How to Create a WordPress Website, Blog and eCommerce Store.

Start your website in just Rs. 608/-

How to Create a WordPress Website, Blog and eCommerce Store.

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A Professional Website is the first requirement of every business in this online world. if you want to create a WordPress Website, Blog and eCommerce Store. here are some questions, before you go to the next level:

  • Do you want to grow your business?
  • Do you want more customers for your business/services/products?
  • Do you want to increase your online credibility and social presence?

If your answer is YES. then this post is for you and you will learn how to make a WordPress website or blog step by step with no step skipped.

Total cost to Start a Website is Rs. 608/- Only:
Domain: Rs. 399 per year (From BlueHost, Hostgator, Godaddy)
Hosting: Rs. 209 Per Month (BlueHost, Hostgator)

1. Domain Name and Hosting

Learn how to get your hosting and domain name. Your domain name is the same things as your website name. Hosting is a computer or a web server that is always “ON” 24 hours a day that contain all your website information.

Buy Domain: BlueHost, Hostgator, DreamHost

Domain Name: Whenever you purchase a domain, keep in mind your domain is related to your niche and SEO friendly. If you are creating a coupon and offers site, your domain looks like “” and your website name is like “Avskart Coupons”

Hosting: Before going for any plan, please check comparison of all brands plan.  Sometimes you can see the hidden features of hosting companies and you will face lots of issues in the future. it’s better to go for the best hosting service. in hosting, you need to check availability, sleep time, speed, performance, and support options.

Check Here: Top 10 Best Hosting Services.

2. Add Addon Domain and Install WordPress

Learn how to add addon domain in your cpanel, and the install WordPress with a single click. We are using QuickInstall to install WordPress.

3. Add or Change Name Server of your Domain

Learn how to change nameserver of your domain. If you purchase the domain and hosting form the same service provider, like Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy. then you can skip this step.

If you purchase the domain and hosting from different service providers, like, you purchase hosting from Hostgator and domain from Bluehost. then it’s mandatory to need to change the nameserver provided by hosting service and update in domain admin panel.

4. Choose Perfect WordPress Theme

Learn how to choose a perfect WordPress Theme for your new business. You can choose a Free WordPress theme with less functionality. If you are looking a professional and responsive WordPress Theme You can use a Paid WordPress theme with Advance functions.

You can Buy Paid WordPress Theme from Best WordPress Theme Providers: Envato Studio (All type of themes), Tesla Themes, Themeisle, Mojo Themes, MemberPress, App Theme (Best for Coupon and classified websites).

5. Add Theme and Required Plugins & Woocommerce Setup

Learn how to install your purchases WordPress theme or a free theme in your WordPress admin panel. also how to install required plugins for a theme and WooCommerce (For eCommerce Website). In this video, we will also learn a basic setup of woocommerce.

6. Add Products in Woocommerce

Learn How to add Products to your woocommerce store. In this video, I will show with full description and all the ways to create your first product.

7. Add Affiliate and External Products

Learn how to add affiliate and external products. If you are creating an affiliate store to earn more commission, then here is the tutorial, how to add external/affiliate products in a proper way. It’s super easy.

8. Create Variable Products for woocommerce Store

Learn how to create a variable product in the woocommerce store. If you selling products with different variations, like color, size, and brand, then you need to add a product with the variation option.

9. Create Your WordPress Navigation, Product Categories, and Attributes

Learn how to create navigation(menu) for your WordPress website. also, learn how to add product categories and attributes for your woocommerce store.

10. Add Product Filter in Woocommerce and WordPress

Learn how to create and add product filters for your woocommerce store. Product filter is the main part of your online store. it will make your store more user-friendly, where a user can filter products as per color, size and whatever you will create for a good user experience.

11. Create and Setup WordPress Homepage

A Great Homepage is the first need of any website, even its a professional or an e-commerce website because the homepage is the first impression for every user. if your homepage is great and more accessible, then user go for your products and services you offered.

Learn how to create and set up a great homepage for your e-commerce store,  so that the page that you made called “home” is the actual homepage. You have to select your homepage as a static page.

12. Create Contact Us and About Us Page

Learn how to create an impressive contact us and about us page for any WordPress website. It’s very important to have a contact us and about us page on every website. it will build a trust to website visitors.

13. Import Bulk Products in Woocommerce Store

Product adding a very time-consuming task for a website owner, you can do it easily with the bulk importer. Learn how to import bulk products in your woocommerce store.

Final Words

I have tried to add the steps for the website designing and development from beginning to end. I have also added the required resources for WordPress themes, plugins and all about WordPress website.

If you still facing any issue in website design and development, please comment below, I will provide a complete guidance. and If you like this article, please do not forget to LIKE and SHARE with your friends and family. and for the latest videos and tutorials, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Founder of Avstech Software, A passionate blogger and serial youtuber, timely efforts, and dedication are the key protocols that keep me succeeding. I love to share information about WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Email Marketing and much more.



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