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If you use Shopify to build your dropshipping store, you may be limited by the functionality of free themes. However, in Shopify Theme Store, a premium theme can cost 200 ~ 350 dollars.

Is buying a theme worthwhile? The answer is YES.

Unless you’re an excellent website developer, using paid themes can save you tons of time. Moreover, you won’t need to invest money in some plug-ins which might reduce your website speed.

In this article, I will introduce how to choose a Shopify theme for dropshipping, and focus on the top 10 Best Shopify themes that you should use.

Before we move on, let’s try to answer this question, “What makes a good Shopify theme for dropshipping?” A good Shopify theme should be:

  • Affordable, Easy to use,
  • Customizable, Mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly and Attractive.

Next, I’ll focus on the top 10 best Shopify themes for dropshipping based on our extensive research. We’ll go through the free ones first.

Free & Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping

Free Shopify Themes is also a great option for beginners, these themes are well optimised by Shopify.If you just want to sell your stuffs, its a good option.

  1. Brooklyn
brooklyn Shopify Free theme

This theme is tailor-made for apparel stores. It is a theme that accentuates photos. With it, you can feature multiple product images in a slideshow on your home page or feature a video to tell your brand story.

The dynamic product grid changes automatically based on how many products are displayed. The slide-out cart is user-friendly. Judging from the reviews, we conclude that it’s a good choice for beginners!

  1. Debut
debut - Free shopify theme

Debut is specially built for 1 – 9 products. It is available in two different styles, namely Default and Light. Compared with Brooklyn, it has more advanced features. This theme allows you to show pickup availability, customer testimonials, promotional banner, product recommendations, and filtering options.

Moreover, predictive search can improve user experience. Many users have left positive reviews, so
it’s worth trying.

  1. Narrative
Narrative Shopify Free Theme

Similarly, Narrative is also designed for a small catalog size. However, there are 4 presets, and it is specially designed for visual storytelling.

You can feature an autoplay fullscreen video on your homepage. Products and relevant information can be displayed in a vertical slideshow. What’s more, the navigation menu is fixed at the top of each page.

The feedback score is high enough, which indicates that it is a good choice!

  1. Minimal
Minimal Free Shopify Theme

Minimal has three preset templates: Vintage, Fashion, and Modern. The setup is minimal. With it, you can use a hero video to tell your brand story or a slideshow to display multiple products on your homepage.

Moreover, it enables filtering and product recommendations. Over 80% of users think it’s a great free
Shopify theme.

After going through the best free themes, let’s start looking at the paid ones.

Premium Best Shopify Themes

After going through the best free themes, let’s start looking at the paid ones. Premium themes save your lots of time by giving special features to increase your store conversions.

  1. Debutify
Debitify Free Shopify Theme

With Debutify, you can easily build a professional Shopify store and boost conversions.

Debutify has built over 50 add-ons for you to use, including Cart Maximizers, Conversion Triggers, Loyalty Builders, Shopping Enhancers, and Shop Protectors.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor, the tool is easy to use and your design can fit any device. Because Debutify offers a free plan, you can try it. If you need add-ons and integration, you may consider the Starter plan later.

To compare Debutify with other paid themes, take advantage of this page. Debutify has over 9,500 reviews and a rating of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot.

Evidently, the tool is worth trying.

  1. Handy
handy shopify theme

Handy is a paid theme in Shopify Theme Store. It costs $180. The free trial is unlimited and you just need
to pay once when you publish the store. It is specially designed to support visual brand storytelling.

The setup steps are minimal. The theme enables functions including slide-out cart, sticky cart, product badges, reviews, promo banners, recommended products image rollover, image zoom, and so on.

Look at the feedback score! The theme is sure to be a worthwhile investment in your dropshipping business!

Apart from Shopify Theme Store, you can also buy popular themes for Shopify stores from

Here, we can find the best-selling Shopify themes, such as Ella, Wokiee, and so on.

  1. Ella
ella shopify theme

Ella is the best-selling Shopify theme of all time. It offers over 50 world-class homepage layouts
and maximum customizability. The theme is compatible with Online Store 2.0, and it loads fast.

Moreover, Ella provides many free premium features, including Bundles & Discounts, Advanced Mega Menu, Product Filtering, and so on.

You can also get lifetime free updates and excellent customer support if you choose Ella. You probably can’t believe that Ella just costs $89.

  1. Wokiee
Wokiee shopify theme for dropshipping store

Wokiee is a Shopify theme built for high conversions. It offers over 80 layouts and 99% of customers
are satisfied with it. Wokiee promises a fast load time.

You can take advantage of all the apps here, such as Megamenu, Instagram shop/feed, Wishlist, Compare, Related products, Special price countdown, and so on.

What’s more, a great number of useful e-commerce features are also included. The cost of Wokiee is even lower, only $79.

  1. Kalles
Kalles Shopify Theme

Kalles is one of the best-selling Shopify theme on Themeforest. The best features included: 50+ Homepages, 10+ shop pages, 10+ Product pages, 8+ header style, Light weight, Optimized for speed and SEO, Shipping Bar Notification and much more.

10,300+ times sold and 990+ reviews with positive feedback. This is also a reason, why this is in the Best Shopify Themes.

  1. Turbo Theme
Turbo - Best Shopify Theme for Dropshipping Store

This is the most popular theme developed by Out of the Sandbox, a famous Shopify theme designer. Turbo is specially designed for high-volume shops that require speed, style, and flexibility.

It is fully compatible with Online Store 2.0.

The design put performance first, in combination with high-impact visuals. Based on predictions, Turbo will preload pages in the background to ensure an ultra-fast browsing experience.

Besides, you can also benefit from upgraded product layouts, predictive search, etc. With $400, you can get all Turbo’s built-in styles. After a 14-day trial, if you don’t love Turbo, you can get a full refund.

  1. Booster Theme
Booster - Best Shopify Theme for Dropshipping Store

The booster theme has been built since 2015. The team keeps optimizing it based on the studies, requests, and suggestions of over 45,000 stores.

If you want the most adaptable conversion-focused Shopify theme, Booster Theme is a perfect choice.

With it, you can get all the apps you need to increase sales, including Megamenu, live chat, Optimized Product Filtering, Promotion Timer, Shoppable images, Predictive Search, and more.

It also guarantees lightning-quick page loads and an enhanced mobile surfing experience. Additionally, the installation is super easy, just a single click is needed to install 20 demo presets.

If you are determined to build a successful Shopify store, you may go ahead with a lifetime license.

Guys, thanks for reading!

What Shopify theme are you using or what do you want to use? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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