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Dropshipping is one of my Favourite Passive Income sources. I have started dropshipping in 2018 and I have already tested a lot of dropshipping platforms like Spocket, Oberlo, Alidropship, Shipstation and almost all dropshipping apps and print-on-demand apps. But After testing all the dropshipping platforms, I found Spocket is my best choice and this article will show you why spocket is my favourite dropshipping app/platform.

Spocket provides you with all the required tools to run a successful and profitable dropshipping business with no overhead. Just you need to add this app in your store and all work is already done by spocket, just a few clicks and ready to go!!!

Let’s see it all in detail!!!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model in which e-commerce retailers do not keep goods in stock. Instead, when a customer orders a product, the retailer simply passes their order information to the wholesaler or manufacturer.

What is dropshipping? - the dropship model by anant vijay soni

The wholesaler or manufacturer then ships the goods directly to the customer’s door. The retailer does not charge for this service because it is compensated by either the manufacturer or wholesaler for acting as an intermediary.

Dropshipping is an excellent way of starting an online business because it can be done without any initial investment in inventory.

Why Do People Dropship?

Dropshipping is a form of retail in which e-commerce entrepreneurs sell products without having to maintain an inventory. Instead, when a store owner receives an order from a customer, they simply contact the wholesaler and place an order for the product which is then delivered to the customer’s door.

The benefits of dropshipping are that it doesn’t require any upfront investment or working capital, and it has low overhead costs. The disadvantages are that it requires a lot of work and can be quite risky.

Dropshipping is often used by people who want to make some extra money on the side or those who want to start their own business but don’t have enough funds for inventory or overhead costs.

What are the Benefits of Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products without actually owning the product. You are able to make decent profits as long as you have an online store, which is why it’s so popular.

Dropshipping has many benefits and they include:

  • It allows you to start your business with little or no investment
  • You can enjoy a higher profit margin
  • It reduces your workload by automating many of the tasks that are traditionally done by retailers
  • You can manage your own time more efficiently

How to Start Dropshipping with Spocket in 2022

Spocket - Best Dropshipping Platform/App

What is Spocket?

Spocket is a dropshipping app for online entrepreneurs that allows users to sell products without ever having to deal with an inventory. It’s an app that lets you search for and buy products from suppliers and marketplaces, all in one place. The app provides the user with all the necessary tools to create an online store and start selling.

Users can choose from a range of products in different categories, such as clothing, electronics, toys, and more. Once they select the product they want to sell, Spocket will give them all the information they need about it – from its price to where it is sourced from. You can easily find Winning products at your fingertip and it will increase your profit to 400%.

The app offers users an easy way of making money by simply listing items for sale on their store and waiting for customers to buy them.

Spocket integrates with the most popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Bigcommerce, Squarespace and more.

Benefits of Dropshipping with Spocket

  • Fast Shipping

One of the main issues with dropshipping and Aliexpress is Fast Shipping. Sprocket resolves this issue. You can deliver your store products to your customers within 7 or 10 days. Reliable US, EU and Global suppliers with fast shipping on high quality winning products.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Spocket provides you with a dedicated support team 24/7 on chat. If you have any issues with shipping or product related, You have a 24×7 support option that will resolve your issues in just 1 click.

  • High Quality

Another issue with Aliexpress products is Quality, As we are dropshipper and we don’t have physical products to check the quality of products. Sprocket handles all the quality standards and assures that your customers will get quality products with a fair return policy.

  • Maximize your Profit

As a dropshipper, we need maximum profit. Here sprocket helps by giving up to 30% discount on the products so you can gain a competitive advantage and maximize your profit.

How to Choose Which Products to Sell?

Choosing which products to sell is one of the most important decisions for dropshipping business owners. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right product to sell, including what you’re passionate about and what you know about.

Product research is essential in order to find out which products are worth selling. You want to find something that has a high demand and low competition, while also being something that you’re interested in. Niche research is also important because it helps you identify how big your market is and how much potential there is for growth.

If you are using Spocket and you are a beginner, still you can create the most profitable dropshipping store with well researched dropshipping products. All work is already done by spocket. You just need to add trending and winning products to your store. That’s all!!!

How does spocket works?

Spocket is a platform for dropshipping that provides tools to help you find, source, and sell products.

The Spocket process starts with a search on the app which brings up a list of products that are available for dropshipping. The user then selects the product they want to add to their store and can customize it in any way they like before adding it to the cart. Once they have added the product, they just need to pay for it and then wait for it to be delivered.

The Spocket process is so easy because all of the work is done by suppliers who sell directly on our platform. This means that you don’t have to worry about sourcing your own products or sending them out – Spocket do everything for you!

