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Do you SEO your YouTube video to make it viral?

Do your YouTube videos appear frequently in the Google vertical search (video search)?

Yes, video-blogging is the latest online avenue being tapped by the webmasters all over the world to get tons of traffic.

Data suggests that more than 600 million unique visitors visit YouTube per month, which has become the No. 2 search engine on the web. And, if you are not optimizing your YouTube videos, then you are definitely missing a serious traffic for sure.

Actually, videos are binary files and can’t be analyzed by the search engines properly, if sufficient metadata is not provided.

Without much ado, I am telling you the 14 most important SEO tips to optimize your YouTube videos for a viral effect.

SEO of YouTube Videos

1. Metadata: Always provide the best possible metadata (title, description, and keywords) in your YouTube videos.

2. Link-back: Always link-back your videos to the original content on your site or blog, which should be clickable with a complete URL.

3. Compelling content: Create compelling videos for viral effect. Even an instructional video on – How to SEO YouTube video is compelling to someone who needs the information.

4. Video quality: Quality is King on YouTube! Quality always comes before quantity. If your video is visually substandard, no matter how useful it is, nobody is going to watch it. Leading to a dead end.

5. Branding: Produce videos within your niche which represent your brand to the masses.

The aim should be, if the video goes viral, it should be helpful to your brand and your site/blog as a whole.

6. Searchable: Use the word ‘ Video ’ in the metadata on a regular basis. B’cos people always suffix the term Video in their search phrase.

7. 5 mins to famous: You video should be 5 mins or less in duration. If it exceeds 5 mins, your visitors will be bored.

8. Great title: Title plays an important role in convincing a visitor to watch the video.

Make sure, your title is keyword rich and should not be more than 62 characters (Prescribed YouTube limit).

9. Nice thumbnails: Many YouTubians decide whether to watch the video or not by simply viewing the thumbnails of the videos.

Make a high resolution and good looking thumbnails to lure your visitors.

10. Ratings: Allow your users to rate the video. By getting higher ratings, not only search engines will place it higher, but also your visitors will like to watch it.

Each rating sends a +Ve signal to both You Tube and Google for higher search engine placement of the video.

11. Watermark: Always put a watermark at an appropriate place of your video to indicate the origin (site or blog). It will help in a great way if your video goes viral or copied by other sites.

12. Keywords: Always use proper keywords in the video file name and URL, as You Tube gives more importance to it while ranking.

While naming a video file, don’t use any stop words like ‘ and ’ or ‘ the ’ etc.

13. Anchor text: Your link-back text (Clickable) to the original content should contain appropriate keywords or anchor texts. YouTube and Google give more importance to keyword rich anchor texts while ranking videos.

14. Voice recognition technology: YouTube and Google are indexing/ranking videos by hearing the voice content on it. This is called Voice Recognition Technology (VRT).

So, produce videos which are keyword rich and related to your niche or topic for better use of Voice Recognition Technology.

Make a short YouTube video (2 to 3 mins), optimize with the above 14 SEO tips, and check how high it is ranking in the YouTube search. Then get back here to make a comment.

If you have any YouTube optimization tips, please add it via comment.


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