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Making Money With ClickBank! It looks like a dream for affiliate marketing beginners. but don’t worry, In today’s article, I will clear all your doubts and at the end, you will get a clear picture, what you need to do to start your affiliate marketing income from ClickBank. or What you don’t do, otherwise you will lose your money. Make sure to read and understand every part of this blog.

Let’s introduce myself. I am Anant Vijay Soni, I am a Pro Affiliate Marketer with 10+ experience in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing. Already earned $20,000+ per month from affiliate marketing. Read more about me.

And let’s start by introducing what is affiliate marketing. Just for those of you who are not sure. And I always say that there are 4 ways to make money online

Best Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Selling your own products or services. And this can mean physical products or virtual goods such as eBooks. And for physical products, you can sell shoes, you can sell clothes, you can sell any kinds of items, like on Amazon. But the thing about this first method is that not many people have their own products or own services to sell. So that brings us to the other two business models.
  2. Dropshipping. Dropshipping is also a way where we sell products online but it’s littlebit different from traditional e-commerce stores. In dropshipping, you select products from dropshipping companies and list on your website, when someone purchases anything from your store, you need to order same product from dropshipping store and the remaining margin is your profit.
  3. Selling advertisement space. For this, you will need a blog or a website which is quite popular. So that you can sell advertisement space, riding on the number of visitors your website or your blog attracts. And again, most people don’t have their own website or blog, especially a popular one. So that brings us to the last business model, which is called affiliate marketing.
  4. Affiliate Marketing. Selling or promoting other people’s products to earn a commission, when someone purchased from your unique affiliate link.

How does affiliate marketing work?

There are a lot of product creators online that are already selling their products and services. And what they need is SALES. So they need people to market their product. And in exchange of your effort, they are going to give you part of the sales, which is most commonly called commission. So that’s how you come in!

As affiliate marketers, we will join an affiliate program, which is to help to sell or promote other people’s products, and if there are any sales, there is result based on our promotion, then the product creator will give us a cut of the sales (which is your commission).

So that’s how typically it works. So you will join an affiliate program, you will look for products, then you will help to promote the products using the special affiliate link, and you can start posting on Facebook, you can email people.. and when there are sales, based on the links that you share, then you make a commission. So that’s how affiliate marketing works.

Advantages of becoming an affiliate.

  • you don’t need to create your own product, you can ride on other people’s products and services.
  • it’s easy to start, you don’t even need to create a website,
  • and it’s free to join! Most affiliate programs are free to join.

Disadvantages of becoming an affiliate.

  • Basically, there’s no control over the products that you are promoting. Sometimes you might be promoting a specific product, but on another day, that product might change their features or some important changes. So you do not have control over the products.
  • Products may discontinue after some time. 

So these are some of the things you have to consider. There are two very popular affiliate programs, such as Amazon and ClickBank. In today’s article, we are going to focus on ClickBank.

Let’s see…how ClickBank works, and what exactly is ClickBank.

What is ClickBank? 

ClickBank revenue Report 2022
ClickBank earning proof

ClickBank is a very popular online affiliate program and network for us to join and promote some of their products there. ClickBank is for two groups of people. First, are the product creators, and the second, group is the digital marketers. The program that we are covering, it’s more for the digital marketers, most commonly known as affiliate marketers. And for the product creators, are the group of people who have their own, and they will upload to ClickBank.

And then, we as digital marketers, as affiliates, we’ll go to the marketplace and take a look at their products. 

So let me just run through it very quickly. If you come to, click on Marketplace. You can see on the left side, there are a lot of categories that you can choose from. For example, Parenting & Families. Under Parenting & Families, there are so many products and all of these are digital products or virtual products that you can help to promote. 

You can click on the product link to see what is their sales page, their landing page. And if you decided that you want to promote this product, you can simply click on Promote, and enter your ClickBank account nickname, click Create, they will give you a special link. So, that special link is for you to use to promote in any kind of media, on Facebook, in email, in anywhere that you want to bring sales through your link. And when people click on your link and purchase, you will be able to earn a commission. So that’s how ClickBank works. 

Learn The Numbers of ClickBank

Before we start, Let’s see how to read numbers, which is a very important topic that you need to learn to lay a strong foundation. There are a few critical numbers in ClickBank that ClickBank tells you how popular is that product, and for you to consider. 

