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I am Anant Vijay Soni, 29 yrs old. An Internet Entrepreneur, A Passionate Blogger, and A Serial YouTuber by  with an enthusiasm to help people grow their business online, make money online, save their time, and help more people too! Do you ever think about what the new side business (or even a new full-time business) could do for you? That’s what I’m here to share my story and help you achieve.

Anant Vijay Soni - Blogger and YouTube


My Journey is started, when I completed my bachelor of engineering, by the way, I am a graduate in BE (IT) from Rajeev Gandhi Technical University. My first job is in Wipro Technology, Bangalore. It’s a good start for me and for every engineer, but my dream is to make my life without a boss.

You can’t believe it, but it’s real, I have wasted lots of money on fake sites, MLM plans, some make money online CDs, and much more. but after investing lots of money, I realize that somewhere money is there, But I need to find WHERE???

Every year or month thousands of people get frauded by the name of online data entry and quick money. and I know quick money is nothing it’s a Myth. That’s why I am here to share my story, I will show you which one is good or which is the bad one?

Small Opportunities are often the
beginning of great achievements.

I start working on my dream. I always search for online jobs and a good source of passive income, then I found Odesk (Now it Upwork) and that’s the first great passive source of income I found. I have started my earnings on the 4th day, after registering on Upwork, then I started believing in Passive Income and now, my per month income on Upwork is around $1000+.

Anant Vijay Soni, Upwork Global Inc

I have started my first blog in 2011 with Blogger. and then I discovered Google Adsense to monetize my blog, I have seen so many of us start there, and then I started dreaming of the dollar every morning from my Adsense Account. But, it was damn tough indeed.

I got my first Payment of Google Adsense [$105.73] in Jun 2017 and second in Feb 2018 and so on…

Google Adsense First Payment - Anant Vijay SoniMy Adsense Earning Proof - Anant Vijay Soni

and then I heard somewhere about youtube earing, I have also created a youtube channel in 2015, but I don’t know HOW TO EARN FORM YOUTUBE? here thanks to bloggers and YouTubers, who guild me to generate my second passive income.

And, my Second Source of Passive income is Youtube Creators Program and that’s really amazing, you need to create your own video and upload it on youtube, and youtube earning is started. If you have any teaching, singing, fun, or any skill, then youtube is a great platform to generate a passive income. It’s a little bit difficult to create videos on a continuous basis. but I have done it and now, I have a YouTube Channel with some good subscribers. and per month income is around $750+.

Till now, I found many good sources to generate a passive income, like Affiliate Marketing, Publish an ebook, freelancing, and much more, you can check here. and I found Internet Money is beyond Imagination. You can earn unlimited… YES, It’s Unlimited Money.

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