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So I checked it out and doing the side hustle myself, I made over $38,000.

Hey, everyone, and welcome back. So today I was inspired to write this article because I checked the news and I saw that inflation is continued to spiral out of control globally. I mean, just take a look at average gas prices in India compared to the same time last year, the prices aren’t even close.

And this wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe if jobs and salaries were keeping up with the skyrocketing prices. The problem is for most people, they’re not. And so I think that now more than ever, it is crucial that people did not just rely on a job for money, but that they have their own source of income in the form of a side hustle, especially a side hustle with a great earning potential. So that one day you can quit your job and say goodbye to your boss forever.

But of course, here’s the thing, if you don’t have enough money just to pay for basic groceries, there is no way that you’re going to be able to invest any money into starting up a business or a side hustle.

This is why I was inspired to create this curated list of the current best side hustles that have high earning potential that also cost no money to start. Yes, no money required. You don’t need 100 Dollars or you don’t need $5, These aren’t 100% free.

Best Side Hustles To Start Today With NO MONEY

And as this is a list of the current best side hustles, I’m going to be talking about some that I have never talked about before on this blog. So then let’s get started…

  1. Publish Image Base Books

Did you know that it is completely free to list an ebook that you create on Amazon’s KDP and earn money from it? Well, not only is it free, it’s also a really passive way to earn money as well, because once you put it up on Amazon’s KDP. That’s it, Amazon takes care of the risk for you. You just collect your paycheck. Now for those of you reading that are great writers, that’s awesome. You can go out there, you can write your ebook, and you can sell it.

But let’s be honest, for most of us reading this blog, we can’t write a novel. And so if that is you, don’t worry because you can create image based books.

To get started, just come to the beginner friendly graphic at Canva and register for a free account. The free account comes with a bunch of pictures, shapes and texts that are already installed in it that you can just drag and drop onto an ebook size page to create your own image based books such as a work book or a journal or even a children’s book by using the incredible art audience stored in this free app. start earning from $0 to 400 pounds in a single week selling her own image based books on Kindle as a beginner. So if you’re interested in starting a side hustle, I highly recommend checking out this video to create and sell digital downloads.

  1. Create and Sell Digital Downloads

So this is another side hustle that you can do take advantage of that free graphics app Canva. To get started, just come over to this huge online marketplace. It’s every year customers are buying billions of dollars worth of products on here. And one type of product that customers love is printable crafts. For example, take printable posters, which are super popular. So here’s the thing, when a customer comes in, and buys this printable poster, they don’t actually get a copy of a physical poster. Instead, they get an automatic email that contains a link to a digital download that has the image file for the poster so that they can print it out and create their own DIY poster. And yes, these are great.

Just take the Etsy digital download store it sells multiple digital downloads, not just that poster. Well, using the Etsy research app Alura estimates at that store have made over 1 million RM which is over 200,000 US dollars.

  1. Create and sell boutique custom digital products.

Here’s a way to take this side hustle and put your own twist on it so that you can supercharge your profits. Now admittedly, this hustle is less passive than the other one. However, it has two big pros:

  • It allows you to stand out more.
  • It lets you charge much higher prices so that you can make a lot more money per sale.

So here’s the thing, instead of creating a one-off digital product that everybody downloads the same copy of you instead create a customizable one, like this poster here.

And as you can see, because it’s customizable, they have been able to charge double the price of that other poster because customers can customize it with the names and their wedding date. Well customizing a digital product for a customer is really easy. You just quickly pop into Canva and open up your product template and just switch out the text that the customer gave you. You then just email the customer their own custom digital product. And the whole process takes like five minutes.

As I said, if you’re willing to put in that time of five minutes, your store can make big profits. I mean, just take the store as an example. It has a range of customizable digital products, not just that one, and the allure app estimates that it’s made over 600,000 pounds.

  1. Start a merch line.

So up until now, we’ve been talking about side hustles that are making people hundreds of 1000s of dollars. So let’s ramp things up a bit and talk about a side hustle, they can make millions of dollars. So here’s the thing, right? Digital products aren’t just popular on Etsy.

Nope. Plastic merchandise items like mugs and stickers and T-shirts are super popular with Etsy customers. And just how popular you ask well, let’s go ahead and take a look at this example Etsy store here which specializes in baby merch like baby T-shirts. Wow. According to our alert, it’s made over $7 million.

Create your very own free it’s a merch store. First up register for free print on demand app like Printify. Printify lets you make merch on demand for customers as they ordered and they have a huge range of blank merch items you can sell just pick one and upload either a picture or slogan onto it Printify will store a copy of it and your database. Then set up a free Etsy store and add your items you made within Printify into it. And now you can start your merch for a market price on Etsy. And then each time that somebody buys say a t-shirt Printify will immediately see the order and charge your credit card on file the base cost of that T-shirt, the print shop will then automatically print the picture onto the t-shirt, package it up and ship it out to the customer and you get to keep the difference as profit.

I absolutely love the side hustle not only because it can earn so much money, but because the money it earns is very passive.

  1. Facebook marketplace drop shipping

If you don’t know what drop shipping is, it’s a form of arbitrage you sell an item for a high price and then when the customer buys it, you purchase it from another store that selling it for a lower price and you keep the difference as profit.

