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SurveySparrow Reviews: SurveySparrow is an complete solution to grow your online business. It may be your online store, business website or employee portal. You will grow when your customers and clients are satisfied with your product & services.

Today, I am going to review an Omnichannel Experience Management Platform. Its SurveySparrow. As the name itself suggest, Its a website who provide services to create survey and feedback forms to collect your customers opinion & experience.

SurveySparrow Reviews 2021

SurveySparrow is a cloud-based survey software to create different types of online & offline surveys. Key features include recurring surveys, lead generation, built-in audience management, email share, visual analytics, ready and customizable survey templates.

SurveySparrow Features:

SurveySparrow itself provides a great customer experience for own customers. Let’s find main features that motivates me to write SurveySparrow Review:

  • Built-in High Quality Customizable Templates.
  • Online & Offline Recurring Survey with Display Logic
  • Built-in Audience Management
  • Pre-Built & Customizable Question Types
  • Built-in Email Share
  • User & Team Management
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Share & Embed Surveys
  • Accept Payments
  • and many more…

SurveySparrow Survey Types:

1. Classic Survey:

Create attractive surveys with prebuilt question types and logic. 40+ pre-built templates for all types of business needs. You can create different types of surveys. Like customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, market research surveys, and many more.

There are a lot of categories for different surveys:

  • Business
  • Employee
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Events
  • Community
  • Order Form
  • Donation Form
  • Bot Templates

You just need to customize the prebuilt layout. and your survey is ready to share. You can add as many fields and question types as per your survey need.

2. Chat Survey:

Create conversational and engaging chat survey bots to collect customer satisfaction feedback, website feedback, event invitation and more.

Chat or Chatbot surveys are the best way to engage your customers with the help of an automated system. It’s like a virtual assistant. just need to setup once and it will work for you 24×7.

Benefits of Chat Surveys:

  • Grow your email list faster.
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Collect feedback and user experience
  • Collect order & payments securely.

3. NPS Survey:

NPS surveys helps you to grow your business by increasing customer loyalty. Turn your customers into business promoters. NPC Surveys works in 4 steps:

  • Listen: collect customer feedback
  • Analyse: Study the feedbacks deeply and find the loyalty-driven factors.
  • Improve: Learn from customer feedbacks, evaluate and recheck progress
  • Grow: find new customers, get feedback and grow!

4. Offline Survey:

Collect customer feedback without the internet. Send the offline survey via SMS and collect feedback with real-time data updation. It’s simple:

  • Create an offline survey
  • Install the offline app. Play store or app store.
  • select your survey and enable kiosk mode. start your data collection.

5. 360 Degree Survey:

Grow your business by employee assessments. Increase productivity of your employees with 360-degree reports & surveys. Analyze your employee’s 360 review report, check insights and track the assessment status.

This is the one most popular ecosystem adapted by top companies like Google, Hubspot, WordPress, Slack and more…

SurveySparrow Pricing & Plans:

SurveySparrow offers a very competitive price with a 14-day free trial. There are 3 business types of plans, Personal, Business and 360 Assessments with Quarterly and Annual Discounts. Let’s see in detail.


  • Free — $0 (14 Day Free Trial)
  • Basic — $19 (Annually) or $29 (Quarterly)
  • Premium — $49 (Annually) or $69 (Quarterly)


  • Business — $149
  • NPC — $249
  • Enterprise — $449
  • Elite — contact for price

360 Assessments:

  • 10 Assessments — $790 Per Year ($79 per user assessment)

This is all pricing and plans of SurveySparrow. Check out the latest & updated features and pricing click here.

How to Create Survey in SurveySparrow?

As I told you, You can create 3-4 type of surveys. but most popular is Classic Survey. Let’s see how to create an attractive and in-depth survey in SurveySparrow:

Step #1 — 

First of all, you need to Create an Account on SurveySparrow. Just enter your Business Email and Click on “Signup for free” button. then You need to create a password and add phone number, Company/Domain URL.

Create an account on SurveySparrow - SurveySparrow Reviews

Step #2 — 

Login to Your SurveySparrow Dashboard with your registered email and password. and you will redirected to Dashboard page. just like below: Here you will see all the surveys you created.

If this your first time. then you need to create a new survey by clicking “+ New Survey” Button.

SurveySparrow Dashboard

Step #3 — 

After clicking on “+ New Survey” Button, You will see below page and here you need to select. Which type of survey you want to create? Then there are 2 option: You can create with Blank template or You can choose from pre-built templates.

If you are a new user, I recommend to go with prebuilt templates and you can customize as per your need.

Types of Surveys on SurveySparrow

Step #4 — 

Select A Template. There are 40+ prebuilt survey templates. You can choose as per your survey need or business need. In the left side you will see different categories of survey types.

SurveySparrow Survey Templates

Step #5 — 

Check out this complete survey and test all the features as per your need. if you satisfied with survey look and feel, then click on “Choose Template” or you can click on “Back to Templates”, If you want to try other templates.

Try, Test & Choose Template - SurveySparrow

Step #6 — 

Enter “Title” of your first survey. Select “Survey Type” and Wordspace. and click on Next button.

Enter Survey Name and type details - SurveySparrow

Step #7 — 

Customize your survey. Here you can add new questions and question types, modify or remove existing questions. You can also check out the Preview of your Survey Template.

Add Question Type, Customise Template - SurveySparrow

Step #8 — 

check all available apps integrations, create webhooks and APIs for your survey synchronization with other platforms.

There are more than 10 platform, you can integrate with. like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Aweber, Teams, Google Sheets and more.

SurveySparrow Apps Integrations

Step #9 — 

This is share page. Here you will get a unique survey link. You can share this link with your customers and clients.

also, there is a lot more way to share your survey, You can share as a link on social media and send email. you can embed your survey in your website and in emails also.

Sharing Options on SurveySparrow

Step #10 — 

This is the final step… Check the results of your survey. you will see complete report, how many started survey? how many finished survey, completion ratio, graph presentations of all your question.

also, You can check Responses added by your customers and clients.

SurveySparrow Survey Report and Responses

It’s Done!!! we have created and shared a classic survey. but this is the beginning of your growing business. explore all reports and responses provided by your customers and clients. Try to provide the best solutions for your customers and make them loyal to NPC Surveys.

If you want to know “How to create a ChatBot Survey?” Please comment below! I will create a new article as per my reader’s request.

This is all about the SurveySparrow Review. I have reviewed all functions and features. and tried to provide the best information as per my knowledge. If you have still and doubts and queries, please comment below. or You can Signup for free on SurveySparrow.


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