCap, and it will produce the ideal chart for you without downloading and installing anything.

How to use DesignCap

To make use of the cloud features, register an account under DesignCap with email or sign in the tool using your Google account or Facebook account directly.

Choose an ideal template

Choose an ideal template - DesignCap

Then, start to make the infographic design you want. You can directly add a blank template, or choose a suitable template to kick it off. There are thousands of templates for different topics like infographics, presentations, reports, charts, resumes, invitations, Facebook covers, email headers, etc. With the various dazzling themes, don’t worry about no design inspiration!

For infographics, DesignCap offers a vast selection templates for different themes as well, such as Informational, statistical, process, geographic, timeline, comparison, list, coronavirus, human resources, real estate, etc.

Customize the template

Customize the template - DesignCap

After the template is selected, you will see the left column’s editing tools: add free stock photos, shapes, icons, background colors (pattern or custom image), text, analysis chart, country map, or upload your pictures.

The built-in chart styles are quite diverse. It’s flexible to import data directly from a spreadsheet file of CSV, XLS, and XLSX to generate vertical charts, measurement tables, icon matrices, ladder diagrams…very useful. Another feature I love most is that DesignCap allows us to upload custom font from the computer.

Save and spread

After editing, save the file under DesignCap tool for easy modification next time or download it directly to the computer, which can be saved in the format JPG, PNG, PDF and PPTX (only for presentation). In addition, it’s very convenient to share it on your blog by uploading the saved image or with the produced URL.

Why I choose DesignCap

Why I choose DesignCap

  • It’s straightforward to use, without a steep learning curve.
  • Its handy tools are flexible and powerful, which allows you to customize your design as the way you want.
  • DesignCap offers countless art resources, including templates, stock photos, icons, shapes, preset fonts, modules, backgrounds, etc.
  • It gives us several options for saving and exporting.


If you want to be successful as a blogger, don’t be afraid to push the limits. Remember, even the world’s most talented writer needs content marketing skills to make blogging profitable and rewarding.

Fortunately, making infographic content will be one of the easiest ways to help your blog stand out from the rest of the pack. It may not happen overnight, but with perseverance, you will get there. Start making your first infographic with DesignCap now.


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