Top Converting Pregnancy Product - ClickBank
  • Gravity. Gravity means, the higher the gravity, the more sales recently the product has been selling. So, you want to promote something that has quite a good and strong gravity number. But not so high, not very popular, I will tell you why in the next few lessons. And very important, you must not promote a product with gravity zero. It means that for a long long while, there haven’t been any sales for that product. 
  • Initial $/sale. so this number will tell you if someone were to purchase this product, how much you will get paid. 
  • Avg $/sale. means that this product has to upsell. Upsell means that when people first purchase the product, then the product creator will offer another promotion or another product at a reduced promotion. 
  • Avg Rebill Total. This is more for the recurring commission component. Some ClickBank products have a monthly subscription or monthly membership program. So if your customer were to click your link and sign up for a product for a recurring membership, it means that every month, you will be able to make a sales commission, which is very good.
  • Avg %/rebill. Percentage commission on rebill.

ClickBank Payout Methods

  • Check
  • Direct Deposit (applicable to some countries only

Identify & Select Products that sell!

Selecting a bestselling is one of the most important steps of the Affiliate marketing journey. There are lots of tools available online that can help you to achieve your goal. but Here I am suggesting a very best and free tool… CBEngine. You can use CBEngine (Clickbank Engine) to find the best products to promote online.

How to identify products that sell in the ClickBank marketplace because there are so many products how can you select the right product to promote?

The first thing that you would need to know is this metric called “gravity” because gravity means how popular is that product. If a product has a very high gravity, it means that recently there are a lot of people buying this product. So it might be a good signal for you to promote this product.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to promote a product with zero gravity. Zero gravity means that recently there is no one buying that product, so that might be a problem because when no one is buying, perhaps the sales page is very poorly written so that’s why no one is buying.

You wouldn’t want to spend any money promoting those products with zero gravity so later I will show you examples.

Now the top three niches that you should pay attention to are the health related products, make money products and self-help products, so these are very big categories with a lot of products in these niches.

My best recommended niche are:

  • Health
  • Make Money
  • Self-Help


Avoid zero gravity products! Do not choose high gravity products. Ideal gravity (1 to 60)

Products to avoid in ClickBank!

Here I will show you how to identify products to avoid in Clickbank. I do not want you to start on the wrong track by selecting the wrong product.

  • Avoid Forex trading products: Based on my experience that these products have very very high refund rates. So it doesn’t matter that you can sell today or tomorrow because one or two weeks later they are going to ask for refund, so I suggest that you avoid these products.
  • Avoid sales pages with advertisements: Page or products with advertisements or other links distract visitors’ attention.
  • Avoid products with no affiliate resources: Affiliate resources mean a lot of ClickBank vendors provide links, email examples, and keywords for you to use to help them promote their products so for especially beginners, I would suggest that you select those Clickbank products with affiliate resources.
  • Use CB Engine rating as a guide!

Avoid these mistakes that newbies make!

  • Don’t Select products solely based on high commission!
  • Don’t Ignore your interest and knowledge!
  • Don’t Buy and get a refund just to get free copies!
  • Don’t Use false claims to improve conversions!

What is Direct Linking?

Direct linking means we are going to create an advertisement and put it on yahoo and bing through the bing ads account. So once your advertisement is on the yahoo and bing search engines when people are searching for a kind of solution or searching for answer to a problem, then your advertisement will show to them and when they click on your advertisement, they will be brought directly to the ClickBank sales page. So you do all this without having a website.

The advantage of this direct linking technique is that we don’t need to have a website, it is very fast to setup and the disadvantage is No leads capture, you don’t know who has purchased the product and you do not have the email for future follow-up.

This direct linking is very good for beginners. You do not need to spend time to learn to create a website, you can first get a couple of sales then after that if you want, and I would highly suggest that you do that – is to create a squeeze page or landing page.

Choosing the Perfect Product for Direct Linking

1. Gravity

As I mentioned before, please select products with gravity from 1 to 60. Anything less than 1 means that no one is really buying recently, so the product we don’t promote. Anything more than 60 based on my experience is that they are too competitive on bing advertisement campaign.

