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As you know Surveys are the best way to earn money online. And YouGov India is one of the most recommended names by experts. In today’s article, I am going to share the YouGov India review. 

In my last blog, I have already shared 17 Best Online Survey Websites, this was a mix of top survey websites worldwide. and If you are looking for India only. this will be your next best survey website.

Every survey website has some advantages and disadvantages. and if you don’t know the disadvantages, maybe you will waste your time by completing surveys. I have some examples and comments, that they didn’t check the review and start working on the website and at the time of redeeming. they are not eligible to take payments.

If you don’t hear this name before, then maybe you are thinking about this name. So first we will discuss…

What is YouGov India?

YouGov India Dashboard

YouGov India is the most trusted survey website. It gives you a great opportunity to earn money by just sharing your opinion. This website is available worldwide and this (YouGov India) is only for Indian users.

You just need to answer few questions just by clicking your mouse. On every survey completion, you will get some reward points and you can convert these points into real cash.

I have also tried YouGov India and earned around Rs.10000/- per month.

How YouGov Works?

Create A Free Account – Click Here

To start making money on Yougov, First of all, you need to create an account on YouGov India. You just need to enter your email and a secured password. Then you will receive a verification email in your inbox, Just click on the confirmation link and Your account is ready for taking new surveys.

Start Completing Surveys!

When your account is ready, Yougov starts sending surveys every day. Every week you will receive around 5-7 surveys. The survey points value is around 25-200.

Surveys in YouGov India Dashboard

Convert Points Into Cash

The minimum withdrawal of Yougov India is 5000 points. And 5000 point cost equals Rs.3600/-. When you reach 5000 points, You can convert into cash via Paytm. You just need to enter your Paytm number and you got your money within 30 business days.

Ways to make money on YouGov India

There are 2 ways to make money on YouGov India, First is Online surveys and the second is by referring your friends.

Online Surveys 

As I already told you, You just need to finish the surveys and you will receive some reward points. You can convert these points into cash when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold (5000 points).

YouGov India Payment Proof

Refer Friends

The second way to earn money on YouGov India is by referring your friends and family. Just refer your friends and when they join from your link. You will get 200 points on every friend joining and This one is my favorite.

Refer and Earn Payment Proofs on YouGov India Dashboard

How to Redeem Money From YouGov India

Total Earned Points on YouGov Dashboard

To Redeem your points from Yougov India, the minimum threshold is 5000 points. When you reach this milestone. and you will see more than 5000 points on your YouGov dashboard. Then You can redeem your payment or convert it into cash. Let’s See How???
As you can see in my dashboard, My Points are 5750. Then I am eligible for redeeming my points. Then You need to click on Paytm Icon (As shown in the above image).

How to convert Points into Cash

You will see this message. MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING PROPERLY. because this is the most important part. and if you did any mistake, you will lose your money.

Redeem Your Points from YouGov India Dashboard

Then You will see a Popup looking like above. Here you need to add your First Name, Last Name, City, State, and MObile Number (Your PayTM Number). Make sure your Paytm number is KYC Verified.

Enter Your Details to Redeem Your Points from YouGov India

after entering all details and tick on “I accept responsibility for the details entered” (Please Double check your all details)

then click on Redeem Button. and then You see a Message “You redeemed 5000 points for INR 3,600 PayTM Wallet Credit”.

Confirmation Message after redeeming your Yougov Points

When You see this message It Means, You have successfully redeemed your points and you will receive Rs.3600/- in your Paytm Wallet within 30 business days.

How to Redeem YouGov Payment (Video)

YouGov Payment Proofs

The below payment proofs are just a few of them. I have a lot of payment proofs of Payment received in my Paytm Account. But I think these 4 is enough, Payment Proofs are just for a surety that you will receive a payment If you complete any task or surveys.

YouGov India Payment Proof

YouGov Payment Proof Videos


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