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To compete with video giant YouTube, Instagram introduced its new feature, IGTV, in June 2018. The service allows the users to share up to 60 minutes long videos. Using this feature, businesses can craft multiple types of videos that can truly resonate with their audiences and engage their attention. However, using this digital channel is still new territory for a lot of brands.

Well, worry not! If you are still wondering how to add IGTV to your marketing campaign, this article is just for you. Whether you are struggling to find some inspiration or on the fence of IGTV, listed below guidelines for using IGTV for your business marketing will surely help you out.

Create ‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos:

‘Behind the Scenes’ videos perform well on IGTV. They create a sense of credibility and authenticity for your brand in the viewers’ eyes. Behind-the-scenes videos paint the businesses as open and honest. Show your customers an unseen aspect of your brand that they are not aware of, but will like to know about it.

The ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos can be of any kind. For instance, you can show your customers how your products are made, take them to a virtual tour at the backroom of your business, offer them a ‘sneak preview’ of an upcoming event, or update, and so on.

Pro tip: Create a series for behind-the-scenes videos, release them at regular intervals, and ask the viewers to check and view your previous videos.

Make a Mini-Documentary:

Think like a documentary filmmaker. If you are truly keen about building a strong and lasting bond with your audiences, you must make a mini-documentary about your business! While the word ‘documentary’ may sound too professional, the process of making it entirely simple.

Determine the purpose of your video, who you want it to cater to, and why the viewers should watch it. Thereafter, figure out a “story landscape” and shoot the final video. Don’t talk about how great your company is — show it.

Pro tip: Take the help of a professional video maker to shoot a mini-documentary for you.

Repurpose the Existing Content:

Coming up with a new idea and a new video for IGTV regularly can be quite hard for some businesses. Well, you need not create a new IGTV video every time you post. You can repurpose the content you already have in place, instead of completely reinventing the wheel and starting a new journey.

For instance, you can use your old Facebook ad template or live videos to repost on Instagram TV. Without investing so much time, efforts, money, and resources into creating IGTV content, you can have an engaging video to connect with the vast user base. Using IGTV as an extension of your existing video content will help you gain tons of new leads.

Pro tip: Make sure to choose those videos for repurposing that received higher views and engagement from the viewers.

Create Tutorials:

IGTV gives you plenty of space to go deep in the launch and introduction of your products. So, why not make the most of this space? Shoot a longer video that can give your customers a clear idea of your product. Create a tutorial video to demonstrate the customers when to use, why to use, and how to use the products.

For instance, if you run a beauty brand, make an IGTV tutorial to show how to use your products, give the users some makeup tips, and guide them on which product to use for what kinds of look.

Pro tip: Feature your valued customers in the tutorials. It will dramatically increase engagement and build a trust factor.

Show the Activism Side of Your Brand:

Audiences like a company that is authentic and reliable and believes in building a bond with customers rather than selling a product. Hence, use IGTV to advocate green politics, and feature the vegan free and eco-friendly side of your products.

Do you partner with any charities, an NGO, or donating proceeds? Are your products environmentally friendly? If yes, use IGTV to tell the audiences about it! Show your customers how your brand utilizes recycled materials in their products without being cruel to animals and environments.

Pro tip: Tag your partnered organizations in the description of the video. It will help you increase the views and reach of the videos as their followers will also see the video.

Shoot a Q&A Video for Your Followers:

Posting a ‘Question and Answer’ video series at a regular interval is indeed a great way to connect with the audiences and make them feel you care about them. You can shoot a simple video and answer the common questions your customers may have.

For instance, Who are you? Why buy your product? What is your brand all about? Why trust you? And so on. These are the general questions, but your customers will find it easier to know about you; consequently, you will believe in your business.

Pro tip: Ask your followers to submit their questions in the comment box, and answer those questions in your next video. You can do it either at the last of your video or in the video description, or both. It will be a great way to build a reliable bond with your followers and increase the reach.


Now that you know how to add IGTV n your marketing campaign, you can successfully highlight your products, introduce your brand, and build a lasting relationship with your audiences in ways that 60-second videos can never do.

So, what are you waiting for? Start reaping this opportunity today with this ultimate guide on “How Businesses Can Use IGTV For Marketing.”

Pro tip: Don’t have a set-it and forget-it approach. Keep tracking how your IGTV video is performing, and use that information wisely to modify your Instagram marketing strategy.


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