2. Avoid Video Only Sales Page.

You also want to avoid those product sales pages that show you only a video. If you click on a ClickBank link and you see a sales page that only shows you a video you want to avoid that, the reason because when people are searching on the search engine, they may not prepare to watch a video and most videos on Clickbank sales page you do not have the control to fast forward the videos.

So it can be quite annoying sometimes but having said that if you find a Clickbank sales page with a video and below the video, there are text and content explaining the product, then go ahead.

Sales page with video and other content you are fine, just go ahead and promote.

3. NO Exit Popups.

Avoid those products with exit popups. If you go to some Clickbank sales page, and
when you close the window, it will popup something and ask you to confirm do you want to stay
or leave, so bing advertisement do not accept this kind of technique in our advertisement so if you select a product and you close the window, and it tries to stop you, it means that this sales page you cannot promote in Bing Ads, so this is an important criteria for you to take note.

4. Must have resources for affiliates

I will suggest that you select those products with affiliate resources page as mentioned in above. Reason because when they have this affiliate resource page, they will have a lot of existing resources to help you in promoting their products.

5. Solve an urgent problem

If the product that you are promoting can solve an urgent problem, then it is a very very good product and can give you a lot of conversions because when people are searching for solutions and if you can present let’s say a quick remedy to help them to solve a headache, for example, this is an urgent problem and they will pay you to download or get to know what is the solution.

6. Your interest & knowledge

Always based on your interest and knowledge to select the product, don’t just select a product because it has a very high commission. Always follow your interest and knowledge and if you know something about cooking recipes then you can select that area if you are highly interested in diet or music you can also select that product related to that field.

Matching Traffic To Products!

Now I’m going to teach you how to identify which traffic to match to which product, especially when you are creating a business using ClickBank. There are two main marketing strategies that are available. The first one is inbound marketing, the second one is outbound marketing.

let me start with outbound marketing. Outbound marketing means you are going out to look for customers. For example, you are doing cold calling, you are distributing flyers, so all these methods are outbound marketing. You are going out, you are approaching people, you are talking to prospects, wanting to get business. That’s outbound marketing.

So the more effective way is inbound marketing. There are two very popular channels of inbound marketing.

First is search engine, where people go to search engines (Yahoo, Bing and Google) to type in ‘Ezcema Cure’, or type in ‘Get Rid of Ezcema’, when your advertisement appears there, people will click on the advertisement and they get a chance to see your ClickBank product that you are promoting. So they have a higher interest of looking and buying the product, as compared to other traffic type. So search engine is one of the most qualified traffic to get sales, to get conversion.

The second type of inbound marketing is called word of mouth. It is when your friends or your customers talk about you. This has been around for many many years. Right now in this topic, we are going to focus on search engine.

Examples of Matching Traffic to Product –

Resume writing guide product

Kids Learn To Read Program

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Forums (Parenting)

Website Graphics Kit

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email List (For WebsiteTrainers)

How To Get Free ClickBank Products… Legally!

Before we go deep into the traffic generation technique on how you can start to generate traffic to the affiliate link that you have created, many of you may want to find out how you can get a free copy of the ClickBank product. So I’m going to share with you a technique that I use to get a couple of free products before I promote people’s offers.

1. Asking A Review!

I start by asking a review, I offer a free review for the product creator. I can simply email the product creator or send them a ticket from a link on their website. But I don’t just send them an email, asking them if they can send me a free copy of their product.

If I do so, then most people won’t want to reply my email. So what I do is that you need to be strategic about this. Let’s take a look from their point of view. As a product creator, what I want is more sales. So if you can help them to get more sales, high chance is that they will want to work with you. So what I’m going to teach you right now is what I have used before. I always send them an email introducing who I am, and I’m a ClickBank affiliate. On top of that, I have a list or I have a group of people who are interested in your product.

So what I’m going to do is that I want to have a copy of your product to review before I promote to my friends. And if you draft it in such a friendly tone, I’m sure that high chance they will reply you. You can follow these points to take a look.

2. Indicate your affinity with the product.

So the second thing is that affinity is important. First, you need to tell the product creator whether you have a list. A list means email addresses of your friends or a group of your colleagues or members that you can have contact with, who might be interested in this product that you are going to promote.

Second, do you own an active community online or offiline? Because some of you may have an active Facebook group, an active LinkedIn group in a particular interest. So you can share this with the product creator, and who knows, they may want to give you even more resources to help to promote their products.

