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Blogger vs WordPress | Which one is better? and why? here are some reasons that help you to decide for selecting the best blogging platform.

Internet answers are mostly based in favor of WordPress, although there are some convincing ones as well.

(Note: I am referring to both free and self-hosted WordPress platforms – and

For casual blogging, Blogger or Blogspot tends to be better than WordPress, while WordPress tends to be used by professionals.

If you’re serious about taking blogging full-time or if you need a blog to grow, you’ll usually be recommended to start with Blogger and then migrate to WordPress.

WordPress is no doubt a powerful platform, especially when self-hosted.  

But that doesn’t diminish the incredible nature of Blogger/Blogspot. The unique dimensions of Blogger make it a much better choice than other platforms. Blogger is packed with some really cool features.

There is a general consensus that this is an unpopular opinion. But let me explain…

Blogger has the following 7 advantages over WordPress:

1 . Google supports it

Google owns Blogger. Even good people at WordPress can’t match its reputation, credibility, and reach.

A person can easily trust Google’s products to be the best in the segment because of its dedication to innovation, quality, and user experience.

Isn’t it true that most of us use more than one Google product every day without a second thought about its quality?


In summary, Google is trustworthy. WordPress allows us to do so. There’s just more reason to trust Google!

Blogger vs WordPress | Which one is better for Rankings? and Why? 1

2. It is 100% free to use

It is free to own a blog on Blogger. But in WordPress, you have to buy custom hosting. And you have to connect your domain too.

Isn’t that the best part of all?

It is really very easy to use after creating an account you will get a subdomain for example – 

It is free for you. You guys can easily rank on the first page of google.

This feature is available on WordPress(dot)com. Your domain must be purchased from one of its preferred providers. The domain names of these companies are usually expensive.

Blogspot or Blogger is free, and that’s probably the biggest reason why it’s so popular with new bloggers.

3. The Program Is User-Friendly (Even For Beginners)

You can use Blogger if you are able to read. So simple, really. There is no need to install software or make an additional account.

It is really easy to use blogger, to use it you just have to use your google account. Simply sign in using your Google account and yes your account is created. 

There are no unnecessary buttons or menus on the interface. I like how it’s categorized.

In addition, there are countless help articles available. Blog forums are a large and active community of bloggers with a lot of resourcefulness. I’ll be able to help you more now!

We can spend more time on the product and less time on the confusion and technical components.

4. Easily integrates with other services

Their analytics are powered by Google. The company uses Google Search Console, Google Mail is their email provider. Google Spreadsheet is the tool they use, Google Drive is the program they use. The font they use is Google. The company uses Google AdSense. I’m relieved…

There are countless plugins required for all of these (maps, reviews, etc.).

One of the most talked-about topics in integrating WordPress and Google services.

Google has already integrated many of these services into Blogger. Some areas are simple as clicking a button.

What a simple concept, isn’t it?

5. There are no visitor limits

Space and bandwidth are limited in every hosting plan, regardless of price. There is no such thing as an “unlimited” policy.

Your subscription will be upgraded to a premium plan once your daily blog visitors cross a certain threshold. An overloaded server will cause downtime if this is not addressed.

As if by the curse, your success brings added costs.

Blogger doesn’t work this way. Without experiencing any downtime, you can have thousands of visitors every day on your blog. Free of charge!

6. Uncompromised security

A Google infrastructure and security policy that employs the best practices are no secret.

Compared to WordPress, Blogger is much more secure because its database cannot be easily hacked or exploited.

No matter how many cyber-attacks you read about, your blogger blog is completely secure (as long as you have the login information handy).

7. Your blogging skills will improve

Plugins are the saving grace of WordPress, but Blogger is DIY too much of its extent. You might have to work with code to make changes to your theme or add additional functionality to your blog.

I think it’s a good start!

As an individual, I have learned a great deal about HTML and CSS like these over the last four years. (I’m still learning JavaScript!)

Helpful articles, forums, and Do-It-Yourself articles were all very helpful. (Yes, it could be frustrating.)

In fact, this process may seem tedious, time-consuming, and unworthy to people. Personal development is what I call it.

In this case, I will create simple blogger templates without help; I will stay calm whenever there is a backend problem.

I learned a lot from the DIY steps I took, inconvenient as they were for many. In WordPress, for every issue there is a plugin, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.


8. SSL Certificates for Custom Domains

Your SEO will benefit from HTTPS. Also in the near future, Google will more aggressively warn users about less secure websites that do not have encrypted connections.

As a result, SSL certificates for domains are crucial in the modern world.

You can purchase this security certificate from GoDaddy for around $60 a year. This amount is not excessive, but it still constitutes an expense.

Blogger users are spared from this cost. Blogger now offers FREE SSL certificates for custom domains. Users of WordPress will have to pay for it.

As a conclusion

The advantages of Blogger over WordPress are numerous. This version of the template is easier to edit, guarantees maximum uptime, offers simple backup options, and allows quicker loading of the server.

Further reasons needed?

As many people know, Blogger/Blogspot brought blogging into the mainstream. Using its simple platform, everyone with no technical skills and no additional cost could play.

It is Blogger that champions colorful templates and themes, as well as widgets.

I don’t think these give this platform any special privileges. It is impossible to dismiss something completely because of an existing notion when doing a Blogger vs WordPress comparison chart.

There is no doubt that WordPress is a great platform (great).

There’s just something better about Blogger. What do you think about this blog being powered by Blogger? 😉

In that case, Blogger is a cost-effective and ideal option for starting a new blog. It’s a great idea!

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