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Automatic News Auto Posting Website is the best way to start a passive income. Its best because of its easy to create and maintain. you need only a one-time investment. You need to invest a little bit of money with a little bit of time.

As I have already told you Its a very easy and beginner-friendly, anyone can start a News Autopost website in WordPress. Even you don’t have any prior knowledge of news or maintaining a news website. You don’t need to learn coding or website designing.

Why News Autopost Website?

Maybe you are thing WHY??? News Autoposting Website???… Stop thinking and start reading below…

I have a lot of reasons why the news auto-post website is a good choice for a beginner or anyone. I am sure below points will motivate you:

  • Fully Automatic Process.
  • Best way to generate a passive income.
  • Its Easy & Beginner friendly.
  • Easy to maintain (Side Business with High Profit)
  • Less investment (Money & Time)

What You Need to Start?

If you still here, It means… It looks interesting. Hmmm???

Don’t worry!!! I am also still here to help you… So let’s discuss what you need to start an automatic news auto-post website. As I have already told you, You need to invest a little bit of money with a lot of time in starting and then just 1-2 hrs a week. So you need:

  1. A Domain Name (Mostly Free with Hosting)
  2. A Good Web Hosting Service to host your news website.
  3. An Automatic News Autopost WordPress Plugin
  4. A Viral News WordPress Theme
  5. and at last… Your Dedication

That’s all!!! You need to just invest around ₹3500 for a year including Domain, Hosting, Autopost Plugin, and Viral Theme. and I think that’s a very little amount to start a fully automatic website.

How to Create A Fully Automatic News Auto Posting Website in WordPress

I have already created a video, that will provide a step by step full tutorial on How to Create A Fully Automatic News Auto Posting Website in WordPress. check below video:


✅  Download Plugin & Theme ⇢

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How to Monetize a News Autoposting Website?

That’s Awesome!!! You are here… It means you have already created a fully automatic news website and now you are looking for the best ways to monetize a news website.  Let me explain everything!!!

To make money from auto posts news websites is very easy, because of this theme and plugin is loaded with money-making opportunities. they already did a lot of work for you. you can easily add Google Adsense Ads or any type of ads on your website.

Best ways to make money from a News Autopost Website:

  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Articles/News
  • Direct Advertising (Sell Ad Space)

Let’s discuss in detail, I have created a video with all details… Please check below video:


Your website is ready… You have already completed the monetization process. and AT LAST… you are thinking about the website traffic. because the website is waste… without Traffic.

But Don’t Worry!!! I am still here to help you. I have already created a video on…

How to Drive FREE Traffic on News Auto Posting Website?

If you still not understand all the features of this Most Powerful Viral News Plugin… then it’s time to explore all the best features of this plugin. because this plugin also comes with Automatic Traffic and Viral Traffic. Do you want to know… HOW???

Let check out this below video. In this video, I will explain all the possible ways to drive fully automatic and free traffic on your website.


OKAY… So that’s all!!! I have explained everything. How to create a fully automatic news website, how to monetize? and how to drive free traffic? and If you have any doubts and suggestions, please comment below!!!

I hope you like this post. If you like it!!! Please share with your friends and family or anyone who is looking for a passive income source and eager to start making money on autopilot.

See You Soon!!!


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