Now there is a free way to dropship which I will show you how to do shortly. But first I’m going to show you the traditional way that most people choose to drop ship which as you will see is not free. So here’s what most people do. First, they come to AliExpress on AliExpress. Manufacturers have cool viral products and sell them one by one directly to the public. This means that you can get items super cheap pretty much at the base cost because you don’t have any wholesaler marking up the price. Next, they create a Shopify store and list items for sale for a higher price. And they pay for ads to advertise it on-site Tiktok. And then when someone buys it, they buy it from the cheap Aliexpress store and have it shipped to the customer’s house while they keep the difference as profit.

But of course this traditional way, it’s not free, you got to pay for a Shopify store,and you got to pay for ads. So here’s the way to do it 100% For free. First, you also find a cool cheap item on AliExpress. But then you do something else you filter the results to see USA based manufacturers. Pick one that ships the item fast with USPS.

Next come to Facebook’s marketplace, which is free to list artists for sale, then create a new listing for it and press it for a markup. And make sure to select a random USA city to list it in. And now you can sit back and relax and wait for people to purchase the item. And when they do, you can get the customers to send you the money through PayPal. So this is the freeway that beginners are getting started. And of course, you can always take your profits and then reinvest them into opening up your own online store so that you can earn even more money.

  1. Create viral quiz videos.

About a year or so ago, YouTube released their own mobile video app YouTube shorts as a competitor to the TikTok and well to entice users to post videos to YouTube shorts and not just tick tock YouTube created the YouTube shorts fund which pays creators up to $10,000 for posting viral videos. And how it works is pretty simple creators upload videos that they create to YouTube shorts. And if they go viral and get a bunch of views, YouTube pays out cash payments as a reward.

Now of course a bunch of people are gonna go well, isn’t it hard for my video to go viral if I don’t have a million subscribers like use here? And the answer is that it’s actually never been easier to go viral benefits now because you think about it. If you’re watching a standard YouTube video like this one here, they’re usually about 10 minutes long, right?

And so that means then that to entertain you for one hour, YouTube needs to find just six videos. However, YouTube shorts are that they are shorter on average about 30 seconds long, which means then that for YouTube to entertain you for one hour using the YouTube shorts app, they need to find 120 videos. That’s a lot of videos that YouTube is defined right and so they will test pretty much all videos that are uploaded to YouTube shorts to see if they can go viral, not just videos from established creators. And in my opinion, one of the easiest ways to go viral right now is to create quiz videos such as personality quizzes or choose your own GIF quizzes like you take this YouTube short here it was uploaded about a week ago and in just one week, it got over 230,000 views. That’s a lot.

Something else that’s really cool is that you can create your own quiz videos for free by utilizing that graphics app Canva. And the really cool thing is that you can scale your profits by uploading your videos to multiple mobile video apps, you can upload your video to Tik Tok, and then earn money from the TikTok to create a cash payout program. And then you can upload your video to Instagram reels and earn money from thier create a cash payout program.

  1. Create mobile tutorial videos.

I have a hustle where I’ll create video tutorials for apps like Canva and Shopify on my youtube channel, I will place my affiliate link for them. If somebody clicks on it and even purchases a paid version of the app, I get an affiliate commission. And so while I was making this video, I wondered how much money did I make last month in affiliate commissions? And so I checked it out and doing the side hustle myself. I made over $38,000. But of course a lot of people see this and they told, that’s not fit. You have a ton of subscribers. I have no subscribers. If I tried to do this, I would make no money.

And to those people, I say Did you know that this is how I made my first $10,000 on YouTube? Yep, back before I had a million subscribers. I was creating tutorial videos for apps like this one here, which shows you how to set up a store on Shopify. Well, despite the fact that I made this video over five years ago when I had very few subscribers. Within months of posting that video, I was earning 1000s of dollars a month in affiliate commissions.

Now I’ll admit that creating a big tutorial video like that is a lot of work. But luckily, thanks to mobile videos, it’s so much easier to get started with the side hustle like taking this tik tok video here. As you can see, they just use their phone to film a quick short little tutorial showcasing a Shopify hack.

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  1. Start a boutique drop service agency

Europe servicing is a great side hustle to get into for two reasons. The first reason is, as I will show you, this can be a recession proof hustle. And the second reason is that if you have access to a credit card, you can do this 100% for free. So here’s the thing, if you head on over to Fiverr, where it’s free to list a service as a gig for sale, you will see that there are lots of agencies that are crushing it doing this, for example, take the scope here, which sounds YouTube thumbnails as well as the description states. This is not a single graphic designer, this is a team of freelancers in the form of an agency. So the way that these agencies work is honestly really basic.

First, they come to Fiverr. And they create a free good listing for a service like YouTube thumbnail design. And then when they get a sale, they’ll head on over to Upwork where they will hire a graphic designer specializing in say, YouTube thumbnail designs, or a fraction of the price, they’ll then hire them to make a thumbnail for the customer. And if they have a credit card, they’ll use it to pay the freelancer, the agency owner will then come back to Fiverr and take that thumbnail and send it off to the customer and complete the Fiverr gig and get the money that the customer paid. They’ll then use that money to pay off the credit card well before it’s due. And then they’ll keep the rest as profit. And I say that drop servicing can be a recession proof business model because even though there is a current economic downturn, a very important customer has dropped servicing agencies is thriving.

Content creators take tik tok for example, despite the economic downturn, Tik Tok continues to grow and grow and get bigger and bigger. And so you think about it right? Tik tok content creators, they need lots of services they need video editing, captions, account management, and all of the services that they need. They can be dropped, serviced, and so targeting content creators on apps like Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram is a great way to take advantage of the current boom,

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