Or third, are you currently a part of an active community that is either online or offline? These are some points for you to take reference and do bear in mind that not everyone will reply your email. Some will, some won’t. So if they reply your email with a free copy, that’s good. If not, you can still continue to promote that product or you can choose another product. In ClickBank, there are a
lot of products for you to choose, so you don’t need to be limited by one or two products.

Template To Ask for Free ClickBank products

I used the following template when I was starting out and out of 10 emails I sent, I always got two or three positive replies with attached free product copy. You can copy and paste or amend it lightly to suit your style.

My name is [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] and I am one of the Clickbank affiliates. I have recently started to promote products using Microsoft PPC Advertisement and I am keen to promote your product, [INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE] as well.

But I only like to promote good quality products, is it possible for you to send me a free copy of your product so I can review it before I put it up in paid advertisement?

I thank you so much and I await your reply, thank you.

Best Traffic Source for ClickBank Conversion

In this module, I am going to share the Best Traffic Sources from ClickBank Conversions. You can say that These are the Best Ways to Make Money with Clickbank. Just Use these marketing strategies and you never ask… Can you really make money with Clickbank?

1. Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Fast & Targeted Traffic!
  • Avoid using Google Adwords as it is too expensive!
  • Needs a small investment to get started (~$5 per day)

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Free & Targeted Traffic!
  • Takes a long time to get to page one and your ranking can fluctuate depending on Search Engines’ updates.
  • Needs a website!

3. Email Marketing

  • Massive Traffic.
  • Avoid buying or renting lists from others as this will result in spamming!
  • Takes time to build your own email list.

4. Display Advertisement

  • Massive but not targeted.
  • Requires capital to test and analyze every website and advertisement formats.
  • Needs a lot of views and clicks to get conversions.

5. Pay Per View

My Best Recommended Traffic Sources are Pay Per Click (Bing & Yahoo!) and Email Marketing (To your own leads)

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Worst traffic for ClickBank

1. Pay Per View

  • Interrupt marketing.
  • Little to no sales!

2. Directories

  • People seldom use directories nowadays!
  • Some SEO companies use this technique to improve rankings only for people who has a website!

3. Buy Traffic!

  • Most traffic is robots generated! No real humans!
  • Avoid those $5 traffic gigs at Fiverr!

Ultimate Checklist For Direct Linking

4 checkpoints that all of you must check for your campaign, especially for students who are not making any sales since they started affiliate marketing. Or for students who just managed to make one or two sales in the beginning, but haven’t seen any results after that. So this checklist, I believe, will help you to streamline and have a clearer picture of this whole direct linking strategy. Ok, so let me start. 

1. Impressions

The first checkpoint is impressions. Once you log in to your Bing Ads account dashboard, take a look at your campaign impressions. So the number one thing to check is whether your campaign has any impressions. Meaning anyone is seeing your advertisement. If your campaign has no impression, 

for example like this one, 

check if the campaign is enabled, if the campaign is enabled, and if it’s a new campaign, then wait for one or two days for the statistics to show. If it’s an old campaign, has already been three, or four days, and you have enabled it, but still no impressions, then please contact the Bing Ads support team. They will help you to check what issues are there. 

What if you have impressions?

2. Clicks

Now the next checkpoint is… if your campaign has impressions, does your campaign have any clicks? Some of the campaigns have impressions but no clicks. So these are the things you should check. If your campaign has impressions but no clicks: 

the first thing you should check is if your bid rate for the keywords too low? My recommended bid rate should be 1% of your commission. So for example, if you make $20 from that product, your bid rate for that keyword – for all the keywords in fact – should start from 20 cents. Ok, so it’s 1% of your commission. Do not go anything higher or lower when you first create the campaign – so just 1% of your commission.

Another thing to check is that whenever there’s a high impression for your campaign and no clicks, one of the causes is your advertisement is not relevant to the keyword that people search. For example, if people are searching one keyword and it shows your advertisement and the keyword that they searched is not relevant to the advertisement that you show, that’s why people are not clicking. So one of the solutions is that, do check the keywords that have impressions, and match them towards the advertisement that you have. Are they relevant? If they are not relevant, either you change the advertisement or you pause the keywords. So these are some of the things that you should do if you are not receiving clicks to your advertisement. 