You can choose from a variety of product categories, including:

  • Trending & Winning Products
  • Men’s & Women’s Clothing
  • Bath & Beauty
  • Kids & Babies, Toys
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Tech Accessories & Automotive
  • Home & Garden, Sports & Outdoors
  • Pets Products
  • Footwear, Bags & Wallets
  • Festivals & Parties & Gifts

How Do I Start Using Spocket?

Spocket is a B2B eCommerce platform that connects manufacturers and retailers. Spocket makes it easy for small businesses to find the right products at the right price, and for manufacturers to fill their inventories with orders from retailers.

It’s easy to start using the Spocket Dropshipping App. First, you need to set up an account by entering your email address and a password. Next, you will need to enter your store name and provide a domain name for your store.

Spocket is not only for dropshipping stores. You can also use it as an eCommerce platform if you don’t want to sell products directly on your site. You can have access to all of the same features that are available if you were using the app as a dropshipping store, but you will also have access to regular eCommerce features such as inventory management, order processing, and customer service.

1. Link Your Store to Spocket App

This section is about linking your store to Spocket App. You can link your any store even its in Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix or any other platform. Spocket provides lots of integration options.

First, you need to sign up on spocket app by clicking on “Register” on the homepage.

After signing up, you need to enter your contact information such as email address, company name, company VAT number and company website URL.

Then click “Save”. On the next page, you need to link your store and then you can start importing winning products from spocket to your store.

2. Find Products to Sell on Spocket App

Spocket is a marketplace for finding products to sell online. It offers a variety of products in different categories. You can use Spocket to find products that are in demand and also items that are trending right now. You will be able to see the top selling items as well as the trending items.

The app also has a feature that lets you find the most profitable products, which is helpful when you start your new dropshipping business and you don’t have knowledge about winning products

You can find goods using various filters, like:

  • Product categories
  • Price
  • Location
  • Spocket’s premium products

3. Import Products from Spocket app to Your Store

If you already found the winning products for your dropshipping store, the next step is to import products to your store. just click on the “add to import list’ button that appears on every product. When you click this, that specific product will save to your “import list” of your spocket app.

Just go to the import list and here you will see all the fields, If you want to modify any text or pricing, you can modify it here, If you want to add more images or remove any selected image, you do all their activities here.

When you are satisfied with the modification, just hit the “Push To Store” button and this specific product will be added to your store with all content and images.

Sprocket Pricing

The pricing for Spocket depends on the plan you choose. There are five types of plans: Free, Startup, Pro, Empire, Unicorn, with Monthly and Yearly Memberships. As per my experience Yearly membership is most profitable and cheaper

Spocket Monthly Plans

Spocket Monthly Plans
  • Free Plan is for entrepreneurs who want to browse Spocket’s Catalogue of products.
  • Startup Plan starts with $24.99 that provides you with 25 unique products with 24×7 customer support, aliexpress dropshipping.
  • Pro Plan starts with $49.99 that provides you 250 unique products with 25 premium products with branded invoices, 24×7 customer support and aliexpress dropshipping.
  • Sprocket Empire Plan starts with $99.99 that provides you 10,000 unique products with 10,000 premium products with branded invoices, 24×7 customer support and aliexpress dropshipping.

Spocket Yearly Plans

With Yearly Plans, you can save up to 8 months costs. All plans with branded invoices, 24×7 customer support and Aliexpress dropshipping.

Spocket Yearly Plans
  • Pro Plan starts with $24 (annually $288) that provides you 250 unique products with 25 premium products 
  • Empire Plan starts with $57 (annually $684) that provides you 10,000 unique products with 10,000 premium products 
  • Unicorn Plan starts with $79 (annually $948) that provides you 10,000 unique products with 10,000 premium products with Supplier sourcing, Product requests, Bulk checkout

Marketing Ideas for Drop Shipping Businesses

The success of a dropshipping business depends on how well you market your products. Marketing is essential for any business, but it is even more important for a dropshipping business.

The following are some of the most effective marketing ideas for dropshipping businesses.

  • Develop a marketing strategy: It is important to develop a well-thought out marketing strategy that includes both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Create an email list: Email newsletters can be used to increase customer engagement and conversion rates. It can also be used to promote new products or discounts.
  • Use social media: Social media platforms are an excellent way to reach potential customers, especially those who don’t know about your brand yet.
  • Invest in paid ads: Paid ads on social media can allow you to target specific audiences with your marketing campaign messages, which usually results in better conversion rates


This is all about how can you start a dropshipping business on Spocket? I have shared my experience with spocket. and It really amazing and profitable for me and my dropshipping store. I recommended Spocket for every store, even you are a beginner, It works better for you. Because as a beginner you don’t know anything about dropshipping business and products. Here spocket will suggest and recommend trending and winning products and also show the profit margin on every product.

If you have still any queries please comment below. or Just start your Journey with Spocket >>


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