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Looking to grow your Twitter audience? While it may be tempting to buy a huge number of followers on Fiverr, remember that any audience you buy will likely not be relevant for your business (meaning, they would just be numbers).

As you know that Twitter is a social media marketing platform, But maybe you don’t know that you can use Twitter as a selling platform to grow your business faster.

Instead, try the following six ways to grow a Twitter following that will be interested in reading what you have to tweet.

6 Ways to Attract Targeted Twitter Followers for Your Business

1. Check your professional e-mail to find people you may know on Twitter.

Chances are, you are corresponding to lots of people who could be potential customers for your business. Use the find friends import feature to search your email addresses for people to add on Twitter. Hopefully, they will recognize you and follow back.

Since this only works for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL, you may have to export your contacts from other email programs and import them into one of these email providers. It takes a little extra effort, but it can be well worth it.

2. Add your Twitter profile to your e-mail signature.

Speaking of e-mail, make sure that everyone you e-mail sees your Twitter profile in your signature. WiseStamp is a free browser extension that you can use to create amazing email signatures that include your social profile links with the official icons. You can also go with a simpler approach and add a plain text link to your Twitter profile.

3. Add your Twitter profile to forums and communities you participate in.

If you are an active member of a community related to your business, make sure your profile is up to date and that it includes a link to your Twitter profile if it asks for one. While you are interacting with others on those forums, be sure to see if they have a Twitter link and follow them.

4. Add your Twitter profile to guest blogging author bios.

If you are using guest blogging as part of your business marketing, be sure that your author bio contains a link to your Twitter profile if possible. This way people reading the content you create will have a way to connect directly with you other than just going to your website.

5. Follow people with similar interests.

Use the Twitter search box, Moz’s, and HubSpot’s Website Grader to find people based on interest and/or location. For example, if your business is a fashion retailer, then search for profiles of people who love fashion.

As you follow new people, try to find one of their recent tweets that you can either reply to or retweet. This way, they see that you followed them and engaged with them. As a bonus tip, be on the lookout for accounts that have an even follower to following ratio – they are likely to be using an auto follow back service. This means that when you follow them, they will follow you automatically.

6. Include the official Twitter follow button on your website.

Twitter offers an official follow button that allows visitors to immediately follow you without having to leave your website (assuming they are logged in to Twitter). This is the perfect way to capture visitors who may not be ready to purchase your products and services just yet, but don’t want to forget about you in case they need them later.

Measure the Results

As you grow your targeted Twitter following, you should notice an increase in engagement. But don’t just assume that things are working. Know that they are by signing up for a free account on PostoPlan and connecting your Twitter, Google Analytics, and e-commerce platform.

Postoplan Dashboard

Then you will be able to see the connection between your Twitter growth, traffic, and sales!

These 6 Ways help you to Attract Targeted Twitter Followers for Your Business. That’s all also helped me to grow my business via Twitter. If you have any suggestions, Please comment below.


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