3. More Than 1% CTR (Weekly)

The third checkpoint is, if your campaign has impressions and clicks, now I want you to measure in terms of one week, does the campaign have more than a 1% click-through rate (CTR)? You should at least have more than 1% CTR to ensure good results from ClickBank. So if you have less than 1% click through rate, now check the keywords and pause those keywords that have high impressions but low CTR. Because these keywords are dragging down your overall CTR for your campaign, so pause those keywords that have thousands of impressions but only one or two or a few clicks.

Now, the second thing you can do is either pause those keywords or you change your advertisement headline to include those high impression keywords. So either you do number one, you check the keywords and then you see, there are very high impressions but no clicks, then pause. Or if not, put those keywords into your advertisement title. Now, what if you have impressions, you have clicks, and every week you have more than 1% CTR? 

4. Are you making profit?

Number four, so are you making a profit? So the answer, if it’s no after you have done all the things that I have mentioned, now these are the 3 things I need you to do. Number ONE, limit to only one country, only US. Because most of my sales come from US, I would suggest that if you are reaching out to too many countries, perhaps your budget spending is diversified to all the other countries. So just limit to one country. Number two, only enable keywords with an EXACT match, because those exact match keywords are the highly qualified traffic that will bring you sales.

So, if you are already doing all the things that I have mentioned previously and still not making profit, now only enable keywords with an exact match. Number three, reduce all keyword bids by 30%. Why you need to do so is because in direct linking strategy, what I need you to do is to achieve clicks at very very low rate. The lower rate you can get the clicks, the higher probability you can get a good profit out of it. So, reduce your keyword bids by 30% and see if you are still getting clicks. If you are still getting clicks, reduce some more. If you are not getting clicks, then increase a little bit. So this is what you should do if you are not making profit.

If you are making profit, now you should increase your daily budget. If you are spending 5 dollars per day, now increase it to 7 dollars. Increase your daily budget by a bit. Do not double or triple your daily budget. Then wait and monitor your results.

If you already have your first campaign and making profit, now it’s time for you to move on to a new campaign. What I want to share with you here is that do not start off your Bing account by creating 5 or 10 campaigns, because this will not help you. 

My suggestion is, if you are new to ClickBank, if you are new to Bing Ads, I would suggest you only have one campaign and focus on that campaign. If that campaign is not making money for you, then you stop and move on to another product. Or if that campaign is making money for you, you can create a new campaign. So only focus on one campaign if you are new to this method.

Finally, I want to share with you a summary of what I have learned and I would highly recommend that you do not just rely on direct linking. Because if you just rely on direct linking, you will see that your sales are not consistent. Because you do not have a group of subscribers that follow you. So instead, you should focus on building a group of subscribers who will follow your recommendation in time to come and build a relationship with them and do share with them free resources using the squeeze page method and the GetResponse email sequence. 

And finally, don’t limit yourself to what I share in this article. And very important, do give yourself some space and time for thinking and explore some methods that you learned online. And try it out yourself and see if it works for you.

Each day, I do give myself some time and space to think and I also learn from other teachers and I practice it myself. If it brings results for me, which means that it also will bring results for my students, that’s when I teach you.

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ClickBank Affiliate Marketing FAQs

Can you really make money on Clickbank?

Yes, It’s the easiest way to make money on Clickbank, You just need to signup to Clickbank, and select the best and most useful product, that will give an instant solution to any specific problem. start promotion on social media or other platforms (As mentioned above) and BOOM… your earnings will start by today.

What is the best way to make money with Clickbank?

Best way to make money from Clickbank is TARGETED PROMOTION. The more traffic you sent to Clickbank affiliate products, the more money you earn. Make sure you promote your product in front of the targeted audience.

How much does the average person make on ClickBank?

I think an average of monthly earning of affiliates on Clickbank is $500 per day, because of I have also earned more than $500 per day. It all depends on you!!! how consistent you are. If you promote in front of targeted audience with a good and working strategy, obviously you will earn.

How to make money with ClickBank without a website?

As a beginner, you don’t need a website. You can use free landing page builders (like Google sites or netlify) and create a landing page and start promotion. I have already mentioned above. I hope this doubt is also clear.


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