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Creators becoming founders and brand owners is going to the biggest trend in influencer marketing in 2021.

Creators, so far, have been exercising to platform revenues and brand deals as major sources of incomes.

Although, we are about to witness a gigantic wave of the content creators building value-adding brands which will not just sell merchandise but also products and provide services of all varied kinds.

It can be anticipated that big brands will be partnering with creators for deals that will provide equal benefits to both the parties and will, in turn, incentivise the creators to establish much deeper and valuable relationships with the brands.


The year 2020 has behaved like a catalyst for the expansion of influencer marketing in India.

Not only have we explored plenty of new content creators but also more brands have shown interest in working with influencers for their respective purposes.

A trend where more brands heavily prioritise the strategies of their influencer marketing campaign. Days, where you could hold a product and click a selfie to promote the brand, are gone.

If you want your influencer marketing efforts to succeed, you need an agency that understands your brand as well as you do and at the same time can work with proficient influencers with amazing engagements. They should be apt at creating campaigns that bring in results.

When thinking of this, the only agency that comes to mind is Confluencr. Based out of Mumbai, they are a magnificent influencer marketing agency that has worked with numerous brands to produce impressive results. They have proficient marketers who understand brands to the core & find influencers that are a right fit for you. Not just that, they can curate amazing campaigns for you that will bring in outstanding results.

Both brands, as well as the influencers, are evolving and exploring new creative ideas collectively to creating engaging posts

Instagram Marketing Trends

Instagram Marketing Trends - Current Influencer Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2021

If you are considering using Instagram for marketing, it is important to stay on top of the latest Instagram marketing trends.

Instagram, on this day, has more than one billion active users, five hundred plus millions of which check the platform every single day.

It has a large user base hence it can be really easy to get lost in the noise of another competing brand as well.

This article has focused on Instagram marketing trends that will help you create an effective Instagram marketing strategy and create premium quality content.

Content Reigns

It should not come as a surprise that content is an incredibly important thing to consider when planning an Instagram marketing strategy.

There are numerous marketing aids that can help you create remarkable Instagram content

More and More Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have become extremely popular with influencers since it’s launch in 2016.

Nearly eighty percent of brands have said that Instagram stories have had a huge effect on influencer content about their brand (tribe dynamics)

Nearly nine percent of influencers deliver content using stories. Sixty-three percent of them say they are going to utilize Instagram stories much more frequently in 2021.

Usage Of Reels Will Rise 

Usage Of Reels Will Rise - Current Influencer Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2021

Instagram reels let the users create and edit short video content of 15 seconds.

Reels were launched in August of 2020 and presently available in more than fifty countries.

TikTok influencers who built the following platform are not going to jump the ship just because Instagram has a feature that can compete with TikTok.

It is an amazing platform to capitalize on TikTok style content, challenges and trends without having to shift to another platform and build the entire following again.

A brand can influence its marketing technique in several ways through Instagram reels.

For starters, you can ease into Instagram reels through informational content. You can create content on topics you are already aware of and share with your followers.

Relatable Influencers 

With a trend toward original and unfiltered, there comes a need for brands to partner with relatable influencers too.

An average Instagram account holder is looking for an association with real people whose lives look like his own and not celebs

This, when you are searching for an influencer to show your brand to, consider all types of influencers.

More and more nano, as well as micro-influencers, are being approached to collaborate because of the connection they have with their followers.

Live Content influencer marketing - Current Influencer Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2021

Live Content 

The utilization of Instagram live has skyrocketed in 2020.

According to Business Insider, the usage of Instagram live had increased up to seventy percent in a single month of April.

However, this is not surprising considering it was the month of lockdown to mitigate the spread of the notorious COVID 19

Researchers say that this increase was because human beings aren’t made to stay isolated from others for an extra-long period.

They have turned more to social media to feel more connected.

Heading to 2022, COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc on our social relations which makes it a pretty safe bet that Instagram live content will continue to earn popularity.

In-App shopping

Customers are turning to the internet for their shopping needs for everything from clothing to cars to food.

Since shoppers already use Instagram and Facebook to find new products, it makes sense that Instagram is making it easier for them to shoo without even leaving the platform.

Since the pandemic has derailed plans in 2021, customers are likely to increase their online shopping activity.

Instagram now has a shopping section in its search engine so if anyone is interested in selling on Instagram, now is the best time. It’s all about “current influencer marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2021″.


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