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Instagram is on the most popular and powerful social media platform. More than 1 billion people use Instagram monthly, and the number keeps on increasing even while you are reading this blog.

Instagram is not more about posting photos; instead, it has become a vital source of generating business. More than 39% brand spend 20% of your marketing budget over Instagram marketing. But how can you reach such a level of success?

Here are some of the most powerful tools that will help you grow your Instagram page!

Best Instagram tools for Instagram Growth (2022)

1. Canva: Instagram Graphics & Reels

Canva is an all-in-one free tool for your every need related to social media marketing with a free online image and video editor. If we talk about Instagram growth, then obviously, Canva is a great tool. You can create all types of content for daily Instagram posts like banners and quotes graphics, reel videos (with free stock videos and editor)

I am a biggest fan of canva; Canva is one of the best tools that help me grow my business, my freelancing career, and even my blog and Youtube Channel. I am using it for designing Instagrams banners, Pinterest pins, custom banners for my blog, thumbnails for my Youtube videos, and more.

I have also earned much money by just creating ads for my clients. That’s why now I am using the premium version of Canva, which gives me more freedom to use paid content with premium fonts, graphics, and videos.

One of the best things about canva, Canva is also launched as a Content Planner; you don’t need to use any other platform for Social media post scheduling. You can schedule all your post from your canva account. It’s Amazing.

2. InVideo: For editing video

Content is the king whether you are posting a blog or putting a picture on Instagram. Your content should be of high quality and value so that your audience engages with your content. Videos have become more trending than written content as people connect better with them. Video drives more than 75% of traffic on social media.

But many of us face difficulty in editing our videos. InVideo is easy to use the platform just as uploading video and post. You can add filters, soundtrack, captions and make your videos more powerful.

You can use 1000’s pre-built video templates. just add your text and good to go.

One of the best feature of Invideo is “Blog to Video Converter”, You can add your own text or Just add URL of your blog, and create a brand new video with just a few clicks. Try InVideo for Free.

3. Kicksta: Forgetting Instagram Followers

Having a huge follower on Instagram opens many avenues such as brand collaboration and creates a strong brand image and credibility. Higher followers lead to higher engagement rates, refined leads, increases your click-through rate, and traffic on your website.

But gaining significant followers is a challenging task as the competition has become very tough. It is where Kicksta comes into the picture. It helps in generating a greater audience. Kicksta allows you to define your audience, and according to your definition, it finds the right audience for you.

Such interaction increases the awareness about your brand and increases your organic growth, and the best part is you do not have to spend long hours Kicksta handles the situation for you.   

4. Hashtagsforlikes: For generating hashtags

Hashtags play an essential role in the growth of your page. Hashtags make your post more visible and increase the chances of landing new people on your page. But there are so many hashtags on Instagram, which makes the job challenging to filter the relevant hashtags related to your niche.

Hashtagsforlikes does this work for you. It gives hashtags based on data-driven analysis. It gives you a list of trending hashtags in accordance which your industry and niche. It also has an advanced filter that refines the hashtag’s search based on the number of posts, engagement rates, difficulty level etc.

You can use this tool for free, but if you unlock the premium version, you can unlock more powerful features.

5. MobileMonkey: For Chatbot Automation

MobileMoney is one of the best chat software & sales automation text messaging platforms. Best tool for Instagram auto-reply for post comments, story mentions, DMs and funnel builder.

Automate your Instagram and get 10X more engagement. Get 10x more story mentions and more post comments. Use InstaChamp and get 24/7 Instagram DM, Facebook messenger automation for growth, engagement & customer support for small businesses, creators & coaches.

MobileMoney is available for everyone, Even you are a creator or coach, a Small business owner, agency or an In-House marketer. Best recommended tool by top bloggers and companies.

6. trendHERO: For searching influencers

The influencer influences people. They follow them, look for their recommendation related to the product, and even adopt them. Then nothing is better if other influencers are recommending you or giving you a free shoutout. But there are millions of influencers over Instagram, and many do not do such work free of cost.

Do now worry! trendHERO is there for your discovery. It allows scrolling through millions of accounts present in its database and that to just by a click. You only need to search them under the relevant hashtags related to your field.  

It gives the complete analysis of the account based on parameters like engagement rates, geography, interest and many more. It also provides their email address and phone number so that you can connect with them.

Isn’t it great?

7. Planoly: For scheduling your post

Consistency is the key to master Instagram. You must post the content regularly and at the time when your audience is active. Yes, you heard it right! Timing too matters!

But we have such a busy schedule that it may skip from our mind, and also, if you have planned your social media calendar for the month and have made all the post-it, then it wastes a lot of time to upload it. It is where Planoly comes into the picture!

A virtual social media calendar allows you to schedule your post in advance for the whole month. You can select the date and time and add your picture and caption to the calendar, and the rest will be taken care of by Planoly. It will keep on pushing the post automatically on Instagram. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

8. Iconosquare: For tracking Instagram analytics

The analysis is an integral part of any marketing strategy. It helps to locate possible loopholes and draw correction plans. But such analysis without any tools is not possible. Iconosquare provides Instagram analytics.

It provides us statistics such as engagement rates, increase in followers, rate per post, number of impressions, and overall page growth. It also provides insights related to stories as well. Such insights prove helpful for the development of your platform.

Last few words!!

Instagram is the most popular and dynamic social media marketing platform, and thus you need to have an active strategy that keeps up with the changing trends. You can reach great heights if you use these tools properly. You can even hire a digital marketing company that can increase your reach over this platform.


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Aarif Habeeb

Aarif Haeeb is a search engine and social media ads strategist, technical content writer, and columnist for leading tech industry publications. He is IoT writer of the year 2020 by Hackernoon. He is the founder of Aarif Habeeb & Co – provide digital marketing course in Jaipur, he helps companies and agencies of all sizes to integrate SEO, PPC and social advertising to meet goals for brand promotion, demand generation, and customer acquisition.

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